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Hamlet's treatment of ophelia essay

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Hamlet s Treatment of Ophelia and Gertrude - Essay about Characters

big essay fonts In Beatrice Warde’s famous crystal goblet essay, she argues that the role of type is to invisibly convey its message, to carry the words’ meaning, and otherwise disappear. And I think it’s clear what she’s saying is that the typography ought not distract the reader from the text, but this “long-winded and fragrant metaphor,” finds its limits outside of “quietly set book-pages.” Editorial design operates under different constraints. Yes, minimize distraction while reading, but a number of other practical concerns peculiar to editorial work define the look and function of editorial faces. First let me say I realize that editorial design is a big topic that covers multiple overlapping (and exclusive) design disciplines, but just to be clear, we’re talking about hamlet's treatment essay periodically published journals, newspapers and magazines. Time is the first and greatest constraint in the editorial world. That means you’re working within a template filled with stories and other content of variable size, constantly determining what merits the most prominent placement and how much each bit gets.

Typefaces have to be flexible in such environments in order to fit those diverse spaces and still say their part. This is true of catcher rye essay headline faces, as well as those used at text sizes to set the body and other small elements, like captions. The other side of treatment of ophelia editorial design—is designing the system I describe above. The main objective here is to balance its flexibility with enough structural rigidity to precise essay, give the of ophelia, publication as a whole a consistent and recognizable voice. Flexibility is about maximizing possibility while minimizing the number of moving parts. A great place to start is with a full-featured text face that allows a range of essay writing expression in hamlet's essay only a few styles. For example, with small caps and a proper italic you can create multiple levels of hierarchy without even varying the type in size or weight. This lets you reserve changes in cause of weight persuasive essay weight (such as bold) for additional markers or levels of hierarchy.

The two examples immediately below are set in Gerard Unger’s Neue Swift. News work tends to prefer narrow columns, which up until the hamlet's treatment, 1970s or so were always justified (set flush against both left and right margins). So it makes sense that narrow text faces were developed to research paper strategy, more economically pack in the copy, but also give typographers more options when determining where a line should break, and treatment essay which words should be hyphenated. As you look through this list of modern alternatives to catcher in the echat, standard newspaper faces, you may note how each is generally robust, but also, just a bit on the narrow side. Hamlet's Treatment Of Ophelia! Typefaces like Matthew Carter’s Miller were designed as commissions grew for new type families that worked in text, but also in a range of weights and widths for cause loss setting headlines, subheads, and big display stuff. The designs relate across their various optical sizes, which allows for of ophelia easy recognition, but also reinforces the identity of the publication. When a family spans multiple optical sizes, styles made to work at larger sizes generally have higher contrast, finer details, and are more tightly fit and spaced. Those made for text sizes are more robust and have a looser fit.

As I’ve covered here before, Nick Shinn’s Pratt Nova, below, is essay writing, one such design that covers a range of optical sizes and editorial uses. It would also be neglectful of me not to mention the work of Dino dos Santos, whose DSType Foundry carries many great examples of type systems for editorial, that span multiple optical sizes, like Acta Display, Headline, and Acta (Text) above. Also see its companion sans, Acto. One of the hamlet's treatment of ophelia essay, easiest ways of guiding the loss, reader through an hamlet's treatment edition of a magazine or newspaper is by establishing separate roles, each with a distinct typographic voice. Most often the serif sets the precise, content itself, while the sans is tasked with marking each piece and directing the reader accordingly. In my series Great Pairs I look at faces that work well with each other and suggest uses in which they’d be particularly well suited.

In case you wondered, the treatment, sans prominently featured at the top of this article is Tomas Brousil’s Monopol. Different kinds of character moments editorial typefaces. There is of course more than sans and serif at treatment of ophelia essay work in in efficiency editorial. Often large feature stories and some recurring sections of a paper or magazine (these are called departments) use type or lettering in arresting, illustrative ways. Hamlet's Treatment Essay! Lately there’s been a lot of casual script in this space, but also highly stylized formal scripts, blackletter, and more conceptual display faces. I recommend a look at of weight loss persuasive essay the work of Gareth Hague for more great designs like his Sabre, shown above. At the treatment, other end of the spectrum are purpose-built faces made to do amazing things, like clearly set the tiny financial text on stock pages. In the 1990s, Tobias Frere-Jones famously created Retina for the Wall Street Journal.

Ermin Mededovic’s Lipa Agate is character moments, similarly suited to small sizes and hamlet's treatment challenging print environments, and its characters maintain the on marketing, same width whether set in the lightest or heaviest weight. If you’re working in editorial every day, or it’s your job to design an editorial system for hamlet's treatment of ophelia essay a news team or magazine staff, I’ll close with this piece of advice: Read everything, and writing always leave room for fun in hamlet's of ophelia essay the final workflow. Of Weight Loss Essay! Reading it holds clues for type selection, where to put emphasis, and where to hamlet's treatment, break the story (both its placement and where the column-breaks go). A Dissertation In 4 Days! And fun—along with great writing, a great composition, not just on the cover—makes a design worth producing, looking at, buying and reading. Experiment with ways to adapt the design, incorporating new typefaces, new illustrators and photographers, or just new ways of using negative space.

Taking one’s work seriously in this regard can be scary, but it’s a proven way out of the all-too-common designer malaise. Subscribe to our newsletter to receive amazing offers, useful type tips and information about the latest font releases.

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odyssey thesis ideas Wiesel refuses to allow himself or his readers to forget the Holocaust because, as a survivor, he has assumed the role of messenger. It is hamlet's his duty to witness as a messenger of the dead among the living, [2] and to catcher prevent the evil of the hamlet's treatment of ophelia essay victims' destruction from being increased by being forgotten. But he does not continue to retell the tales of the dead only to make life miserable for the living, or even to insure that such an atrocity will not happen again. Rather, Elie Wiesel is motivated by a need to wrestle theologically with the Holocaust. The grim reality of the annihilation of six million Jews presents a seemingly insurmountable obstacle to further theological thought: how is it possible to believe in write a dissertation in 4 God after what happened?

The sum of Wiesel's work is a passionate effort to treatment of ophelia essay break through this barrier to new understanding and anorexia is a of weight persuasive faith. Hamlet's Treatment? It is to his credit that he is unwilling to retreat into easy atheism, just as he refuses to bury his head in essay writing the sand of optimistic faith. What Wiesel calls for is a fierce, defiant struggle with the Holocaust, and his work tackles a harder question: how is it possible not to believe in God after what happened? [3] It is not enough merely to value Wiesel for the poignancy of his experience and then summarily write him off as another death of God novelist. As bleak and hamlet's nihilistic as some of his work may be, taken as a whole his writings are intensely theological. Paper On Marketing? The death of God is not of more interest to Wiesel than the impossibility of God's death. And if this paradox is bewildering, it must be remembered that the Hasidism in which Wiesel's work is rooted is fascinated, rather than repelled by a paradox. Hamlet's Treatment Of Ophelia Essay? Wiesel himself says, As for God, I did speak about can i write a dissertation, Him. I do little else in my books. [4] How Elie Wiesel speaks about God is the concern of this essay. Elie Wiesel was born on Simchat Torah in 1928 and named Eliezer after his father's father.

Sighet, an insignificant Hungarian town in an area which now belongs to Romania, was the place of his birth and early childhood. He was the only son among four children in his family. The father was an intelligent, religious man, a hard-working storekeeper and an important leader in the Jewish community of Sighet. The mother, too, possessed a warm Hasidic piety and was a cultivated woman. She was the daughter of a renowned rebbe and was, Wiesel says, a strange mixture of an educated person and a Hasid, with the fervor of a Hasid, a firm believer in the Rebbe and, at the same time, open to essay secularism. [5] Wiesel's own life as a boy was also something of a strange mixture. On the one hand, he gave himself fervently and in the almost completely to the Hasidic way of life. From early till late each day, ten or eleven months out of the hamlet's treatment essay year, he studied Torah, Talmud, and Kabbalah. Catcher Echat? He prayed and fasted and eagerly longed to penetrate the mysteries of Jewish mysticism, firmly settled in the conviction that he would be drawn into eternity, into that time where question and answer become one. [6] His study and piety were of such intensity that he had little time for the usual joys of hamlet's treatment of ophelia, childhood and he became chronically weak and sickly from his habitual fasting. Yet, both his mother and father urged him to combine modern secular studies with his devotion to Talmud and Kabbalah. Of his mother, he says, Her dream was to make me into a doctor of philosophy; I should be both a Ph.D. and a rabbi. Catcher In The Rye Essay? [7] And his father made him learn modern Hebrew, a skill with which he was later able to make his livelihood as a journalist for an Israeli newspaper.

Wiesel remembers his father, an emancipated, if religious Jew, saying to him, Listen, if you want to study Talmud, if you want to study Kabbalah, whatever you want to study is all right with me and I'll help you. But you must give me one hour a day for modern study. [8] In that hour a day Wiesel digested books which his father brought him on psychology, astronomy, modern Hebrew literature, and music. All of this study came to a halt in 1944 when, at the age of fifteen, Wiesel was deported with his family to the Nazi concentration camps at Auschwitz, Buna, and Buchenwald. There he and his father were separated from the mother and the girls. Early on, Wiesel's mother and youngest sister were killed by the Germans, and before the prisoners were liberated by the Allies, his father died of malnourishment and mistreatment. After the liberation, Wiesel was sent to of ophelia France along with four hundred other orphans. He spent two years as a ward of a French Jewish welfare agency, attempting to resume his religious studies. As the research paper result of the hamlet's of ophelia essay publication of his photograph in a French newspaper, his two older sisters, who had survived the camps, were able to make contact with him. He had learned French and assumed French nationality by 1947 when he entered the Sorbonne. There he studied, among other things, philosophy and psychology. The Tel Aviv newspaper, Yedioth Ahronoth , hired him as a Paris correspondent, and because of the paper on marketing hard work of supporting himself as a journalist, he left the Sorbonne without submitting the six hundred-page doctoral dissertation he had written comparing Jewish, Christian, and Buddhist concepts of asceticism.

His journalistic work became his occupation and carried him to the Far East, to Palestine, and of ophelia essay finally to New York in in 4 days 1956. He was critically injured in an accident in New York and, unable to hamlet's return to France, he became a U.S. Paper? citizen in 1963. He settled in New York and has lived there since with his wife, Marion, whom he married in 1968. Wiesel became a teacher in 1972 when he was invited to be Distinguished Professor of Jewish Studies at hamlet's essay, City College in can i write New York. He filled that position until recently when he became Andrew Mellon Professor of Humanities at hamlet's treatment of ophelia, Boston University. Wiesel's literary output has been enormous.

In addition to his sixteen books, he has written a steady stream of essays and articles in a variety of publications, he has given numerous addresses and lectures, and he has been the subject of more than a few interviews and documentary films. Essay? Along with all this teaching, speaking, and writing, Wiesel has given generously of his time to of ophelia a host of projects within the Jewish community. He is anorexia is a cause of weight loss persuasive essay a man clearly possessed of a drive to justify every second of his existence. Wiesel's literature is all of a piece with his life. His books, even the novels, are autobiographical. And each of hamlet's treatment of ophelia, them is a vital part of the mosaic formed by his past experiences, his spiritual growth, and his present activity. His books are far from being the products of some peripheral avocation, and still farther from being mere entertainment pieces. They mirror his own soul, and they were written in fulfillment of a mission which encompasses not only his writing, but everything else he does. Since his books are so autobiographical and so intimately connected to one another and to precise writing his life, development is to be expected within Wiesel's work.

Read in the order they were written, his books trace the treatment essay torturous odyssey which has been his inner struggle to defining moments deal with the Holocaust. The early works are saturated with black despair, but by small degrees the successive pieces move toward Wiesel's triumphant achievement of faith in essay Ani Maamin: A Song Lost and can i write a dissertation Found Again . Even the titles of the early books suggest this progression: Night , Dawn , Le Jour (unfortunately entitled The Accident in the English edition). Wiesel's first book, Night , is at the center of all he has written since. It is a somber, moving memoir of his faith-destroying experience in the death camps. Wiesel says of this book, Night , my first narrative, was an autobiographical story, a kind of testimony of one witness speaking of his own life, his own death. All kinds of options were available: suicide, madness, killing, political action, hate, friendship. I note all of these options: faith, rejection of faith, blasphemy, atheism, denial, rejection of man, despair and in each book I explore one aspect. In Dawn I explore the political action; in The Accident , suicide; in The Town Beyond the treatment essay Wall , madness; in The Gates of the character Forest , faith and treatment friendship; in A Beggar in Jerusalem , history, the return. Catcher Rye Essay? All the stories are one story except that I build them in concentric circles. The center is the hamlet's treatment of ophelia essay same and is in Night . [9]

In addition to this successive exploration of possible responses to the Holocaust, there is another pattern to write a dissertation Wiesel's work: namely, the successive treatment in an entire book of one of the characters in Night . Night was the foundation; all the rest is commentary. In each book, I take one character out of Night and give him a refuge, a book, a tale, a name, a destiny of his own. [10] This structural center of Elie Wiesel's entire literary corpus comprises only 127 pages in its English paperback edition. When it was originally issued in Argentina in 1955, written in treatment of ophelia essay Yiddish, it ran to some 800 pages. The material cut out for the French edition in 1958 has provided the substance of much of Wiesel's subsequent fiction #151; so the novels are quite literally, as Wiesel says, commentary on Night . Night , of course, stands for the Holocaust. The book poses the catcher in the echat problem and depicts the abysmal blackness out of which Wiesel has struggled to free himself. In Night the young faith of the Hasid is devoured in the fires of the hamlet's treatment of ophelia crematoria.

God dies, and Wiesel#146;s life is precise essay writing cursed. Never shall I forget those flames which consumed my faith forever. Never shall I forget that nocturnal silence which deprived me, for all eternity, of the desire to treatment of ophelia essay live. Never shall I forget those moments which murdered my God and my soul and turned my dreams to dust. Never shall I forget these things, even if I am condemned to live as long as God Himself. Never. [11] Among other horrors, Wiesel and his fellow prisoners were forced to watch the hanging of a young boy by the Germans. The child was still alive when he filed past the scaffold and heard someone behind him wonder aloud, Where is God?

Where is He? And I heard a voice within me answer him: Where is He? Here He is #151; He is research strategy hanging here on this gallows. That night the of ophelia essay soup tasted of corpses. [12] It is a long distance between this bitter, raging despair and the eloquent hope expressed in Wiesel's cantata, Ani Maamin , written for is a essay the hundredth anniversary of the Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion and treatment of ophelia performed at Carnegie Hall in November, 1973. The title of this work means I Believe and essay refers to one of the thirteen Maimonidean Articles of hamlet's of ophelia essay, Faith: I believe in the coming of the Messiah. The cantata portrays the is a loss essay complaint to God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob in behalf of the Holocaust victims.

When their plea is answered only by God's silence, the patriarchs turn away from hamlet's treatment of ophelia God to share the fate of the victims. Ani Maamin becomes not the affirmation of the pious Jews who went to their deaths singing these words as a hymn, but a defiant I believe in spite of what man has done and write a dissertation God has allowed to be done. In this statement of faith, which is the culmination of Wiesel's struggle with the Holocaust, there is hamlet's of ophelia neither superficial piety nor facile atheism. Instead there is the is a loss persuasive vigorous determination of a survivor of the holocaust who does not put up with faceless fate but struggles for redemption with and against our 'cruel and kind Lord' whose revelation in our times is only a deepening of his hiddenness. [13] Elie Wiesel is a witness, a teller of tales, and a writer, in that order.

Each of these roles is determined by the Holocaust. As a survivor, Wiesel has no choice but to tell all who will listen what the silenced victims would tell if they could speak. He is a self-appointed witness in their behalf. I remember; during those years, when we were dreamless old children in a kingdom called Night, we had but one wish left but it was a burning desire: to bear witness. Treatment? [14] To that painful task of writing, witness-bearing Wiesel is giving his life. His books, all of them, point to the Holocaust, and hamlet's even the works of fiction are not novels but pages of write a dissertation, testimony. [15] Wiesel has become the spiritual archivist of the hamlet's Holocaust [16] for profound reasons. As we have seen, he believes he owes this work to the victims. Their dying wish was that at least one of their number might live to tell how they died #151; and Wiesel senses an awesome responsibility to testify for catcher in the echat them. But also, he has said, I write in order to hamlet's of ophelia essay understand as much as to be understood. [17] His testimony has been a means of coming to character defining essay terms with the events themselves.

And most fundamentally, he cherishes the hamlet's hope that his witness may diminish the amount of suffering in the world. He can say bluntly of himself and other witnesses who carry the same burden, We didn't write for any accepted purpose except for the extraordinary purpose of paper, saving mankind. [18] Wiesel's witness as survivor is twofold. There is a witness he must bear, certainly, to the non-Jew, the executioner. But, as well, he must witness to the Jew, the victim. In each case the testimony pricks the conscience. Mainly, my position in the Jewish community is really the position of treatment of ophelia essay, a witness from within and a defender from strategy without. This goes, of hamlet's treatment essay, course, along with my ideas about the duties and the privileges of a storyteller #151; of a writer. From the inside, from within the community, I am critical. If Jews are criticized or attacked from the outside, then I try to defend them. What I try to do (it's very hard) is to character defining essay reconcile the two attitudes: not to be too strong, too sharp, too critical when I am inside and hamlet's treatment of ophelia essay not to be a liar on the outside. [19]

Wiesel's book, The Jews of Silence , is an illustration of the kind of thing he wishes to do. In testifying to the plight of Soviet Jewry, a situation with many parallels to the German Holocaust, Wiesel hotly denounces the non-Jewish community for its injustice in this affair, but he also has sharp words for the world-wide Jewish community and its indifference to the problem. When evils of such magnitude are occurring, no one is completely innocent #151; and Wiesel has taken it upon himself to witness in such a way that our guilt can never sink into unconscious forgetfulness. But Wiesel is more than a bearer of testimony. He is an artist #151; a storyteller, a writer. True to character defining essay his Hasidic roots, he believes in the power of the tale.

When the great Rabbi Israel Baal Shem-Tov saw misfortune threatening the Jews it was his custom to go into a certain part of the hamlet's forest to meditate. There he would light a fire, say a special prayer, and essay the miracle would be accomplished and the misfortune averted. Hamlet's Essay? Later, when his disciple, the celebrated Magid of Mezritch, had occasion, for the same reason, to intercede with heaven, he would go to the same place in the forest and loss persuasive essay say: Master of the Universe, listen! I do not know how to treatment of ophelia essay light the fire, but I am still able to say the prayer. And again the miracle would be accomplished. Still later, Rabbi Moshe-Leib of Sasov, in order to save his people once more, would go into the forest and say: I do not know how to light the fire, I do not know the essay writing prayer, but I know the place and this must be sufficient. It was sufficient and the miracle was accomplished. Then it fell to treatment of ophelia essay Rabbi Israel of Rizhyn to essay writing overcome misfortune. Sitting in his armchair, his head in his hands, he spoke to God: I am unable to light the fire and I do not know the prayer; I cannot even find the hamlet's treatment of ophelia essay place in the forest. All I can do is to tell the story, and this must be sufficient. And it was sufficient.

God made man because he loves stories. [20] In the strategy Kabbalah, there is the of ophelia essay story of shvirat hakelim , the precise writing breaking of the vessels. This is the story of what went wrong at the Creation, the cosmic cataclysm. Wiesel says that his tale, and it is the same tale in one form or another, is of another cataclysm which took place a generation ago in the Holocaust. In a time when this tale can and must be told, all other stories become insignificant. Wiesel's work renders the tale of the Holocaust into literary art. But because of the subject, the art is hamlet's treatment of ophelia more than art. Since Auschwitz, literature can no longer be a mere diversion.

The writer must write as witness. We are witnesses in the cruelest and strongest sense of the word. And we cannot stop. We must speak. This is what I am trying to do in my writing. I don't believe the aim of literature is to essay in efficiency entertain, to of ophelia essay distract, to amuse. It used to be. Precise Essay? I don't believe in it anymore. [21] When asked what it means to be a writer today, Wiesel has consistently said that it means to correct injustices, to alleviate suffering, to create hope. Precisely for this reason, the of ophelia witness/storyteller/writer's work is disheartening. It so rarely accomplishes what it must accomplish.

All this will tell you why a person of my time who has to be a witness for himself (and I try to do it in my writing as much as I can), literally feels despair. I think that never before has Judaism reached such a spiritual low. There is on marketing strategy no idealism anymore. There is no awareness. [22] Wiesel's role as witness so thoroughly governs his role as writer that he must continue to write whether his testimony meets with any response or not. One must write out of one's own experience, out of one's own identity. One must cater to no one; one must remain truthful.

If one is read, it's good; if one is not read, it's too bad. But that should not influence the writer. [23] And, most important, the witness' work as writer demands that he write as a moral man. Treatment Of Ophelia Essay? The literary artist can no longer be excused if he writes one way and lives another. Life and paper strategy story must blend in ethical harmony. Hamlet's? The writer is research paper on marketing strategy bound in a moral commitment by the very tale he tells. The making and reading of literature is no frivolous business. True writers want to tell the hamlet's treatment essay story simply because they believe they can do something with it #151; their lives are not fruitless and are not spent in vain. True listeners want to listen to stories to enrich their own lives and to understand them. What is happening to me happens to you.

Both the listener and the reader are participants in the same story and both make it the story it is. I speak only of true writers and essay true readers and true listeners. As for hamlet's essay the others, they are entertainers and their work doesn't really matter. I don't want to catcher in the echat go into names but there are very few great storytellers and great writers today. Actually, I believe that today literature has changed its purpose and its dimension. Once upon of ophelia a time it was possible to write l'art pour l'art , art for art's sake. People were looking only for beauty. Now we know that beauty without an ethical dimension cannot exist. We have seen what they did with culture in Germany during the war; what they called culture did not have any ethical purpose or motivation.

I believe in the ethical thrust, in the ethical function, in the human adventure in science or in culture or in precise essay writing writing. Hamlet's Treatment? [24] The witness begins with his testimony. In Wiesel's case this testimony concerns the Holocaust. He becomes a true writer when his testimony is a tale, a story. On Marketing Strategy? The art of the witness, then, is a rendering of testimony into story. The difficulty of this lies in the attempt to juxtapose past event with present situation in hamlet's treatment of ophelia a story which is essay in efficiency truly artistic: that is, not merely beautiful, but ethically significant. Wiesel is of ophelia essay cut off from the victims whose tale he tells (he survived), and he is cut off from his readers (they have not seen what he has seen).

The monumental task which Wiesel has attempted has been to bring together in his tales the character moments disparate worlds of the Holocaust victims in the past and hamlet's treatment of ophelia of his post-Holocaust readers in the present. Wiesel lives in both worlds, yet hardly belongs to either. His effort has been to force into research paper strategy an imaginative form, a story, these disjunctive worlds. The result has been something of a literary anomaly: autobiographical novels. The survivor's alienation from both past and present and its implications for the witness as writer are best seen in of ophelia Wiesel's use of the concept of madness. Character Essay? The witness as writer is in the position of Moshe the Beadle in Night . Able to return to Sighet as a survivor from an early deportation, Moshe was disbelieved and considered mad when he tried to tell the tale of those who did not escape. Moshe the Madman appears in nearly all of hamlet's treatment of ophelia essay, Wiesel's work, and he even becomes the main character in one novel, The Oath . As a messenger of the dead among the living, who attempts with his tales to save the living but is research paper strategy regarded as insane, Moshe is a paradigm for Wiesel of the madman as witness. Wiesel is qualified to speak of madness. Hamlet's Treatment Essay? During his three years at the Sorbonne, he specialized in clinical psychology, and the New York Society of Clinical Psychologists has honored him for his perceptive treatment of madness in can i his writing. [25] This work, his concentration camp experiences, and treatment of ophelia essay his Hasidic background unite to make madness one of the leading motifs in his books. According to Wiesel, there are several kinds of madness.

First, there is writing clinical insanity. Wiesel cautions, however, that what is often considered madness in this sense may not be insanity at hamlet's, all, but merely dissent from the catcher in the echat collective neurosis of society. Hamlet's Essay? In a society gone mad, the sane person will be judged mad, even though it is society and not he that suffers from skewed vision. Just as a sane inmate in character defining moments an insane asylum would be judged mad by the other inmates, so anyone whose vision is threatening or disturbing to normal society is hamlet's of ophelia essay considered mad. Research On Marketing? Wiesel tells a Hasidic tale to make the point.

Once upon a time there was a king who knew that the next harvest would be cursed. Whosoever would eat from it would go mad. And so he ordered an enormous granary built and stored there all that remained from the of ophelia last crop. Precise Essay Writing? He entrusted the key to his friend and treatment of ophelia this is what he told him: When my subjects and character moments their king have been struck with madness, you alone will have the right to enter the storehouse and eat uncontaminated food. Thus you will escape the malediction. But in exchange, your mission will be to essay cover the earth, going from country to country, from town to town, from one street to research paper on marketing strategy the other, from treatment one man to the other, telling tales, ours #151; and you will shout, you will shout with all your might: 'Good people, do not forget! What is at stake is your life, your survival! Do not forget, do not forget!' [26] Of course the plan was unsuccessful. The man's tale was disbelieved and he was dismissed as a madman.

This is the position the Holocaust witness finds himself in when he tells his tale. This madness of the witness is a prophetic madness. It is the madness of an individual who has seen things inaccessible to others, and is therefore separated from other men by the very fact of his closeness to of weight persuasive God. Wiesel views this type of madman as a messenger of God and says, God loves madmen. They're the only ones he allows near him. [27] The strangeness of his tale renders the prophet an anti-social misfit, a madman, in the eyes of his contemporaries. Thus, prophecy has long been considered a species of madness. [28] Like Wiesel, the Holocaust survivor, the hamlet's treatment of ophelia prophetic madman is a lonely figure, separated from the world by the witness he bears and yet compelled to live in write days the world as a man among men. There is treatment of ophelia still another type of moments, madness: moral madness. Thomas Merton has written that the whole concept of sanity in a society where spiritual values have lost their meaning is itself meaningless. [29] When hate and indifference are the norm in society, one must become morally mad to protest against society's inhumanity.

In the Germany of 1943, one had to choose moral madness to avoid being swallowed up by the prevailing sanity. In such a context, moral indifference is the type of of ophelia, insanity against can i write a dissertation which moral madness must protest. This moral madness, a voluntary, deliberate thing, [30] is no easy out or surrender. It is a courageous identification with the sufferers, a true loving and caring. It is the willing assumption of moral responsibility in treatment a society whose conscience is asleep. Not to accept moral madness is to opt for true insanity. Wiesel says, I believe that reality disappointed us so much that I seek something in another reality. So what is the other reality?

Madness. Catcher In The Rye Essay? I believe that anyone who was in the camps came out deranged. There is the basis of madness in every person who survived. When you have seen what they have seen, how can you not keep some madness? This in itself would be mad #151; to remain normal. [31]

It is as Kahlil Gibran has put it. The human heart cries out for help; the human soul implores us for deliverance; but we do not heed their cries, for we neither hear nor understand. But the man who hears and understands we call mad, and of ophelia essay flee from him. [32] In his books, Elie Wiesel attempts to hear and understand, and to catcher echat diminish the suffering. Following the destruction of the second Temple, the treatment of ophelia essay Jewish people were faced with two options: to writing end their suffering by denying their faith and assimilating into society, or to go on and rebuild on the ashes. Wiesel suggests that the Talmud was the temple constructed when the Jewish people chose the second option. Treatment Of Ophelia? He says that the in the rye essay echat Talmud was conceived and written as an act of defiance. [33] It was as if the Sages wished to hamlet's treatment tell God they refused to concede and quit believing. Anorexia Cause Of Weight Loss Persuasive? This defiance of hamlet's treatment essay, theirs confirmed the ancient message of Judaism that, while man cannot begin (only God can do that), it is man's duty not to accept an write a dissertation in 4 days imposed end. To begin is not in the realm of possibilities; only to begin again, over and over again #151; and therein lies [man's] strength. And his glory, too. [34]

Defiance as a means of transcending despair, and even as a means of essay, survival, is characteristic of the Jewish tradition. Wiesel stands in that tradition when he argues that the can i write days Jew can only retain his humanity if he boldly takes issue with God and his apparent indifference to the Jews' suffering, and insists on believing no matter what. Man, Wiesel says, must not give in hamlet's treatment essay too quickly and allow himself to be crushed spiritually by in efficiency, the grinding forces of inhumanity. One of his Hasidic stories illustrates this dogged determination to essay believe: A story is narrated in Shevet Yehuda about Jews who fled their village, their country. Essay? They boarded a ship which eventually they had to hamlet's treatment essay abandon. They landed on is a cause a desert. Hunger, thirst, disease befell them; many died. Amongst them was a pious man whose wife had died of hunger.

He continued his march, hoping to reach a Jewish settlement. His two children were too weak, so he carried them. Hamlet's Treatment Of Ophelia? They, too, died and he went on essay carrying them. When he finally realized that he was the last survivor, the pain was so sharp he fainted. When he came to, he looked around first, and then he looked up to the sky and addressed God: Master of the Universe, I know what you want; you want me to stop believing in you #151; but you won't succeed, you hear me, you won't succeed! [35] Man thus defies God and becomes his accuser. Man taking issue with the Master does not seem such an outrage when the concept is viewed against its Hasidic background. Hamlet's Treatment Essay? Hasidism traces the tradition of Jewish protestantism to the Book of Genesis, where Abraham asked, Shall the Judge of research paper on marketing strategy, all the treatment essay earth not do justice? (Gen. 18:25), and to the prophets, such as Habakkuk, who accused God of indifference to the suffering of the righteous (Hab.

1:1-3). In this tradition, man struggles with God and asserts his moral equality with him. But the protest is not a disbelieving blasphemy. It is rather a loving plea. If it is anything negative, it is an expression of concerned disappointment that the Master of the essay Universe has apparently not lived up to hamlet's treatment his own standards of justice. [36] Wiesel has, along with other survivors, chosen this as a response to the Holocaust. These survivors. . had every reason in catcher in the echat the world to deny God, to deny anything sacred, to oppose all promises and abort all signs of hope; they had every reason in the world to become ferocious nihilists, anarchists, carriers of fear and hamlet's of ophelia nightmare. Character Moments Essay? [37] But what, in fact, did the hamlet's treatment of ophelia essay Jewish survivors of the death camps do as soon as they were liberated? Believe it or not; they held services. Write Days? To give thanks to God?

No, to defy him! To tell him, listen, as mere mortals, as members of the human society, we know we should seize weapons and use them in every place and in every way and never stop #151; because it is our right. But we are Jews and as such we renounce that right; we choose #151; yes, choose to remain human. And generous. [38] To remain human even in the face of absurd inhumanity: this, Wiesel suggests, is the real message of Jewish tradition. Man's defiance of God, in hamlet's of ophelia Wiesel's work, is met only by God's silence. Certainly this silence often bears a sinister aspect, as in character Night , when the hamlet's of ophelia essay other Jews in the camps are fasting on Yom Kippur and Wiesel says, I did not fast. I no longer accepted God's silence. As I swallowed my bowl of soup, I saw in the gesture an act of rebellion and protest against Him. [39]

Of all the major motifs Wiesel uses, the concept of silence is the most intimately involved with the notion of transcendence in his work. And his denouncement of God's silence is most often cited as evidence for a lack of any true faith in can i write days the transcendent on Wiesel's part. But this is not to treatment essay do justice to Wiesel. Precise Essay Writing? For him, silence is often not only not opposed to the transcendent, but is the most radical expression of it. Mystic that he is, Wiesel believes in the profound importance of essay, silence. What is not said is frequently as weighty as what is said. For example, God not only gave the words of the Torah, he left spaces between the words, the silence of which is pregnant with meaning. Wiesel so respects the significance of silence that he fears the overuse of words. Asked what are his feelings when he completes a book, he responds, Naturally the research strategy anguish comes: whether I have not said too much #151; it's never too little but too much. [40] His books tend to be short and hamlet's of ophelia essay his sentences clipped.

His subject, the horror of the Holocaust, can only be vulgarized if one attempts to say too much about catcher in the rye essay, it. For this reason, he actually writes around the Holocaust, not directly about hamlet's of ophelia, it. Cause Of Weight Essay? He maintains, The Holocaust cannot be described, it cannot be communicated, it is unexplainable. To me it is a mystical event. Hamlet's Treatment Of Ophelia Essay? I have the feeling almost of character moments essay, sin when I speak about it. [41]

I say certain things not to say other things, I write a page and the absence of the Holocaust in it is so strong that the absence becomes a presence. Treatment? [42] So it is with God, as well. God's silence is a more powerful presence than his words. Ideally, one should not speak about God, but only to him, and this, again, in silence. If I could communicate what I have to say through not publishing, I would do it. If I could, to use a poetic image, communicate a Silence through silence I would do so. But I cannot. Perhaps I am not strong enough or wise enough. [43]

Silence, far from calling into question the existence of one or both parties to a dialogue, is in reality the most significant level at which the dialogue may occur. Between author and reader there must be a dialogue. When man speaks to God there is paper a dialogue. The creative process is a strange one: it comes from solitude, it goes to solitude and yet it's a meeting between two solitudes. It is just like man's solitude faced with God's solitude. Once you have this confrontation, you have art and religion and hamlet's essay more. [44] Too many words may interfere with art and religion. Moments Essay? Man is ill-advised to of ophelia essay speak too profusely about God; and God's own silence is the most revealing communication he may make of himself to paper on marketing man. If the silence with which God responds to man's suffering seems to be an invitation for man to give in to the suffering, Wiesel would say that a refusal to accept God's silence as an excuse for unbelief is the only responsible way out of the hamlet's treatment of ophelia essay dilemma. To affirm and preserve the human (by eating the catcher in the rye essay bowl of soup on Yom Kippur, for example?) in essay the face of inhumanity often requires that man argue with the divine silence, and affirm the transcendent in the universe by anorexia of weight loss persuasive, taking issue with its apparent absence. In a roundabout way, man's indignant protest against God's silence would be deprived of meaning if there were no Presence back of the hamlet's treatment of ophelia essay Silence.

Consequently, Elie Wiesel's defiance of God, his refusal to accept God's indifference to man's suffering, and his denial of God are in essence an affirmation of the transcendent, just because they take the character defining form of an affirmation of the human in the face of treatment, inhumanity. The most human protest against the apparent meaninglessness of existence is not via the absurd, but via the transcendent. The armchair atheist can afford to allow suffering to continue #151; Wiesel cannot. He believes suffering must be diminished, and that every act of protest, against God or man, in which suffering is in the even minutely alleviated is a redemptive act. Because he holds onto treatment essay the transcendent, and is prepared to wrestle with it if need be (just as Jacob wrestled with the angel), he can say that. . to flee to a sort of research paper on marketing strategy, Nirvana is to oppose humanity in the most absurd, useless and comfortable manner possible. Of Ophelia? A man is a man only when he is among men.

It's harder to remain human than to try to leap beyond humanity. [45] And he can even ask for the strength to essay defy God in this way! Oh God, give me the strength to sin against you, to oppose your will! Give me the strength to deny you, reject you, imprison you, ridicule you! [46] Man denies God by affirming humanity #151; and this he must do. But in affirming humanity, man makes an affirmation of God which transcends his denial of God. This circular process is illuminated by the way Wiesel identifies God with man. He sometimes seems to say that God is man, but what he means is that God may be approached only through man.

In The Town Beyond the Wall , he has Pedro say, The way is no less important than the hamlet's treatment of ophelia essay goal. He who thinks about God, forgetting man, runs the risk of research paper on marketing strategy, mistaking his goal: God may be your next-door neighbor. [47] Man, God, and self are so closely identified that what man does to his fellow, he does to God and to himself. Hamlet's Treatment Of Ophelia? In Dawn , when Elisha pulls the trigger to kill the British hostage, he cries, It's done. I've killed. I've killed Elisha. [48] And in Night , when the child is essay in efficiency hung, Wiesel can say that it is God who hangs on the gallows.

But it is not God himself who dies, any more than a man really dies himself when he kills another man. It is, perhaps Wiesel would say, the image of God upon man that is destroyed when man inflicts suffering on hamlet's his fellow man. In this sense, the incident of God dying on the gallows with the executed child bears a striking resemblance to a parable in the Talmud. Rabbi Meir said: A parable was stated: To what is the matter comparable? To two twin brothers who lived in one city. Essay In Efficiency? One was appointed king and the other took to highway robbery.

At the king's command they hanged him. But all who saw him explained: The king is hanged! [49] Because of his intimate identification of God with man, Wiesel can retain the of ophelia transcendent even while he defies God. His protest is against the inhumanity which constitutes an eradication of the transcendent. Is A Of Weight Essay? In this protest, both God and man are indicted for the same thing: indifference to treatment essay suffering. When the suffering and injustice of the a dissertation days Holocaust is met with apathy, indifference, and unconcern, man has relinquished his humanity, and in doing so has murdered his God.

To be indifferent #151; for whatever reason #151; is to deny not only the validity of existence, but also its beauty. Betray, and you are a man; torture your neighbor, you're still a man. Evil is human, weakness is human; indifference is not. [50] The injustice perpetrated in an unknown land concerns me; I am responsible. He who is hamlet's essay not among the victims is with the executioners. This was the meaning of the holocaust; it implicated not only Abraham or his son, but their God as well. [5l] The work of Elie Wiesel is research on marketing strategy a courageous, sustained protest against indifference. It has overcome the Holocaust by defying it, by refusing to give up the human and the transcendent. His witness to the Holocaust, by of ophelia essay, its very defiance, has broken the stranglehold of despair on him. Research Paper On Marketing? And, whatever may be its impact on mankind, it has allowed Elie Wiesel himself to remain human. One day a Tzadik came to hamlet's treatment Sodom; He knew what Sodom was, so he came to save it from catcher in the rye essay echat sin, from destruction.

He preached to the people. Hamlet's Essay? Please do not be murderers, do not be thieves. Do not be silent and do not be indifferent. He went on research paper on marketing strategy preaching day after day, maybe even picketing. But no one listened. He was not discouraged.

He went on preaching for years. Finally someone asked him, Rabbi, why do you do that? Don't you see it is no use? He said, I know it is of no use, but I must. And I will tell you why: in the beginning I thought I had to protest and to shout in hamlet's of ophelia essay order to change them . I have given up this hope. Now I know I must picket and scream and shout so that they should not change me. [52]

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The Photo Essay: Give it Your Best Shot. Photo by essay, Leslie Fisher. Monday we started talking about photo essays. We began by looking at SoundSlides, a great product to essay in efficiency use to of ophelia help you produce engaging photo stories. In fact, Monday’s post marked the in efficiency beginning of a giveaway that will last throughout this week and culminate on Friday with some lucky person getting a licensed copy of of ophelia essay SoundSlides Plus. So, today I want to talk more about the actual essay itself. I think we all know by now that the word photography means “writing with light”. But just because someone has a tool to in efficiency write with doesn’t mean they know how to hamlet's of ophelia essay write. For that matter, just because someone gets published doesn’t mean they know how to write. We all know there’s plenty of pretty bad books out precise essay writing there. Treatment Of Ophelia Essay. But I digress.

We were talking about the photo essay. The photo essay is really not that much different than any other kind of written essay or story. A photo essay should really have a simple but clearly defined flow with a clearly defined beginning middle and end. The object is to take a limited number of photos, say 5 to in efficiency 35 images, and to tell a story with them. Those images must take the viewer and unfold something akin to hamlet's a plot line before them, all in a period of 3 or 4 minutes. Precise Writing. What I hope to do in this post is to give you a list of the important elements of a photo essay.

Sort of a shot list. Of Ophelia Essay. Some people use different names than I give them, but the concept is the in 4 days same. Not all Photo Stories Are Created Equal. There are different types of treatment of ophelia essay photo essays. Some deal with a linear event that unfolds over a given time frame. This might be a race or trip that the photographer covers from start to paper on marketing the finish.

A great example of this is the essay Kingsley’s Crossing. Hamlet's Treatment Essay. There are also stories that deal with a focused topics, like a Blind Wine Taster , A Corner Druggist or my essay on the Last Hat Maker. Other essays might deal with event, like Thaipusam. On Marketing Strategy. Whatever the essay type of photo essays are doing, it will still need to be filled with photos that work together to tell the character defining essay story. Of Ophelia. One thing I tell class that I teach is that each photo must be good enough to stand by itself. Research On Marketing. You can’t have a photo essay with a few really great images and treatment of ophelia essay the balance be filled with mediocrity, it just doesn’t work that way. Each shot should be good enough to be viewed separately, so that the essay as a whole is excellent. But each image has it place in the story.

Below we will talk about what that place is. Before going into the different types of shots needed in an essay, I want to talk about the essay itself and how to prep for it. One of the things I see frequently among students who are trying their hand at creating a photo story, is they create it as they go. Defining Essay. They go out shooting throughout the day and hamlet's essay then as they’re out essay in efficiency they try to of ophelia think of a topic. That’s going about it backwards. The best thing you could do would be to walk around the city or subject you’re interested in photographing, all the while keeping the camera in the camera bag and just observe. “Keep your eyeballs peeled”, as my dear ole’ daddy used to say. See if you can see a theme or story emerge. Spend time with people talk to him here what’s important to them and a story might just bubbled to the surface. This is is a loss persuasive, not to say a story can’t be an assignment. In fact, that’s the way most photojournalist work.

They’re given an assignment and told to cover it photographically. Either way, you have to hamlet's of ophelia essay understand what it is you’re shooting before you put the camera to essay in efficiency your face and that take time and observation. Another helpful way to approach an essay is to treatment create a shot list. Using the type of shots listed below, think through ideas and concepts that you want to grab photographically. After spending time with the Cheese Man of Kashmir, I knew there were several shots I had to get. One was a Detail shot of milking poured, another was of Medium shot of Chris working with his Gujjar associates.

If you can, create a shot list before you go out it can be a huge help. But don’t limit yourself to the list. In The Rye Essay Echat. Better to have too many shots than not enough. (As a bonus for you, I have link every photographic example below to the original New York Times essay. Enjoy!) This shot is sometimes called a lead shot. It’s the shot grabs you or hook you and draws you into the essay. Sometimes it’s the first shot of the essay. Other times it appears somewhere inside the photo essay, but is treatment of ophelia, used as the essay’s cover or thumbnail image.

It is and image that is days, often very creative and leaves the viewer wanting information about the topic. The literary equivalent to treatment a Hook shot is the first few words that grab you in a novel. Remember this sentence? “The great fish moved silently through the night water, propelled by rye essay, short sweeps of its crescent tail.” – Peter Benchly, Jaws. Hamlet's Essay. Those first few words grabbed readers and sucked them in anorexia is a cause loss and they where hooked. The Hook shot should do the same. “A Withering Harvest in Florida” Photo: Chip Litherland for hamlet's treatment, The New York Times. The establishing shot does pretty much what it sounds like it does.

It lays the visual context for essay in efficiency, the story. It is often a wide shot that shows the setting or the environment where the story takes place or the character lives or works. The shot often is the very first shot of the essay. If it’s not the first it will be included in one of the first few shots. Hamlet's Of Ophelia. The literary equivalent of this is essay, usually found on the first page of the novel. It is when the author paints a written description of where things are taking place. ” It was a dark and stormy night…” “Cairo Aglow at Ramadan” Photo: Shawn Baldwin for The New York Times. At this point in the story there’s momentum building up. The medium shot serves to of ophelia essay inform the viewer who are the characters and what they are doing. Precise Writing. The shot should include both the subject and hamlet's treatment it’s surrounding. If your story has people in defining moments essay it, and often the shot will have two or three people and all interacting in treatment of ophelia essay some way.

You might have an individual working with some equipment or doing some job. But the image should be wide enough to see the environment. It’s not a detail shot. “The Resurgence of the Hazaras” Photo: Adam Ferguson for The New York Times. As the rye essay echat name implies the shot has to do with the hamlet's of ophelia essay details. These shots add flavor to is a of weight loss the story, almost as the spices does to soup. Hamlet's Treatment Of Ophelia Essay. It is the detail shot that that creates intimacy with the viewer. Can you imagine a story where characters walk through nondescript hallways and precise essay streets? It would leave readers without any sense of time or place. And so it is hamlet's treatment, with a detail shot in write a dissertation in 4 a photo essay, it gives our viewers a sense of place. A detail shot anchors the hamlet's of ophelia essay story.

“High-Speed Connections” Photo: Laura Pedrick for The New York Tim. Often a tight portrait or head shot, but can also be tight environmental portrait. This shot gives a face to your characters. It make the story personal to someone. Even if your character is not a human, a portrait can be important. Let’s say you’re doing a story on a racehorse. He would still want a portrait of the character moments horse.

“In South Africa, a Resurfacing of Violence” Photo: Robin Hammond for The New York Times. Others have called this the treatment Exchange Shot. Can I Write A Dissertation. I like that title as well. But I use the word gesture because I feel like it’s more than just an exchange. It can be someone shooting basketballs or running. But, as the term exchange shot implies, often times it is interaction between two subjects in the story.

There’s usually movement involved in some sort of interchange between the subjects. By having this shot in the essay we keep the essay from becoming a series of portraits. The gesture shot allows us to experience life within the essay. “A ‘Yooper’ in essay the Abortion Fight” Photo: Sally Ryan for The New York Times. Except for the establishing shot which should always come at the first of the of weight persuasive photo essay, the only other shot that has a definite place within the essay is this one. Hamlet's Treatment Essay. The closure, as the name implies, it is the parting shot. It draws things to an end. It’s the “ride off into the sunset” photo. This shot provides resolution for the story and puts it to bed. “Remembering Hardware” Photo: Ruth Fremson/The New York Times.

Contrary to what some people teach, a photo essay does not have to have every one of these shots. It should have most but there are no rules . You can have an effective photo essay without a detail shot or a gesture shot. I personally think the more of these you have, the research paper chances you have at hamlet's of ophelia better telling the story in a compelling manner. But the catcher in the rye essay goal is the story not the process. So feel free to go on treatment essay, break the writing rules.

Think through a storyline, take this list with you and go out and shoot. Trust me, you get better every time you do it. Matt is hamlet's treatment, a Malaysia based humanitarian and travel photographer. Well known as a photographer and international workshop instructor, Matt’s images have been used by business and organizations around the paper strategy globe. Matt also on the design board for essay, Think Tank Photo, a camera bag manufacturer. Catcher Rye Essay Echat. In 2013 Matt founded the On Field Media Project to hamlet's of ophelia essay train the staff of non-profits to use appropriate technology to produce timely as well as quality images. November 12, 2012. Lightroom 4 Brings New Life to catcher in the rye essay echat Old Images. Thanks for hamlet's of ophelia essay, this post, Matt.

There is so much useful information here and I was especially encouraged to see you to speak to things that I've been learning lately. As Ray K. mentioned in his tweet, this is is a cause of weight essay, a very timely post. Thank you Sabrina. I am glad you found it helpful. It's basic, but stuff we can over hamlet's of ophelia, look at times. Great article. I never realize some of the the “segments” of an essay exist. Thanks Matt It makes sense – and is useful.

nice article, thanks for sharing your ideas! looking forward to see more useful stuff… Matt, thanks for essay writing, such a great post. I am having to re-learn the basic tenets of story-telling as I start to hamlet's of ophelia essay form ideas for photographic projects. Yours was such a timely post as I have a road trip coming up starting on Memorial Day weekend that will have plenty of opportunities for stories. Essay In Efficiency. I just wanted to mention also that at hamlet's treatment of ophelia essay its most basic any story, visual or written, should have a defined begging, middle and end – an arc. How about a follow up post with example? Great article, it nicely summarizes and defines all the elements of photo essay.

Matt, this is a fantastic post. Really useful advice! this is really a very interesting post! Thank you! Not sure I know what you would like. I thought I gave you examples though out the in the rye essay post. You can find most of my essays and some from people I have coached HERE. I am glad this post scratched an hamlet's treatment, itch.

Yes, this is can i write days, what I meant- I wanted to look through some examples of photo essays. The examples you give are great, but they don't form a single project (at least I don't see connection between them). I wanted to see how the pieces form the finished essay. Treatment Essay. Thanks. This is defining essay, a very good website ! Well done (: I hope to see more websites like this in the future – THANK YOU SO MUCH. Come on! this is useless! What the hell, i think i have actually lost intelligence reading this thing. Of Ophelia. I could probably have a more imformative conversation with my three year old cousin. At least he could make something more interesting.

This is absolute rubbish. Hmm, Jack and Joel your comments sounds a little like Spam. So what was the issue you had with this post? Excellent presentation. Concise and informative and providing much food for thought. i like this post.. Catcher In The Rye Essay Echat. i often read your post but not leaving any comment, may start from today i will leave a comment on every blog i read.

thats way I will leave a comment here, thank you for this article once more. I agree with all of the points keep up the hamlet's treatment essay good work. Great article, and I totally agree with all . G8 article i really like it keep up the good work im waiting for research paper on marketing, you next article. Thank you Matt, I really enjoyed this article, as well as your site in general! Keep up the good work helping us young photographers. #128578; Excellent and to the point article. Precisely what I was looking for…Thank you very much Matt for helping us, young Padawans… Great information thanks for sharing this with us.In fact in all posts of this blog their is something to learn. Preliminary Research Writing | Analyzing Collected Material your work is hamlet's of ophelia, very good and in efficiency i appreciate your work and hopping for some more informative posts.

Again thanks. very helpful site. i like this very much! will visit this again, soon. Hamlet's. thank you! This article was very helpful and informational for my research.Thank you!….. I have read several just right stuff here. Definitely worth bookmarking for revisiting. I surprise how much effort you put to echat make this sort of wonderful informative site.

May I just say what a relief to find an individual who genuinely. understands what they’re talking about on the web. You actually know how to bring an issue to light and make it important. A lot more people have to read this and understand this side of the hamlet's treatment essay story. I can’t believe you are not more popular because. you certainly have the defining gift. 16 Unmissable Travel Photography Resources for Photographers - [. ] Allen’s article is hamlet's, one of the best I have come across about improving your travel photos. The Photo Essay Modesta aproximacion al storytelling | Deepwildphoto - [. Anorexia Is A Of Weight Loss. ] EOS 5D MkII y con un objetivo Canon 24-70 f/2,8 L. Os dejo algunos enlaces relacionados como este post de 13 recursos online para fotografia de viajes - [. Treatment. ] Brandon: “The Photo Essay”: los ensayos fotograficos son una forma ideal para pensar nuestra fotografia de viajes, cada vez [. Catcher Rye Essay Echat. ] Blog Prompt #5: Image analysis | Composing Digital Media: DIY Archives - […] Drawing upon treatment essay the readings for write days, this week (“Top 10 Photography Composition Rules” and “The Photo Essay: Give It Your Best Shot”), Blog Prompt #4: Image Analysis | ComposeDigital: The Citizen Archive - […] analysis. Drawing upon the readings for this week (“Top 10 Photography Composition Rules” and “The Photo Essay: Give It Your Best Assignment 5: shooting plan | Rob Townsend - […] – accessed 28th February 2014 2. – accessed 28th February 2014 3. – […] Research – constructing a successful narrative picture essay | My OCA Learning Log - […] [accessed 01 April 2014] […] Resources – Narrative and Illustration | The Art of Photography - […] Thedigitaltrekker […] Review: Mindshift Gear PhotoCross 13.

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1930s fashion essay Installation, Elegance in an Age of Crisis: Fashions of the 1930s, 2014 | Photo by treatment of ophelia essay, Eileen Costa. © MFIT. In Efficiency. Elegance in an Age of Crisis has closed (the last day was April 19, 2014), but you can still read the accompanying book and visit the online version of the exhibition. Below is the label text that was displayed in our gallery, featuring hats from the hamlet's treatment essay 1930s: Hats were vital to the well-dressed woman’s wardrobe during the 1930s, and therefore received more editorial coverage than any other type of accessory. Millinery was a relatively inexpensive way to writing update an ensemble, and a simple change of hat could transform the formality of an outfit. A woman’s choice of hat was also thought to be an of ophelia, indicator of her personality. Anorexia Cause Of Weight Persuasive Essay. The smart hat styles of the 1930s evolved from the closely-fitted cloche of the hamlet's treatment of ophelia previous decade. Some of the most sophisticated examples—based on character essay, men’s hats—were worn angled over hamlet's of ophelia essay, the face. Although their construction was often complex, their streamlined appearance complemented bias-cut clothing. To showcase the wonderful examples of 1930s millinery from Elegance in an Age of Crisis , we bring you excerpts from Colleen Hill #8216;s ( MFIT associate curator of accessories ) essay in the accompanying book—#8221;Great Chic from Little Details Grows: Women#8217;s Accessories in the 1930s#8221;: During a time of severe economic depression, accessories were perceived as relatively inexpensive items that could be used to update and sustain an essay, existing wardrobe.

Vogue heralded 1931 as the “Great Hat Year” – not just because millinery styles were novel and interesting, but also because they “were a considerable factor in treatment essay stemming the tide of depression that was another phenomenon of that momentous year.” Hill goes on character, to describe the hat pictured below: In the of ophelia essay February 15, 1932, issue of essay in efficiency Vogue , a short editorial was devoted to hamlet's treatment of ophelia the trend for “diagonalistic” gowns – asymmetrical sheaths of silk by Mirande, Regny, and a dissertation in 4 days Worth that spiraled gracefully around the body. Similarly, many hats were designed to evoke movement in the ways they angled over the face and head. Rather than framing the face as closely as possible, these hats were cut to of ophelia essay reveal the is a persuasive essay forehead, and were also meant to showcase longer hair. Hamlet's Of Ophelia Essay. A cocktail hat of around 1933 from MFIT, sold at Henri Bendel, exemplifies this idea: a shallow, rounded brim sweeps down over the right eye, while a high, curving crown extends dramatically upward. The brim and crown are then topstitched and stuffed using a trapunto technique, the diagonal lines of research paper strategy which reinforce the hat’s angled silhouette. #8230;This design is expressive but relatively simple; it relies on a juxtaposition of materials (straw and silk jersey), and highlights construction (using the aforementioned topstitching) over applied surface decoration. Treatment. While trimmings such as flowers and feathers had returned to some millinery designs after their near-disappearance in the latter half of the 1920s, they were markedly simpler than the elaborate embellishments seen on hats prior to World War I. Henri Bendel silk jersey and straw cocktail hat, circa 1935, New York, gift of Mrs. E.L. Cournand | Photo by Eileen Costa. © MFIT.

By the essay writing early 1930s, newly “masculine” hat styles began to make regular appearances in fashion editorials. Sometimes resembling a man’s bowler, other times paying closer homage to the fedora, they shared a quality of hamlet's casual elegance, and could be paired with almost any daytime ensemble. The origin of this trend, like so many in fashion, cannot be traced to a single initiator. With the sudden ubiquity of the cloche in the 1920s, however, a number of men’s hat makers, already experts in producing felt hats, began to produce styles for women also. Greta Garbo (who worked as a model and a milliner’s assistant prior to embarking on her film career) also influenced women’s fashion with her taste for slouched felt hats. Rarely were any of these hats mere copies of menswear styles, however. Although not as severely modern as the on marketing cloche, their intricate folds, tucks, and stitching techniques were fresh and subtly complex.

A 1933 advertisement for women’s hats by Stetson perhaps best summarized the style: “They look casual,” it asserted, but “considerable artistry is essay, involved in achieving the spirited simplicity that is the secret of the new hats.” Purple felt and brown grosgrain hat, maker unknown, circa 1936, possibly New York, gift of Mrs. Janet Chatfield-Taylor | Photo by Eileen Costa. © MFIT. Also dating to catcher in the the mid-1930s, a hat in dark green felt showcases the decorative topstitching commonly used on later examples of masculine-inspired hats [below]. Hamlet's Treatment Of Ophelia Essay. Rows of minute stitches pucker the felt, forming narrow ridges in geometric patterns. The brim of the hat is also stitched to the crown at the sides and back, giving it its unique silhouette.

Green felt creased-crown hat with stitched geometric design, maker unknown, circa 1934, possibly New York, gift of Mr. Harry Haas | Photo by Eileen Costa. © MFIT. By 1936, however, many of the simple, masculine hats were being replaced by designs of precise essay writing a dramatically different silhouette. Styles with exaggerated crowns, in particular, began to dominate fashion editorials. Some were quite elaborate, made from draped swags of fabric, or heavily trimmed, while others seemed to hamlet's treatment essay combine the streamlined look of earlier styles with the new silhouette.

A brown felt hat from the collection of MFIT demonstrates the mix of catcher in the rye essay old and new ideas, featuring a folded brim and a high, peaked crown that is of ophelia, highlighted by glove stitches in heavy white thread [below]. It was made by catcher in the, Florence Reichman, a New York milliner who specialized in “not too extreme millinery.” The hat’s donor, Janet Chatfield-Taylor, was a fashion editor at treatment Vogue and catcher in the thus would have been especially attuned to the ever-evolving trends in headwear. Hamlet's Of Ophelia Essay. Florence Reichman brown felt hat with turn-down front, circa 1936, New York, gift of Mrs. Janet Chatfield-Taylor | Photo by Eileen Costa. © MFIT. You can read more about these #8220;chic little details#8221; from the 1930s, including handbags and shoes, in the book Elegance in an Age of Crisis , from Yale University Press. Installation, Elegance in an Age of Crisis: Fashions of the 1930s, 2014 | Photo by Eileen Costa. © MFIT. Tweet us your thoughts on 1930s accessories with #1930sFashion, and if you haven#8217;t made it in to see Trend-ology , the exhibition is still on through April 30, 2014! By The Museum at character defining moments FIT In Misc Tagged with AntoineElsa SchiaparellihairPatricia MearsReginald Daisy Fellowes On 19 Apr | '2014. Hamlet's Treatment. Mrs Reginald (Daisy) Fellowes socialite, heiress to the Singer (sewing machine) fortune, and editor of Harper#8217;s Bazaar Paris was a noted fashionable figure frequently found in the pages of Vogue magazine.

One of the magazine#8217;s fashion editors, Bettina Ballard, called her “the most elegant and most talked-about woman in Paris.” She was the embodiment of #8217;30s chic but also bold in her tastes and her attitude, daring to pull off even the most extreme surrealist fashion statements by designer Elsa Schiaparelli. (Think monkey fur, lobster dress, and shoe hat even Schiap#8217;s Shocking Pink was created for her!) In this 1935 photograph taken by Horst P. Horst for Vogue (who often used Tungsten lighting to heighten an image#8217;s dramatic contrast and shadowy quality), Daisy dons a satin Mandarin dress by Schiap and an eerie and fantastic lacquered wig by Antoine de Paris. Born Antoni Cierplikowski (1884-1976) in Poland, Antoine moved to Paris and precise became the celebrity hair stylist of the 1920s and #8217;30s. His clients included Josephine Baker, Claudette Colbert, Marlena Dietrich, Greta Garbo, and Elsa Schiaparelli. Treatment Essay. He eventuality set up 67 salons in places as far afield as Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, London, and Melbourne. Josephine Baker in a wig by Antoine de Paris. Photo by: George Hoyningen-Huene, 1934, Vogue . Catcher Rye Essay Echat. Antoine is essay, credited with trends such as the bob, tinting grey hair blue, and the white/blonde streaked forelock, but what I find most intriguing are these shellacked wigs worn as hats. 1. Just wow! It#8217;s easy to see why Antoine became a #8220;favorite of the Surrealists #8212; Man Ray, Salvador Dali Cocteau in particular #8212; and in efficiency his work certainly complemented the of ophelia essay oneiric fillip the Surrealists managed to inveigle into can i write a dissertation in 4, every early 20th Century art-form medium.#8221; 2. Wig by essay, Antoine of essay in efficiency Paris, 1937. Photo by Brassai. Photo of Arletty by Madame D#8217;Ora (Dora Kallmus), 1932. Francoise Rosay, 1932.

Wig by Antoine from 1932. Man Ray took this photograph of Elsa wearing a lacquered Antoine wig around 1933. #8220;Antoine made me some fabulous wigs for evening and even pour le sport . Of Ophelia. I wore them in white, in silver, in red for can i a dissertation the snow of of ophelia St. Moritz, and would feel utterly unconscious of the stir they created. Antoine was…certainly the most progressive and the most enterprising coiffeur of these times. Precise Essay Writing. I wore these wigs with the plainest of dresses so that they became a part of the dress and not an hamlet's, oddity.#8221; 3. Wig by Antoine de Paris / coat by Sarah Lipska / photo by Pawel Kurzawski. In her essay, #8220;The Arc of Modernity: 1930s Couture from Paris to Shanghai,#8221; from the anorexia is a cause of weight loss exhibition#8217;s accompanying book, Elegance in an Age of Crisis , from Yale University Press, Patrica Mears discusses the trend for reflective materials, even for hair, quoting the historian Anne Hollander. #8220;White gold and of ophelia essay platinum came into vogue for can i a dissertation in 4 days jewelry and for hair, draped lame and sequined satin offered rivulets of light to the eye as they flowed and slithered over the shifting flanks and thighs of Garbo, Dietrich, Harlow, and Lombard.” 4. Hamlet's Treatment Of Ophelia. Given the appeal of hi-gloss and shine, it#8217;s not surprising then to on marketing strategy see Antoine#8217;s lacquered treatment of hair and wigs. Until next time, join us in conversation on Twitter with #1930sFashion. 1. Mary Louise Roberts, #8220;Samson and Delilah Revisited: The Politics of of ophelia essay Women#8217;s Fashion in 1920s France,#8221; The American Historical Review , Vol. 98, No.

3 (Jun., 1993): pp. 657-684. 3. Andrew Bolton and Harold Koda, Schiaparelli Prada: Impossible Conversations , The Metropolitan Museum of Art, 2012: page 50. 4. Catcher In The. Anne Hollander, Seeing Through Clothes , Berkeley, University of California Press, 1993: p. 343. Interview: Ariele Elia, Assistant Curator of Costume + Textiles. Treatment Of Ophelia Essay. By The Museum at FIT In Interview Tagged with Amelia EarhartAriele EliaAugustabernardElsa SchiaparelliG. Bruce BoyerJean PatouLili AlvarezPatricia MearspintucksSuzanne Lenglenswimsuit On 18 Apr | '2014. Ariele Elia, MFIT Assistant Curator of is a cause of weight loss persuasive essay Costume + Textiles | Photo by Eileen Costa.

MFIT. This week we are excited to bring you an interview with Ariele Elia, Assistant Curator of Costume + Textiles at MFIT. You can read her essay, #8220;The Wardrobe of the Modern Athlete: Activewear in the 1930s,#8221; in the exhibition#8217;s accompanying book, Elegance in hamlet's of ophelia essay an Age of Crisis , from Yale University Press. Paper Strategy. Ariele also co-curated the current MFIT exhibition Trend-ology with MFIT Assistant Curator of Costume Emma McClendon. Hamlet's Essay. The show is on view now until April 30, 2014 in the Fashion and Textile History Gallery. What was the most surprising thing you found in researching activewear from the essay in efficiency 1930s? AE : I was surprised to see what an active role women played in of ophelia sports during the 1930s. Athletes such as Lili Alvarez shocked the crowds when she debuted her trouser skirt designed by is a cause persuasive essay, Schiaparelli at Wimbledon in 1931, and Amelia Earhart became the first female to fly across the Atlantic in 1932. Lili Alvarez, at the 1931 French Championships, in the trouser skirt designed by Elsa Schiaparelli | PD-US. In your essay in Elegance in an Age of Crisis , you detail Jean Patou’s many contributions to fashionable resort wear and activewear in the 1930s.

Why do you think the idea of the active woman resonated with him as a designer? AE : Jean Patou was an athlete himself. He was inspired by women who played sports and wanted to create ensembles that gave them freedom of movement and would enhance their performance. He observed women playing sports to get a better idea of how their bodies moved. His brother-in-law Raymond Barbas was a French national tennis player and introduced him to Suzanne Lenglen. Hamlet's Essay. Patou design her famous 1921 ensemble for Wimbledon, which allowed her to leap toward the ball and swing her racket with a full range of motion. Are there any behind-the-scenes moments from assisting on the exhibition that stand out in your mind?

AE : I was amazed by the level of connoisseurship Patricia [Mears, Deputy Director MFIT] and can i a dissertation in 4 Bruce [Boyer] brought to the exhibition. It was inspiring to sit and listen to them describe the details of essay a garment. Is A Cause Of Weight Loss Essay. There is so much information that can be extracted by closely examining the hamlet's of ophelia construction. Patricia discovered an important aspect of how Augustabernard designed. While studying a dress she observed that there were 18 pintucks sewn diagonally (with irregular intervals that varied in length and depth) on the front while there were 13 pintucks across the can i write a dissertation in 4 days back; this lead her to believe this dress was shaped directly on the wearer’s body. Treatment. Do you have a favorite ensemble from the exhibition? AE : One of my favorite ensembles is the man’s swimsuit. Defining Essay. It has a zipper at hamlet's treatment essay the waist that allows the in efficiency wearer to unzip the tank portion of the of ophelia suit and expose his chest. Depending on the where this man was vacationing he could adapt to his surroundings. Essay. For example people in Deauville, France were more risky and showed more skin, whereas people in New York were more conservative and covered up. Hamlet's. Jantzen man’s blue wool knit “crab back” swimsuit with detachable zipper, 1932, Portland, Oregon, museum purchase | Photo by writing, Eileen Costa.

MFIT. Installation, Elegance in hamlet's treatment essay an Age of Crisis: Fashions of the paper on marketing 1930s, 2014 | Photo by treatment essay, Eileen Costa. Writing. MFIT. And finally, please give us 3 words which describe this exhibition for you: Today is the last day to see the exhibition in our Special Exhibitions Gallery! Come see us and tweet with #1930sFashion. Interview: Patricia Mears, MFIT deputy director + co-curator. By The Museum at FIT In Interview Tagged with AugustabernardGinger RogersMadeleine VionnetMadge GarlandPatricia Mears On 14 Apr | '2014.

Patricia Mears | photo by William Palmer. This week we are thrilled to bring you an interview with Patricia Mears, MFIT deputy director and co-curator of treatment essay Elegance in an Age of Crisis . For more from Patricia, see this list of past publications, and catcher rye essay check out hamlet's treatment this fantastic interview with her on Lively Mag . Catcher In The Rye Essay. You can also read Patricia#8217;s recent chronicling of her travels to Japan while bringing a version of hamlet's treatment of ophelia MFIT#8217;s Ivy Style exhibition to Tokyo. Installation, Elegance in an Age of Crisis: Fashions of the can i a dissertation in 4 days 1930s, 2014. | Photo by Eileen Costa. © MFIT. What inspired you to organize this exhibition? As a curator + museum deputy director, was there anything specific which drew you to the 1930s? PM : I have always loved fashions from the interwar period of the twentieth century.

One reason for that is that the era was defined by hamlet's treatment of ophelia, modern dressing—born of progressive innovation and traditional craftsmanship—and it occurred in in efficiency the realms of both women’s high fashion and men’s bespoke tailoring, as well as their respective accessories. While this might seem to treatment of ophelia be obvious—a basic fact probably known to all fashion historians—amazingly, it is paper on marketing strategy, not. As a specialist in women’s fashion, I was woefully unaware of the brilliant changes that had concurrently occurred in menswear. It was Bruce Boyer’s essay on the 1930s American menswear magazine, Apparel Arts (launched in 1931), that illuminated for me the hamlet's treatment of ophelia essay fact that technical and precise essay writing aesthetic changes were happening in menswear, separate from of ophelia essay, but parallel to defining essay what was going on in women’s high fashion. I stumbled across Bruce’s essay about Apparel Arts , the inspiration for a joint project emerged, and voila, an hamlet's treatment essay, exhibition was born. In The Echat. It was kismet! What does elegance mean to hamlet's treatment you? PM : Elegance in fashion and style is the desire to in the rye essay echat present oneself with both dignity and hamlet's ease. In The. I begin my essay in hamlet's treatment of ophelia essay the accompanying book with a quote from essay in efficiency, Madge Garland, one of the great fashion editors of the 1930s. She stated: “We admire a faultlessly dressed woman without realizing that this deceptive simplicity hides a world of calculation.” I also agree with Carmel Snow’s description: “ Elegance is good taste plus a dash of daring.” Ivory silk marquisette wedding gown, maker unknown, 1937, Paris, gift of Clifford Michel | Photo by Eileen Costa. © MFIT. A significant theme of the show is the fabulous craftsmanship that went into both the hamlet's of ophelia couture and ready-to-wear creations of the 1930s.

How were couture and ready-to-wear differentiated in the 1930s in terms of craftsmanship? PM : Couture, because of the incredibly high level of skill available in Paris, had limitless possibilities. If one examines the precise hand workmanship of certain Vionnet gowns, for treatment essay example, it boggles the precise essay mind. Hundreds of hours could go into crafting a single garment. However, ready-made clothing also was often quite well executed. Claire McCardell, who designed almost exclusively in the realm of treatment of ophelia ready-to-wear, was as brilliant as anyone working in Paris.

Americans had the best of both worlds, because at that time, ready-to-wear was viable only in the United States. Madeleine Vionnet ivory silk organza gown with black lace insets, 1937, Paris, lent by Beverley Birks | Photo by Eileen Costa. © MFIT. Anorexia Cause Of Weight Loss Essay. Detail, Claire McCardell rayon evening dress, circa 1939, New York, gift of Denise Otis | Photo by Eileen Costa. © MFIT. Claire McCardell rayon evening dress, circa 1939, New York, gift of treatment Denise Otis | Photo by Eileen Costa. © MFIT. Can I Write In 4. Was there anything you learned in the process of research and planning the exhibition that really surprised you? PM : I knew the clothes from the 1930s would appeal to many people. How could they not? But I assumed that most of our audience would be older: perhaps, for hamlet's example, people who had a closer connection to the great films of the era.

But many young people have come to see the anorexia is a cause of weight exhibition, and quite a number of them are knowledgeable about the treatment of ophelia essay decade. It has been invigorating and write a dissertation gratifying to see students, as well as people in their 20s and 30s, coming to the show, marveling over of ophelia essay, the objects, and appreciating the garments in context. American clothing is radically different today than in the 1930s. Moments. For anyone who wishes to get closer to the craft of dressmaking and tailoring, what do you suggest? PM : Whether you embrace craftsmanship as a creator or as a client, you need to work at it. Hamlet's Of Ophelia. It should surprise no one when I say that to paper on marketing become a great dressmaker and/or tailor requires a lot of hamlet's treatment time and effort.

But it also takes years to train your eye and hone your tastes. Should someone choose to embrace custom-clothing, let alone become a master clothes maker, I would advise such a person to echat remember that one must have passion in order to pursue any artistic endeavor. Passion makes the effort worthwhile. Is there anything you’d like to share that didn’t make it into the exhibition? PM : We very much wanted to treatment of ophelia include two dresses worn by Ginger Rogers in catcher in the rye essay two of treatment essay her films with Fred Astaire.

They were designed by the American couturier and costumier, Bernard Newman. The Smithsonian has both the “Piccolino” dress from Top Hat (1935) and cause of weight persuasive the so-called “deadly” beaded dress from Follow the Fleet (1936), worn in hamlet's treatment essay the “Let’s Face the Music and Dance” number. The latter, a heavily beaded gown with wide sleeves and a face-framing collar of fur, was adored by audiences. But Astaire detested the garment. He noted in his 1959 biography: “Ginger came up with a beaded gown that was surely designed for anything but dancing . . . had heavy beaded sleeves that hung down from the wrists . Anorexia Is A Of Weight Loss Persuasive. . . When Ginger did a quick turn, the sleeves, which must have weighed a few pounds each, would fly—necessitating a quick dodge by me.” Astaire’s dodges were successful in of ophelia rehearsal, but during the film’s first take, one heavy sleeve did in fact hit Astaire “smack on the jaw.” The dance number was shot several more times but the first version with the “smack” is the one seen in the movie. I was saddened to learn that, due to the fragile state of the garments, they were not available for loan.

Ginger Rogers, still image from Follow the Fleet , 1936 | via Pretty Clever Films. Ginger Rogers in the #8220;Piccolino#8221; dress, with Fred Astaire in Top Hat , 1935 | via Old Hollywood Tumblr. Do you have a favorite ensemble from the exhibition? PM : This is the hardest question to answer because the Vionnet dresses, all of them, are phenomenal. Having said that, I do have one favorite—the ivory tulle gown by Augustabernard. Research Paper On Marketing. Not only essay, is the dress that couturier’s magnum opus, it tells an underlying story about forgotten craftspeople, it speaks to the international nature of fashion, and its inclusion in the exhibition reveals something of my reliance on the great staff at MFIT, the precise people who make these exhibitions possible. This gown by Augustabernard was one of the last dresses she designed. It dates to the fall of 1934, and by the end of that year, she would close her house. On a positive note, two of of ophelia her top technical people would then be hired by cause of weight persuasive, Elsa Schiaparelli. I theorize that the new style of draping in-the-round chez Schiaparelli (as seen in the printed black crepe dress) and treatment of ophelia dating to catcher echat the following season, spring 1935, was likely influenced by hamlet's of ophelia, Augustabernard.

It is essay in efficiency, thanks to Ariele Elia, one of MFIT’s junior curators and my right-hand on this project, that this exquisite dress is part of the hamlet's essay exhibition. I asked her to track down a version of the dress that I had seen in an auction catalogue more than a decade earlier, and to my astonishment, Ariele replied, “I think we have this dress in can i a dissertation in 4 days our collection.” So she showed me an unlabeled dress that she had noticed while studying the MFIT collection and, after examination, it became clear that yes, we did indeed already have the dress I was looking for. But it was unlabeled and, therefore, probably not a Parisian original. The MFIT version was likely a licensed, New York department store copy. This dress demonstrates the connection between the capital of hamlet's haute couture and its biggest market, America, and this relationship is one of the underlying stories that enriched the dynamic fashion scene during the 1930s. Augustabernard ivory tulle gown and character moments essay slip (licensed American copy), New York, 1934, gift of Mrs. Jessie L. Hills | Photo by Eileen Costa. © MFIT. And finally, please give us 3 words that describe this exhibition for you: If you haven#8217;t yet visited the museum to hamlet's see Elegance in an Age of precise Crisis , don#8217;t wait—the exhibition is on view until April 19! Tweet us your thoughts and impressions with #1930sFashion. Hamlet's Treatment. By The Museum at catcher echat FIT In Object post Tagged with geometricMadeleine Vionnetpintucks On 8 Apr | '2014.

This label, direct from our Special Exhibitions gallery, describes the incredible work of Madeleine Vionnet: Some of the most awe-inspiring garments of the interwar years were created in essay the hand-sewing ateliers of Madeleine Vionnet. Research On Marketing. Under the guidance of Georgette Petit, former premiere for Coco Chanel, the Vionnet workrooms pushed the limits of technical design. Two outstanding examples are dresses whose gossamer surfaces are ornamented with minute pin tucks. Vionnet and her staff had to precisely calculate the amount of fabric needed, as there was no seam allowance for alterations.

This complex blend of patternmaking and surface ornamentation has rarely been surpassed. Detail, Madeleine Vionnet ivory silk georgette evening dress with pintucks, 1930, Paris, museum purchase | Photo by Eileen Costa. MFIT. In the book accompanying our exhibition, Patricia Mears describes the meticulous, breathtaking handwork of the hamlet's essay ivory silk georgette Vionnet dress on view in Elegance in an Age of Crisis : Dating to research strategy the spring of 1930, the of ophelia ivory chiffon dress subtly illustrates Vionnet’s excellence at manipulating a garment’s ground fabric in order to create surface ornamentation. At first glance, it is precise essay writing, difficult to see that the roses on the bodice were created entirely of of ophelia tiny, hand-rendered pintucks . The bodice is character defining moments, made from hamlet's of ophelia, four pieces of fabric – its bottom half is one piece, cut on on marketing strategy, the straight grain and laid horizontally across the lower torso, while the top half is two panels, one front and one back, with an extra piece of hamlet's of ophelia essay material attached to essay extend the hamlet's treatment of ophelia self-scarf in back. (The scarf panel in front is cut from the front bodice.) The V-shaped neckline was created by slashing the ground fabric in front and back, while tiny gathers at the shoulders shape the top above the bust line. The overall width of the front panel is precisely calculated so that there is enough fabric allowance to make the roses.

The double circle skirt is made from four pieces of defining moments essay fabric cut on the straight grain, then sewn together on the sides with greater fullness in front than in back. This use of quadrants is a remarkable Vionnet innovation that came about only because the couturier draped all her own designs and worked out this precise form of hamlet's of ophelia essay construction. Madeleine Vionnet ivory silk georgette evening dress with pintucks, 1930, Paris, museum purchase | Photo by Eileen Costa. MFIT. Madeleine Vionnet black chiffon dress with pintucks, circa 1930, Paris, lent by Beverley Birks | Photo by Eileen Costa. MFIT. Mears goes on to describe the Vionnet dress pictured above: Like the ivory version, the black chiffon dress, circa 1930 is a mind-boggling example of how a garment’s ground fabric can be engineered to create ornamentation. However, unlike the lyrical rose pattern on the ivory dress, the echat minuscule pintucks of the black dress are lined up in long, parallel rows along the straight grain.

The fabric is draped on the bias so that the rows encase the torso in a diagonal swirl. The rows then turn at sharp angles across the grain. The resulting linear pattern is mitered, but quite unlike the bold and graphic look used by other designers, Vionnet’s mitering has the ephemeral quality of cobwebs. Hamlet's Of Ophelia. Betty Kirke, a costume historian who, from 1979-1991, served as senior conservator at the Museum at FIT and professor in strategy the FIT graduate fashion textile studies program, published an extraordinary study of hamlet's of ophelia Vionnet#8217;s work, including patterns constructed from detailed studies of actual dresses from the couturier#8217;s collections. In this article for Threads Magazine , Ms. Kirke recounts part of her journey to know Vionnet#8217;s designs on a fundamental level, a dedication that spans over twenty years. Kirke sought to catcher rye essay understand Vionnet from the very basis of her craft: innovative patternmaking and sewing techniques. Rather than seeing geometry as an escape into abstraction, Vionnet used geometric principles to enhance and elevate the human body. Of Ophelia Essay. Her geometric lines do not deny, or seek to dictate or curb, the curvilinear form of the human body; rather they coalesce in dresses which comfortably envelop the body in elegantly flowing tracery. As Kirke notes, Vionnet united principles of shape, fit, cut, design, and decoration into #8220;one cohesive unit.#8221; As [Vionnet] said, #8216;the body doesn#8217;t have seams.#8217; #8230; Vionnet thought more of concave and convex areas rather than sides and parts.

For example, she switched fronts with backs, inserted gussets for fit, and research paper strategy extended one part to the next at a common side. This gave her much freedom in draping. Treatment Essay. The result for essay the wearer of treatment essay a Vionnet dress was that the dress fit well, moved well, and possessed aesthetic elegance beyond its two-dimensional form. Detail, Madeleine Vionnet orange cotton cutwork dress, circa 1932, Paris, gift of Genia Graves | Photo by Eileen Costa. MFIT. In the precise essay writing exhibition#8217;s accompanying book, Patricia Mears details the magnificent crafting of this cutwork dress by Vionnet, on view now in our exhibition: The simplicity of treatment this dress’s square neckline, papillon sleeves, and full skirt belie its complexity. It seems likely that Vionnet would have cut the simple skirt – two half circles in which the bottoms of both halves have had extra material added for paper strategy length – from treatment of ophelia, a single piece of fabric had the a dissertation material been wide enough.

Vionnet’s co-designer, Chaumont did not always use extraordinarily wide widths of fabric because they were not readily available (although some silk crepes, such as Bianchini-Ferier#8217;s celebrated crepe romain , were available in widths of treatment essay one-point-four and two meters). Each tiny ovoid hole is overcast with minuscule, evenly calibrated stitches. Even though the dress is refreshingly modern, the scope of workmanship in this single garment is almost unthinkable today. While the lace-like fabric, rendered completely by hand, makes this garment a tour de force , its construction has a breezy restraint similar to paper on marketing strategy that of the gowns by Chanel and Mainbocher. Madeleine Vionnet orange cotton cutwork dress, circa 1932, Paris, gift of Genia Graves | Photo by Eileen Costa. MFIT. And with that, we#8217;ll conclude with words from the beloved virtuoso herself:

#8220;The couturier should be a geometrician, for the human body makes. geometrical figures to treatment of ophelia which the materials should correspond.#8221; #8220;If a woman smiles, her dress must also smile.#8221; For more Vionnet at MFIT, visit our online collections. Precise Essay. Until next time, tweet about the exhibition with #1930sFashion. Interview: G. Bruce Boyer, co-curator, author + editor. By The Museum at FIT In Interview Tagged with G. Bruce Boyertailoringvideo On 3 Apr | '2014. G. Treatment Of Ophelia Essay. Bruce Boyer.

Co-curator, writer, and editor. This week we#8217;re delighted to bring you an interview with the co-curator of cause loss Elegance in an Age of hamlet's essay Crisis , G. Bruce Boyer. Bruce has been a writer and precise essay writing editor for over 30 years. He began his writing career in 1971, when he submitted a story on the Duke of Windsor to hamlet's essay Town Country , soon after becoming the magazine#8217;s men#8217;s fashion editor for 15 years. Research Paper. Bruce has published several books on menswear, including Elegance: A Guide to Quality in Menswear (Norton, 1985), Eminently Suitable , (Nortion, 1990), Fred Astaire Style (Assouline, 2006), and Gary Cooper: Enduring Style (Powerhouse Books, 2011). Feature articles by Bruce have appeared in several national and international magazines: Esquire , Harper’s Bazaar , Forbes , The New York Times , The New Yorker , Departures , and many more. For more Bruce, take a look at these fabulous interviews with him on Ivy Style and Keikari. Your essay on men#8217;s tailoring in the book [ Elegance in hamlet's an Age of Crisis ] talks about concurrent movements in London and Naples. Was there a cultural #8220;need#8221; for these two movements or were they isolated in their concerns? BB: The years after 1914 produced a perhaps unparalleled shift in people#8217;s lives. Over ten million were killed in what was called The Great War, another estimated fifty million died in essay writing the so-called Spanish Influenza pandemic following the war; and treatment of ophelia essay then of course came The Great Depression starting in 1929.

It#8217;s no wonder that incredible change and experimentation were in the very marrow of the research on marketing strategy 1930s zeitgeist. There were new concerns in hygiene and aesthetics, travel and sport, family life, work, and education. Virtually no aspect of life was left unaltered. We look to the men#8217;s clothing experiments in London and Naples because they were the ones that bore the hamlet's of ophelia essay most fruit and are still with us today. The drape style of English tailoring and the deconstructed style of the research paper Neapolitan school have, over the ensuing years, been the most successful. At the moment it#8217;s the Neapolitan style which seems to hold the of ophelia essay lion#8217;s share of fashion in menswear, but there are many aficionados of the London drape cut as well. Between them, they make up the majority of the tailored clothing seen on the street today. Savile Row Tailoring at Henry Poole and Co., London, England, UK, 1944 | CC Wiki / © IWM Non-Commercial. #8220;A view of the can i write a dissertation workroom at Henry Poole and Co., showing tailors at work on treatment, various types of jacket, including a naval officer#8217;s jacket, second from anorexia is a cause of weight essay, right on the rear row. The men are all sitting on the workbenches, some cross-legged, the garments resting in their laps as they work.#8221; IWM via CC Wiki. What advice do you have for anyone who wants to learn more about men#8217;s tailoring? BB: There are today a number of well-written books available on the history and direction of men#8217;s clothing.

Books by hamlet's treatment of ophelia essay, Alan Flusser, Michael Anton, Farid Chenoune, Bernhard Roetzel, and—modesty no virtue—me, among them. Essay In Efficiency. Can you tell us a bit more about the music featured in the videos? BB: The musical score accompanying the exhibition is comprised mainly of hit songs from the American songbook, songs that were considered beautiful at the time and that have stood the test of of ophelia essay time. Character Defining Moments Essay. There is an emphasis on American jazz and treatment jazz musicians simply because it was the popular music of the day: the most lively, innovative, and rye essay echat influential. I continue to treatment of ophelia believe that jazz is one of America#8217;s greatest gifts to the world. Do you have a favorite ensemble from the exhibition? BB: I have two favorite ensembles from the exhibit. One would be the tweed plus-four suit made by Peter Sheppard for himself. The other would be the cream silk double-breasted dinner jacket from the atelier of Rubinacci. Both, to my mind, have a timeless elegance, and I would wear them both today.

Anderson Sheppard wool tweed three-piece sport suit, 1935, London, lent by Steven Hitchcock. Research. Photo by Eileen Costa. MFIT. London House tussah silk classic Neapolitan jacket, 1930s, Naples, lent by the Rubinacci Museum. Photo by Eileen Costa. MFIT. Hamlet's Essay. And finally, please give us 3 words which describe this exhibition for you. Stay tuned for more behind-the-scenes interviews, and be sure to tweet us with #1930sFashion. By The Museum at FIT In Object post Tagged with Aimee de HereenAna de PomboAugustabernardBalenciagaKnizePaquinPatricia Mears On 30 Mar | '2014.

A woman can be overdressed, never over-elegant . Women dominated the modern Parisian couture industry from World War I to the onset of World War IIa phenomenon not seen before, or since. One such example is Ana de Pombo, who was hired in 1937 as the chief designer at Paquin, the venerated maison de couture that flourished during the Belle Epoque. A native of Spain, de Pombo studied the piano and danced flamenco before becoming a clothing designer. Her theatrical style is in the echat, reflected in this richly embroidered linen gown with corselet and bolero. Of Ophelia. Ana de Pombo for Paquin, ivory linen evening dress and bolero, 1939, Paris.

MFIT, Gift of Mr. Precise Writing. Rodman A. Heeren. Of note is that this ensemble was made for one of the era’s best dressed women of style, Aimee de Heeren (1903-2006). Brazilian-born Mrs. De Heeren was among an elite group of Latin American women who inspired fashion trends around the world. Treatment. Patricia Mears discusses in her essay The Arc of research paper on marketing Modernity: Part Two (from the exhibition#8217;s accompanying publication) that Latin America was one of a number of important fashion localities that existed outside of Paris.

Others included London, New York, Hollywood, and Shanghai. Aimee de Sa Sottomaior wears Christian Dior for Piguet, spring 1939, at the Circus Ball reception for Lady Mendl (Elsie de Wolfe) at of ophelia Villa Trianon. The Brazilian Aimee de Heeren moved to New York in the late 1930s and quickly became a fixture in the city’s high-society circles. Patricia Mears elaborates: Noted for her charm and is a cause loss persuasive beauty, she married Rodman Arturo de Heeren, an heir to the Wanamaker department store fortune, in 1941, the same year she was named on the International Best Dressed List. Even before attaining such recognition, Aimee de Heeren had been a leading couture client – of Vionnet, Alix, and Augustabernard. Hamlet's Treatment Of Ophelia Essay. Elegance in an Age of Crisis features a number of precise garments owned by De Heeren. Augustabernard, black crepe and lame V-back gown, 1933, France, The Museum at FIT, 70.57.65, gift of Mr. Rodman A. Heeren. Balenciaga, full-length dress, ivory and treatment black pinstriped cotton dress, 1938, France, The Museum at FIT, 72.112.144, gift of Mr. Research Paper On Marketing. Rodman A. Heeren.

Monsieur Dobias for Knize, red and hamlet's treatment cream wool checked tweed jacket and culottes, 1936, France, The Museum at FIT, 68.151.5, gift of Mr. Rodman A. Heeren. Mrs. de Heeren also patronized the noted Viennese tailoring house of Knize, which had a branch in Paris. Her Knize suit (above), made of tweed, is not only a rare example from this noted firm, it is also an extremely fine example of sports clothing (the culottes are made for hiking) that, with its scalloped collar and pockets, is also feminine and charming. Until next time, join us in conversation on Twitter with #1930sFashion. Catcher In The Rye Essay Echat. The original sketch of hamlet's treatment essay this evening dress, designed by Ana de Pombo for in efficiency the house of Paquin, is in the collection of the hamlet's treatment essay Victoria Albert Museum. Thank you to Daniel Milford-Cottam for sharing the sketch with us! Left: Ana de Pombo for Paquin, ivory linen evening dress and bolero, 1939, Paris. MFIT, Gift of Mr.

Rodman A. Heeren, 70.57.50A-B. Right: Madeleine Vionnet orange cotton cutwork dress, circa 1932, Paris, 69.159.2, gift of Genia Graves, 69.159.2. On Marketing. Interview: Kimberly Ackert, exhibition designer + architect. Of Ophelia Essay. By The Museum at FIT In Interview Tagged with Augustabernarddreamyexhibition designinstallationinterviewKimberly Ackertsophisticatedtimeless On 24 Mar | '2014. Installation, Elegance in an Age of Crisis: Fashions of the 1930s. Exhibition design, Kimberly Ackert, 2014. Photo by Eileen Costa.

MFIT. Essay. This week we had the pleasure of essay interviewing architect Kimberly Ackert, the exhibition designer for Elegance in an Age of Crisis: Fashions of the 1930s . Kimberly Ackert was born and raised in Southern California and has a Professional Degree in Architecture from California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo. On Marketing. She has worked in France, Switzerland and essay Australia and won the Mercedes T. Bass Rome Prize for Architecture. Her work has been internationally published and is known for its sensitivity to natural environments and use of catcher in the echat naturally lit spaces. She has taught Architecture at Harvard, Cornell and of ophelia essay Yale and is currently on faculty in both the research paper strategy Graduate School of of ophelia essay Architecture and the Lighting Program at Parsons, the New School University. She lives in New York and catcher echat heads her own design firm Ackert Architecture.

KA: I had done several installation pieces over the years but never connected to fashion. I was working on hamlet's essay, an off-campus interiors project with Patricia Mears, the Deputy Director of the Museum, who invited me to see her previous show Ivy [Style] , which I liked very much. After that, I was invited to essay in efficiency submit a proposal for the 1930s show. Can you speak a bit about how you conceptualized the space and how you chose to reflect the hamlet's treatment essay themes of the show—innovation, modernity, classicism, austerity, and elegance—through design? KA: The concept for the show was directly inspired by the clothing and the desire to create a tasteful but contemporary environment to character defining moments essay reinforce the timeless quality of the styles. When I first began working with FIT, I saw a few of the key pieces selected for the exhibition and was particularly impressed by the evening gowns and their simplicity of line, impeccable craftsmanship, and use of flowing translucent and rich fabrics. I especially admired how the backs of the ensembles were equally if not more moving than the fronts. Keeping this in hamlet's treatment of ophelia mind, I worked to create a show where the pieces could be viewed from a variety of locations and paper on marketing angles across the gallery to expose different profiles. I also thought to exaggerate the long line of the gowns by treatment of ophelia, reflecting them into a shiny water like surface. Research Paper On Marketing. This resulted in a composition of floating, glossy and of ophelia essay rectangularly shaped platforms divided by floor to ceiling translucent veils or curtains. The combination of reflective and translucent elements enables long sight lines and close ups of in efficiency both the backs and fronts of almost every ensemble in the show.

As the scheme developed further, the space began to feel like a secret garden party on a summer evening. An initial concept sketch. © Kimberly Ackert. Treatment Of Ophelia Essay. Collage investigation, © Kimberly Ackert. There is one word at the forefront of this exhibition—it#8217;s something you sense immediately in the gallery—elegance. What does elegance mean to you? KA: Elegance is a quality and a specific kind of essay energy that operates on us when basic design elements work powerfully with each other.

Upon entering the space, I hoped people would feel that kind of mysterious energy and perhaps for a few minutes, be transformed by a calm, serene and of ophelia refined environment. Installation, Elegance in an Age of Crisis: Fashions of the 1930s. Exhibition design, Kimberly Ackert, 2014. Photo by Eileen Costa. MFIT. Are there any connections to 1930s architecture that you employed in anorexia is a of weight loss persuasive the exhibition design? KA: One of my favorite buildings of all time is the forward thinking Barcelona pavilion built in 1929 by the German Architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe. In this project one finds a similar use of free flowing open spaces, reflecting pools of water, and translucent partitions.

The Barcelona pavilion, Mies van der Rohe, 1929. Do you have a favorite ensemble from the exhibition? KA: Yes in fact two — Augustabernard#8217;s double helix dress for its amazing geometry and the sleek Nirvana flight suit. Augustabernard ivory tulle gown and slip (licensed American copy), New York, 1934, gift of Mrs. Jessie L. Hamlet's Treatment Of Ophelia. Hills.

Photo by Eileen Costa. Precise. MFIT. Ivory rayon shantung aviatrix suit and hood, maker unknown, c. 1939, possibly New York. Photo by Eileen Costa. MFIT. Treatment. And finally, please give us 3 words which describe this exhibition for essay you.

Photo courtesy of Linda Pollack. Stay tuned for more behind-the-scenes interviews, and be sure to tweet us with #1930sFashion. By The Museum at FIT In Object post Tagged with activewearfemme moderneJean PatouSuzanne Lenglentennis On 21 Mar | '2014. Jean Patou brown cotton tulle evening gown, circa 1932, Paris, lent by Beverley Birks. Photo by Eileen Costa. MFIT. Straight from our Special Exhibitions gallery, here is the object label text displayed next to this stunning Jean Patou evening dress: Jean Patou was one of the great innovators of the interwar years.

He is credited with leading the seismic shift from the short and boxy 1920s chemise to the long and treatment languorous gowns of the 1930s. Like his rivals, Chanel and Lucien Lelong, Patou was a master stylist who successfully pioneered sportif clothing for essay in efficiency women. Although Chanel is often viewed as fashion’s great modernist, Patou may have been better as both a designer and an innovator. Jean Patou is not as well-known today as many of his contemporaries, such as Chanel. In the book Elegance in an Age of Crisis Patricia Mears, MFIT Deputy Director and co-curator of the exhibition, writes: [Patou] was among the great talents of the inter-war years, but he is not well remembered today.

An obsessively private man, Patou was a notorious womanizer and gambler who had the misfortune to die in 1936 at hamlet's treatment of ophelia a relatively early age. He likely suffered from devastating psychological issues that arose after his military service during World War I#8230;Despite his personal challenges, he also designed evening wear that synthesized the elegance of the era. #8230;Meredith Etherington-Smith stated succinctly that Patou was likely the more innovative creator when compared to Chanel as #8220;every time a striped V-necked sweater is pulled down over a pleated skirt, every time real sports clothes are used as an inspiration for fashion design, Patou survives. It is no bad legacy.#8221; Detail, Jean Patou brown cotton tulle evening gown, circa 1932, Paris, lent by Beverley Birks. Photo by Eileen Costa. MFIT. In Efficiency. Patou also created a line of activewear, discussed in MFIT Assistant Curator Ariele Elia#8217;s essay in treatment of ophelia the book: Inspired by the active woman, the French couturier Jean Patou was compelled to. create collections for this emerging new lifestyle. He debuted his first sport collection. in essay the summer of 1922.

Meredith Etherington-Smith said that Patou’s clients. Hamlet's Of Ophelia Essay. were “always adventurous with notations of being sporty or at least looked like they. played tennis or golf, even if they didn’t.” Patou, an athlete himself, understood the. needs of an activewear garment. He carefully studied sports and built construction. Can I A Dissertation. details into his garments designed to aid the athlete in hamlet's of ophelia essay her performance. Patou designed a strikingly new athletic ensemble for French tennis star Suzanne Lenglen, known as #8220;La Divine#8221; in the French press. Ariele Elia: In 1921, [Lenglen] shocked the Wimbledon crowds when she debuted her custom ensemble by Patou, complete with a white, pleated, knee-length skirt, a white, sleeveless cardigan, and write a dissertation a vibrant orange headband. The length of the skirt alone was considered socially unacceptable; it was not until 1924 that skirts in general rose to the knee.

In addition, replacing a hat with a headband (to have a better line of vision) and exposing her arms were both seen as quite radical. Suzanne Lenglen in hamlet's treatment essay a Patou tennis ensemble, circa 1920 | PD-US. Suzanne Lenglen was an essay, entirely different kind of tennis player. One of the first players to openly show personality and passion on hamlet's of ophelia, the court, her presence was charismatic and ran counter to prior #8220;feminine#8221; values of restraint and propriety. As notes: #8220;She#8217;d sip brandy between sets, break down in tears during a bad game and take to her bed with various illnesses in the off season. But before her death from in 4, pernicious anemia at 39, Lenglen not only changed the game for every woman who followed her; she won Wimbledon and the French Open six times each—records that remained untouched for hamlet's treatment of ophelia essay almost fifty years.#8221; Lenglen fully embodied the idea of the character defining moments essay liberated, active woman, and her fashion choices were a visible extension of her spirit and hamlet's of ophelia tenacity, on and off the court.

And who better to design for her than Jean Patou? The designer was particularly attuned to the idea of the femme moderne and committed himself to anorexia cause of weight persuasive crafting clothes which were not only elegant but true to this newly realized athleticism and sport. Treatment Essay. In striking accord with our last post on 1930s athletic and Olympic style, here is a photo of Suzanne Lenglen and Sonja Henie, gold medalist in singles#8217; figure skating at Lake Placid Winter Olympics III, together in on marketing Paris, 1932. French tennis player Suzanne Lenglen with Norwegian figure skater and film star Sonja Henie in Paris in 1932. Bibliotheque nationale de France, PD / PD-US. Hamlet's Of Ophelia. Until next time, join us in conversation on Twitter with #1930sFashion. Winter Olympics III: Activewear and paper Style. By The Museum at hamlet's essay FIT In Object post Tagged with activewearbobsledLake Placidolympicsskiingvideo On 10 Mar | '2014.

The streamlined silhouettes of the 1930s form much of the write a dissertation in 4 foundation of modern dressing as we view it today. Treatment Of Ophelia. Guided by resurgent classical ideals of proportion and the art moderne aesthetic, designers embraced harmony and grace, creating clothes that ran sinuously along the curves of the body. Precise Essay Writing. In addition to the long, lean lines created in the form of languorous couture evening gowns, activewear in the 1930s marked a new attitude toward sporting, movement, and the body. While the scale and scope of the Lake Placid Olympics in 1932 may seem quaint by today’s standards of hyper-performance gearwith teams actively emphasizing the treatment role their attire plays in competitionnew technology in the form of synthetic fibers such as Lastex® in 1931 invoked its own emphasis on research, movement and performance in 1930s sport. The Ski Togs ensemble from Saks Fifth Avenue, on of ophelia, view in Elegance in essay in efficiency an Age of Crisis , has ease of movement embedded in its design: vertical darts on of ophelia essay, the jacket and precise an elastic band at the waist promote both fit and comfort, principles which, in treatment of ophelia a marked break from the turn of the century, were no longer antithetical. The 1930s woman was fit and writing fashionable; she participated in sports such as swimming, skiing, tennis, and golf, often in international competition alongside men. As Assistant Curator of Costume Textiles Ariele Elia notes in her essay in the book accompanying our exhibition, the “Chamonix” style ski pant, a straight leg trouser with a stirrup, was so-named after the first Winter Olympics held in 1924 in hamlet's essay Chamonix, France. The purpose here was to invigorate and celebrate the moments essay active body, and nowhere is this purpose more evident than in Olympic competition. Woman’s ski ensemble, Ski Togs, Sak’s Fifth Avenue. circa 1935, New York, 96.69.38, gift of The Dorothea Stephens Wiman Collection.

Photo by Eileen Costa. MFIT. Lake Placid 1932, opening ceremony | © The gold medalist USA bobsled team | via Raleigh DeGeer Amyx Collection. The USA men’s bobsled team, pictured above, certainly look dapper in their woolen, double-breasted ski jackets, worn at the Lake Placid Winter Olympics in 1932. One of the 105 originals made is housed in the collection of Raleigh DeGeer Amyx. These jackets bear a striking resemblance to pea coats you might see on the street today, and in 2010 Ralph Lauren cited them as his inspiration for designing the hamlet's treatment of ophelia US team’s official opening ceremony uniforms at the 21st Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver.

Ironically, the essay writing much-discussed speed skating uniforms of 2014 have perhaps more in hamlet's common with the bodysuit donned by the charming, stilt-skated performer at the 1932 Lake Placid opening ceremony than they do the speed skaters of ’32. The sweaters worn by gold medalist skaters Sonja Henie (Norway) and Karl Schafer (Austria) embody a brisk combination of anorexia is a of weight loss persuasive essay sport and hamlet's treatment of ophelia essay design: ribbed knit and modernist Art Deco graphics. Sonja Henie (Norway) and Karl Schafer (Austria), gold medalists in ladies#8217; and men#8217;s singles figure skating at the 1932 Olympic Games | Bundesarchiv, Bild 102-13104 | CC-BY-SA. Gold medalist Sonja Henie on the podium at the Lake Placid 1932 Olympic Games | © Copyright Press Association Ltd. And back to can i a dissertation days our ski jacket—the practical, even stolid, navy blue of the ski ensemble belies a form of ebullience not visible when worn: a bold color print lining on the inside of the jacket. As a form of intimacy known only to the wearer, the lining is a fitting metaphor for the ethos of the 1930s: if the essay outer appearance served almost to efface, to in efficiency show quiet dignity in times of crisis, the hamlet's of ophelia lining exudes dynamism and panache—the combination of wit and character whimsy required to survive in the face of uncertain times. Interior of woman’s ski jacket, Ski Togs, Sak’s Fifth Avenue, circa 1935, New York, 96.69.38, gift of The Dorothea Stephens Wiman Collection. Photo by Eileen Costa.

MFIT. Until next time, tweet us with #1930sFashion with your thoughts and impressions on the exhibition. Of Ophelia. 2017 The Museum at FIT 1930s Fashion Blog.

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A bit overlooked, a little pushed around, I learned to roll with reality, negotiate a quick deal, and give the improbable a try. I don’t sweat the small stuff, and I definitely don’t expect perfect fairness. So what if our dining room table only essay in efficiency has six chairs for seven people? Someone learns the treatment of ophelia essay importance of punctuality every night. But more than punctuality and a special affinity for musical chairs, my family life has taught me to in efficiency, thrive in situations over which I have no power.

Growing up, I never controlled my older siblings, but I learned how to thwart their attempts to control me. I forged alliances, and realigned them as necessary. Sometimes, I was the poor, defenseless little brother; sometimes I was the omniscient elder. Different things to different people, as the situation demanded. I learned to treatment of ophelia, adapt. Back then, these techniques were merely reactions undertaken to ensure my survival. But one day this fall, Dr. Hicks, our Head of School, asked me a question that he hoped all seniors would reflect on throughout the moments year: “How can I participate in treatment essay a thing I do not govern, in research on marketing the company of people I did not choose?” The question caught me off guard, much like the treatment essay question posed to research paper strategy, me in Laredo. Then, I realized I knew the answer. Hamlet's! I knew why the essay in efficiency coat hanger had been handed to me.

Growing up as the middle child in my family, I was a vital participant in a thing I did not govern, in hamlet's of ophelia the company of anorexia cause loss, people I did not choose. It’s family. It’s society. Treatment Of Ophelia! And often, it’s chaos. Character Defining Moments Essay! You participate by letting go of the hamlet's essay small stuff, not expecting order and perfection, and facing the unexpected with confidence, optimism, and preparedness.

My family experience taught me to face a serendipitous world with confidence. It's very helpful to take writing apart in order to see just how it accomplishes its objectives. Stephen's essay is very effective. Let's find out why! An Opening Line That Draws You In.

I had never broken into a car before. In just eight words, we get: scene-setting (he is anorexia is a of weight standing next to hamlet's of ophelia essay, a car about to break in), the idea of crossing a boundary (he is maybe about to character defining essay, do an illegal thing for the first time), and a cliffhanger (we are thinking: is he going to get caught? Is he headed for treatment of ophelia essay, a life of crime? Is he about to be scared straight?). We were in Laredo, having just finished our first day at paper on marketing, a Habitat for Humanity work site. The Hotchkiss volunteers had already left, off to enjoy some Texas BBQ, leaving me behind with the college kids to hamlet's treatment of ophelia, clean up.

Not until we were stranded did we realize we were locked out of the van. Someone picked a coat hanger out of the dumpster, handed it to me, and research took a few steps back. “Can you do that thing with a coat hanger to treatment of ophelia essay, unlock it?” “Why me?” I thought. More out of amusement than optimism, I gave it a try. I slid the hanger into the window’s seal like I’d seen on crime shows, and spent a few minutes jiggling the apparatus around the inside of the frame. It’s the details that really make this small experience come alive. Notice how whenever he can, Stephen uses a more specific, descriptive word in research place of a more generic one. Hamlet's! The volunteers aren’t going to get food or dinner; they’re going for “Texas BBQ.” The coat hanger comes from “a dumpster.” Stephen doesn’t just move the coat hanger—he “jiggles” it. Details also help us visualize the emotions of the character defining moments essay people in the scene.

The person who hands Stephen the coat hanger isn’t just uncomfortable or nervous; he “takes a few steps back”—a description of treatment, movement that conveys feelings. In The Rye Essay! Finally, the detail of actual speech makes the scene pop. Instead of treatment essay, writing that the other guy asked him to unlock the catcher van, Stephen has the guy actually say his own words in a way that sounds like a teenager talking. Coat hangers: not just for crows' nests any more! (Gotz/Wikimedia) Turning a Specific Incident Into a Deeper Insight. Suddenly, two things simultaneously clicked. One was the treatment of ophelia essay lock on the door. (I actually succeeded in catcher in the rye essay echat springing it.) The other was the hamlet's essay realization that I’d been in this type of situation before. In fact, I’d been born into this type of anorexia, situation. Not only does Stephen make the locked car experience a meaningful illustration of how he has learned to be resourceful and ready for anything, but he also makes this turn from the specific to the broad through an elegant play on hamlet's treatment, the two meanings of the word “click.” Using Concrete Examples When Making Abstract Claims.

My upbringing has numbed me to unpredictability and chaos. Of Weight Loss! With a family of seven, my home was loud, messy, and spottily supervised. Treatment Essay! My siblings arguing, the dog barking, the phone ringing—all meant my house was functioning normally. “Unpredictability and chaos” are very abstract, not easily visualized concepts. Is A Cause Of Weight Loss Persuasive! Not only that, but they could mean any number of things—violence, abandonment, poverty, mental instability. By instantly following up with highly finite and unambiguous illustrations like “family of seven” and “siblings arguing, the of ophelia dog barking, the phone ringing,” Stephen grounds the abstraction in is a loss essay something that is hamlet's treatment of ophelia easy to picture: a large, noisy family.

Using Small Bits of Humor and Casual Word Choice. My Dad, a retired Navy pilot, was away half the time. When he was home, he had a parenting style something like a drill sergeant. At the defining moments age of nine, I learned how to clear burning oil from the surface of hamlet's, water. My Dad considered this a critical life skill—you know, in case my aircraft carrier should ever get torpedoed. Obviously, knowing how to clean burning oil is not high on the list of essay writing, things every 9-year-old needs to know. To emphasize this, Stephen uses sarcasm by bringing up a situation that is clearly over-the-top: “in case my aircraft carrier should ever get torpedoed.”

The humor also feels relaxed. Part of this is hamlet's treatment because he introduces it with the colloquial phrase “you know,” so it sounds like he is talking to us in person. This approach also diffuses the research paper strategy potential discomfort of the reader with his father’s strictness—since he is hamlet's treatment of ophelia essay making jokes about is a of weight loss essay, it, clearly he is OK. Hamlet's! Notice, though, that this doesn’t occur very much in the essay. This helps keep the tone meaningful and serious rather than flippant. Mr.

President? There's been an oil spill! Then I want our best elementary school students on it, STAT. An Ending That Stretches the Insight Into the Future. But one day this fall, Dr. Hicks, our Head of School, asked me a question that he hoped all seniors would reflect on throughout the year: “How can I participate in a thing I do not govern, in the company of people I did not choose?” The question caught me off guard, much like the question posed to me in Laredo. Then, I realized I knew the answer. I knew why the coat hanger had been handed to essay, me. Growing up as the hamlet's essay middle child in my family, I was a vital participant in is a persuasive essay a thing I did not govern, in the company of people I did not choose. It’s family.

It’s society. Of Ophelia! And often, it’s chaos. Is A Cause Persuasive Essay! You participate by letting go of the small stuff, not expecting order and hamlet's of ophelia perfection, and facing the unexpected with confidence, optimism, and preparedness. My family experience taught me to writing, face a serendipitous world with confidence. The ending of the hamlet's of ophelia essay essay reveals that Stephen’s life has been one long preparation for the future. He has emerged from chaos and his dad’s approach to essay in efficiency, parenting as a person who can thrive in treatment of ophelia a world that he can’t control. This connection of in efficiency, past experience to current maturity and self-knowledge is a key element in all successful personal essays. Colleges are very much looking for mature, self-aware applicants. These are the qualities of successful college students, who will be able to navigate the independence college classes require and the responsibility and treatment of ophelia quasi-adulthood of essay, college life. What Could This Essay Do Even Better?

Even the best essays aren't perfect, and even the world's greatest writers will tell you that writing is never finished—just due. So what would we tweak in this essay if we could? Replace some of the cliched language. Stephen uses handy phrases like twists and hamlet's essay turns and don’t sweat the paper on marketing strategy small stuff as a kind of hamlet's essay, shorthand for explaining his relationship to chaos and unpredictability. But using too many of these ready-made expressions runs the writing risk of clouding out your own voice and replacing it with something expected and boring.

Use another example from recent life. Stephen's first example (breaking into hamlet's essay the van in Laredo) is a great illustration of in the echat, being resourceful in an unexpected situation. But his essay also emphasizes that he learned to adapt by being different things to different people. It would be great to hamlet's treatment essay, see how this plays out outside his family, either in the situation in Laredo or another context. Example #2: By Bridget Collins, Tufts Class of '19 (Common App Essay, 608 words long)

I have always loved riding in cars. After a long day in first grade, I used to fall asleep to the engine purring in moments my mother's Honda Odyssey, even though it was only a 5-minute drive home. As I grew, and hamlet's treatment essay graduated into the shotgun seat, it became natural and enjoyable to can i a dissertation in 4, look out the window. Seeing my world passing by through that smudged glass, I would daydream what I could do with it. In elementary school, I already knew my career path: I was going to be Emperor of the World. While I sat in the car and treatment watched the miles pass by, I developed the plan for my empire. I reasoned that, for essay in efficiency, the world to run smoothly, it would have to look presentable. I would assign people, aptly named Fixer-Uppers, to fix everything that needed fixing. That old man down the street with chipping paint on his house would have a fresh coat in no time. The boy who accidentally tossed his Frisbee onto the roof of the hamlet's treatment of ophelia school would get it back. The big pothole on Elm Street that my mother managed to hit every single day on the way to school would be filled-in.

It made perfect sense! All the people that didn't have a job could be Fixer-Uppers. I was like a ten-year-old FDR. Seven years down the road, I still take a second glance at the sidewalk cracks and think of my Fixer-Uppers, but now I'm doing so from the driver's seat. As much as I would enjoy it, I now accept that I won't become Emperor of the World, and paper on marketing that the Fixer-Uppers will have to remain in hamlet's my car ride imaginings. Or do they?

I always pictured a Fixer-Upper as a smiling man in an orange T-Shirt. Maybe instead, a Fixer-Upper could be a tall girl with a deep love for anorexia is a cause of weight loss persuasive essay, Yankee Candles. Of Ophelia Essay! Maybe it could be me. Bridget the Fixer-Upper will be slightly different than the imaginary one who paints houses and fetches Frisbees. I was lucky enough to discover what I am passionate about when I was a freshman in high school. A self-admitted Phys. Ed. addict, I volunteered to help out with the Adapted PE class. On my first day, I learned that it was for developmentally-disabled students. To be honest, I was really nervous. Essay In Efficiency! I hadn't had too much interaction with special needs students before, and wasn't sure how to handle myself around them. Long story short, I got hooked.

Three years have passed helping out in APE and eventually becoming a teacher in the Applied Behavior Analysis summer program. I love working with the students and watching them progress. When senior year arrived, college meetings began, and my counselor asked me what I wanted to do for a career, I didn't say Emperor of the World. Hamlet's Treatment Of Ophelia Essay! Instead, I told him I wanted to become a board-certified behavior analyst. Moments Essay! A BCBA helps develop learning plans for students with autism and other disabilities. Basically, I would get to do what I love for the rest of treatment, my life. Strategy! He laughed and told me that it was a nice change that a seventeen-year-old knew so specifically what she wanted to do. I smiled, thanked him, and of ophelia left. But it occurred to me that, while my desired occupation was decided, my true goal in life was still to become a Fixer-Upper.

So, maybe I'll be like Sue Storm and her alter-ego, the Invisible Woman. I'll do one thing during the day, then spend my off-hours helping people where I can. Instead of flying like Sue, though, I'll opt for a nice performance automobile. My childhood self would appreciate that. Bridget takes a somewhat different approach than Stephen, but her essay is writing just as detailed and engaging. Let's go through some of the strengths of her essay. A Structure That’s Easy to Follow and Understand. The essay is arranged chronologically. Bridget starts each paragraph with a clear signpost of where we are in treatment of ophelia time: Paragraph 1: “after a long day in first grade” Paragraph 2: “in elementary school” Paragraph 3: “seven years down the road” Paragraph 4: “when I was a freshman in high school” Paragraph 5: “when senior year arrived” This keeps the write a dissertation in 4 days reader oriented without being distracting or gimmicky.

I would assign people, aptly named Fixer-Uppers, to fix everything that needed fixing. That old man down the street with chipping paint on his house would have a fresh coat in no time. The boy who accidentally tossed his Frisbee onto the roof of the school would get it back. Seven years down the road, I still take a second glance at the sidewalk cracks and treatment think of my Fixer-Uppers, but now I'm doing so from the driver's seat. As much as I would enjoy it, I now accept that I won't become Emperor of the World, and that the Fixer-Uppers will have to remain in paper my car ride imaginings.

Or do they? I always pictured a Fixer-Upper as a smiling man in an orange T-Shirt. Maybe instead, a Fixer-Upper could be a tall girl with a deep love for Yankee Candles. Maybe it could be me. I wanted to treatment of ophelia, become a board-certified behavior analyst. Write In 4! A BCBA helps develop learning plans for hamlet's essay, students with autism and other disabilities.

Basically, I would get to do what I love for the rest of writing, my life. …But it occurred to me that, while my desired occupation was decided, my true goal in life was still to become a Fixer-Upper. What makes this essay fun to read is hamlet's treatment of ophelia that Bridget takes a child’s idea of a world made better through quasi-magical helpers and research strategy turns it into hamlet's of ophelia a metaphor for in efficiency, the author’s future aspirations. It helps that the hamlet's treatment essay metaphor is paper a very clear one: people who work with students with disabilities are making the world better one abstract fix at a time, just like imaginary Fixer-Uppers would make the world better one concrete physical fix at a time. Every childhood Fixer-Upper ever. Hamlet's Treatment Of Ophelia Essay! Ask your parents to explain the back row to you. (JD Hancock/Flickr) This essay uses many techniques that make Bridget sound genuine and catcher rye essay echat make the hamlet's treatment reader feel like we already know her. Technique #1: humor. Notice Bridget's gentle and a dissertation in 4 days relaxed humor that lightly mocks her younger self’s grand ambitions (this is different from the more sarcastic kind of humor used by Stephen in the first essay—you could never mistake one writer for hamlet's treatment of ophelia essay, the other). In elementary school, I already knew my career path: I was going to be Emperor of the World.

I was like a ten-year-old FDR. Technique #2: invented terminology. Research Strategy! The second technique is the way Bridget coins her own terms, carrying them through the whole essay. It would be easy enough to simply describe the people she imagined in childhood as helpers or assistants, and to simply say that as a child she wanted to rule the world. Of Ophelia! Instead, she invents the capitalized (and thus official-sounding) titles “Fixer-Upper” and “Emperor of the World,” making these childish conceits at once charming and iconic. What's also key is that the write in 4 days titles feed into the central metaphor of the essay, which keeps them from of ophelia, sounding like strange quirks that don’t go anywhere. Technique #3: playing with syntax. The third technique is to use sentences of varying length, syntax, and structure.

Most of the essay's written in standard English and uses grammatically correct sentences. However, at key moments, Bridget emphasizes that the reader needs to sit up and pay attention by switching to short, colloquial, differently punctuated, and sometimes fragmented sentences. The big pothole on Elm Street that my mother managed to hit every single day on the way to school would be filled-in. It made perfect sense! All the in the people that didn't have a job could be Fixer-Uppers. When she is narrating her childhood thought process, the sudden short sentence “It made perfect sense!” (especially its exclamation point) is basically the essay version of drawing a light bulb turning on over someone’s head.

As much as I would enjoy it, I now accept that I won't become Emperor of the World, and that the Fixer-Uppers will have to remain in of ophelia essay my car ride imaginings. Or do they? Similarly, when the essay turns from her childhood imagination to character moments essay, her present-day aspirations, the turn is marked with “Or do they?”—a tiny and arresting half-sentence question. Maybe instead, a Fixer-Upper could be a tall girl with a deep love for Yankee Candles. Maybe it could be me. The first time when the comparison between magical fixer-upper’s and the future disability specialist is made is when Bridget turns her metaphor onto herself. The essay emphasizes the importance of the moment through repetition (two sentences structured similarly, both starting with the word “maybe”) and the use of a very short sentence: “Maybe it could be me.”

To be honest, I was really nervous. I hadn't had too much interaction with special needs students before, and wasn't sure how to handle myself around them. Long story short, I got hooked. The last key moment that gets the small-sentence treatment is the emotional crux of the essay. As we watch Bridget go from nervously trying to help disabled students to falling in love with this specialty field, she undercuts the potential sappiness of the moment by relying on changed-up sentence length and treatment of ophelia slang: “Long story short, I got hooked.” The best essays convey emotions just as clearly as this image. What Could This Essay Do Even Better? Bridget's essay is very strong, but there are still a few little things that could be improved. Explain the car connection better.

The essay begins and ends with Bridget's enjoying a car ride, but this doesn't seem to research paper strategy, be related either to the Fixer-Upper idea or to hamlet's treatment of ophelia, her passion for working with special-needs students. It would be great to either connect this into precise writing the essay more, or to take it out treatment, altogether and create more space for something else. Give more details about being a teacher in the Applied Behavior Analysis summer program. It makes perfect sense that Bridget doesn't want to put her students on display. Essay! It would take the focus off of her and possibly read as offensive or condescending. But, rather than saying long story short, maybe she could elaborate on her own feelings here a bit more. What is it about this kind of teaching that she loves? What is she hoping to bring to the lives of her future clients? 3 Essential Tips for Writing Your Own Essay.

How can you use this discussion to better your own college essay? Here are some suggestions for ways to hamlet's of ophelia, use this resource effectively. #1: Take Apart the is a cause of weight persuasive Other Essays in treatment of ophelia essay the Links. As you go through the essays we've compiled for you above, ask yourself the following questions: Can you explain to yourself (or someone else!) why the character defining moments opening sentence works well? Look for the essay's detailed personal anecdote. What senses is the author describing? Can you easily picture the scene in your mind's eye? Find the hamlet's of ophelia place where this anecdote bridges into a larger insight about the precise author. How does the essay connect the two?

How does the anecdote work as an example of the hamlet's essay author's characteristic, trait, or skill? Check out the essay's tone. If it's funny, can you find the places where the character defining moments humor comes from? If it's sad and moving, can you find the treatment of ophelia essay imagery and a dissertation description of of ophelia, feelings that make you moved? If it's serious, can you see how word choice adds to this tone?

When you figure out how all the cogs fit together, you'll be able to strategy, build your own . um . whatever this is. All of hamlet's of ophelia essay, these essays rely on paper, connecting with the treatment reader through a heartfelt, highly descriptive scene from the rye essay author's life. It can either be very dramatic (did you survive a plane crash?) or it can be completely mundane (did you finally beat your dad at of ophelia, Scrabble?). Either way, it should be personal and revealing about you, your personality, and the way you are now that you are entering the adult world. Let me level with you: the is a cause best writing isn't writing at all. It's rewriting. And in order to essay, have time to character moments essay, rewrite, you have to start way before the application deadline. My advice is to write your first draft at hamlet's, least two months before your applications are due. Let it sit for a few days untouched.

Then come back to it with fresh eyes and think critically about what you've written. What's extra? What's missing? What is in anorexia is a essay the wrong place? What doesn't make sense? Don't be afraid to take it apart and rearrange sections. Do this several times over, and essay your essay will be much better for it! Want to improve your SAT score by character, 160 points or your ACT score by 4 points? We've written a guide for hamlet's treatment essay, each test about the top 5 strategies you must be using to have a shot at improving your score. Download it for free now:

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