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Woodstock 69 essay

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apophenia blog essay Citation: boyd, danah. 2007. Viewing American class divisions through Facebook and MySpace . Apophenia Blog Essay. June 24 . (If you have comments, please add them to 69 essay, the related entry on my blog. Thank you.) (I have also written a response to the critiques of this essay. Help Writing? This should answer some of the woodstock, confusions introduced by this essay.) (Leveraging ethnographic data, I have documented these dynamics in more detail in my dissertation: Taken Out of Context: American Teen Sociality in Networked Publics. See Chapter Five.) (I take up the racist language that teens use to passe du verbe essayer, discuss MySpace and Facebook in White Flight in Networked Publics? How Race and Class Shaped American Teen Engagement with MySpace and Facebook.

To be published in Digital Race Anthology, edited by Peter Chow-White and Lisa Nakamura.) Over the last six months, I've noticed an increasing number of press articles about how high school teens are leaving MySpace for Facebook. That's only partially true. There is indeed a change taking place, but it's not a shift so much as a fragmentation. Until recently, American teenagers were flocking to MySpace. Woodstock 69 Essay? The picture is now being blurred. Some teens are flocking to MySpace. And some teens are flocking to Facebook. Who goes where gets kinda sticky. probably because it seems to primarily have to do with socio-economic class. I want to take a moment to make a meta point here. English Essay - Introduce Myself? I have been traipsing through the country talking to teens and I've been seeing this transition for woodstock the past 6-9 months but I'm having a hard time putting into words. Americans aren't so good at talking about class and I'm definitely feeling that discomfort.

It's sticky, it's uncomfortable, and to top it off, we don't have the war, language for marking class in a meaningful way. So this piece is intentionally descriptive, but in being so, it's also hugely problematic. I don't have the language to get at what I want to say, but I decided it needed to woodstock, be said anyhow. I wish I could just put numbers in front of it all and be done with it, but instead, I'm going to face the stickiness and enhance resume see if I can get my thoughts across. Hopefully it works.

For the academics reading this, I want to 69 essay, highlight that this is not an academic article. It is not trying to be. It is based on my observations in the field, but I'm not trying to situate or theorize what is going on. I've chosen terms meant to help a cv, convey impressions, but I know that they are not precise uses of woodstock 69 essay, these terms. A Cv? Hopefully, one day, I can get the words together to actually write an academic article about this topic, but I felt as though this is woodstock too important of an issue to sit on while I find the words.

So I wrote it knowing that it would piss many off. The academic side of me feels extremely guilty about of dissertation, this; the activist side of me finds it too critical to 69 essay, go unacknowledged. Enter the of dissertation, competition. When MySpace launched in 2003, it was primarily used by 20/30-somethings (just like Friendster before it). The bands began populating the woodstock 69 essay, site by early 2004 and enhance resume throughout 2004, the woodstock, average age slowly declined. It wasn't until late 2004 that teens really started appearing en masse on MySpace and enhance resume 2005 was the year that MySpace became the in woodstock 69 essay, thing for teens. Facebook launched in 2004 as a Harvard-only site. It slowly expanded to welcome people with .edu accounts from a variety of different universities. In mid-2005, Facebook opened its doors to high school students, but it wasn't that easy to get an account because you needed to be invited. Writing? As a result, those who were in woodstock, college tended to invite those high school students that they liked. Facebook was strongly framed as the cool thing that college students did.

So, if you want to help a cv, go to college (and particularly a top college), you wanted to get on Facebook badly. 69 Essay? Even before high school networks were possible, the moment seniors were accepted to a college, they started hounding the essay on the and indian war, college sysadmins for their .edu account. The message was clear: college was about Facebook. For all of 2005 and most of 2006, MySpace was the cool thing for high school teens and woodstock 69 essay Facebook was the cool thing for college students. This is short essay of democracy not to say that MySpace was solely high school or Facebook solely college, but there was a dominating age division that played out in the cultural sphere. When Facebook opened to everyone last September, it became relatively easy for any high school student to join (and then they simply had to get permission to join their high school network). This meant that many more high school teens did join, much to the chagrin and horror of college students who had already begun writing about their lack of interest in having HS students on their site. Still, even with the rise of high school students, Facebook was framed as being about college. This was what was in the press. This was what college students said. Facebook is what the college kids did.

Not surprisingly, college-bound high schoolers desperately wanted in. In addition to the college framing, the press coverage of MySpace as dangerous and sketchy alienated good kids. Facebook seemed to woodstock, provide an ideal alternative. Parents weren't nearly as terrified of passe compose du verbe, Facebook because it seemed safe thanks to 69 essay, the network-driven structure. Short Essay On Failure In Pakistan? (Of course, I've seen more half-naked, drink-carrying high school students on Facebook than on MySpace, but we won't go there.) As this past school year progressed, the division around usage became clearer. In trying to woodstock, look at short on failure in pakistan it, I realized that it was primarily about class. Woodstock 69 Essay? In sociology, Nalini Kotamraju has argued that constructing arguments around class is extremely difficult in the United States. Terms like working class and middle class and upper class get all muddled quickly. She argues that class divisions in the United States have more to do with lifestyle and social stratification than with income.

In other words, all of my anti-capitalist college friends who work in cafes and read Engels are not working class just because they make $14K a year and have no benefits. Writing? Class divisions in the United States have more to do with social networks (the real ones, not FB/MS), social capital, cultural capital, and attitudes than income. Not surprisingly, other demographics typically discussed in class terms are also a part of this lifestyle division. Social networks are strongly connected to woodstock, geography, race, and religion; these are also huge factors in lifestyle divisions and thus class. I'm not doing justice to her arguments but it makes sense. My friends who are making $14K in cafes are not of the same class as the immigrant janitor in Oakland just because the essay myself, share the same income bracket. Their lives are quite different. Unfortunately, with this framing, there aren't really good labels to demarcate the woodstock, class divisions that do exist. For this reason, I will attempt to delineate what we see on social network sites in stereotypical, descriptive terms meant to evoke an image. The goodie two shoes, jocks, athletes, or other good kids are now going to Facebook. These kids tend to enhance resume, come from families who emphasize education and going to college.

They are part of what we'd call hegemonic society. They are primarily white, but not exclusively. They are in honors classes, looking forward to the prom, and live in a world dictated by after school activities. MySpace is still home for Latino/Hispanic teens, immigrant teens, burnouts, alternative kids, art fags, punks, emos, goths, gangstas, queer kids, and other kids who didn't play into woodstock, the dominant high school popularity paradigm. These are kids whose parents didn't go to college, who are expected to get a job when they finish high school. These are the teens who plan to go into enhance resume, the military immediately after schools.

Teens who are really into music or in a band are also on MySpace. MySpace has most of the kids who are socially ostracized at school because they are geeks, freaks, or queers. In order to woodstock 69 essay, demarcate these two groups, let's call the first group of teens hegemonic teens and the second group subaltern teens. (Yes, I know that these words have academic and short essay of democracy political valence. I couldn't find a good set of terms so feel free to suggest alternate labels.) These terms are sloppy at best because the division isn't clear, but it should at least give us terms with which to talk about the woodstock, two groups. The division is cleanest in communities where the compose essayer, predator panic hit before MySpace became popular.

In much of the midwest, teens heard about 69 essay, Facebook and MySpace at the same time. They were told that MySpace was bad while Facebook was key for passe compose college students seeking to make friends at college. I go into schools where the school is split between the Facebook users and 69 essay the MySpace users. On the coasts and in essayer, big cities, things are more murky than elsewhere. MySpace became popular through the woodstock 69 essay, bands and fans dynamic before the predator panic kicked in. Its popularity on the coasts and in the cities predated Facebook's launch in high schools. Many hegemonic teens are still using MySpace because of their connections to essay, participants who joined in the early days, yet they too are switching and tend to maintain accounts on both. For the hegemonic teens in woodstock 69 essay, the midwest, there wasn't a MySpace to switch from so the switch is happening much faster. None of the teens are really switching from Facebook to writing, MySpace, although there are some hegemonic teens who choose to check out woodstock 69 essay MySpace to see what happens there even though their friends are mostly on Facebook. War? Most teens who exclusively use Facebook are familiar with and woodstock 69 essay have an opinion about MySpace. Essay Myself? These teens are very aware of MySpace and they often have a negative opinion about it.

They see it as gaudy, immature, and so middle school. They prefer the clean look of 69 essay, Facebook, noting that it is more mature and that MySpace is so lame. What hegemonic teens call gaudy can also be labeled as glitzy or bling or fly (or what my generation would call phat) by subaltern teens. Terms like bling come out of hip-hop culture where showy, sparkly, brash visual displays are acceptable and valued. The look and feel of MySpace resonates far better with subaltern communities than it does with the upwardly mobile hegemonic teens. This is even clear in the blogosphere where people talk about how gauche MySpace is while commending Facebook on essay - introduce myself, its aesthetics. I'm sure that a visual analyst would be able to explain how classed aesthetics are, but aesthetics are more than simply the eye of the 69 essay, beholder - they are culturally narrated and replicated. On The French And Indian War? That clean or modern look of woodstock 69 essay, Facebook is akin to West Elm or Pottery Barn or any poshy Scandinavian design house (that I admit I'm drawn to) while the english, more flashy look of MySpace resembles the 69 essay, Las Vegas imagery that attracts millions every year. I suspect that lifestyles have aesthetic values and that these are being reproduced on MySpace and Facebook. I should note here that aesthetics do divide MySpace users.

The look and feel that is acceptable amongst average Latino users is quite different from what you see the subculturally-identified outcasts using. Amongst the emo teens, there's a push for simple black/white/grey backgrounds and simplistic layouts. While I'm using the term subaltern teens to lump together non-hegemonic teens, the lifestyle divisions amongst the subalterns are quite visible on enhance resume, MySpace through the aesthetic choices of the backgrounds. The aesthetics issue is also one of the woodstock 69 essay, forces that drives some longer-term users away from of democracy MySpace. Woodstock? While teens on Facebook all know about MySpace, not all MySpace users have heard of Facebook.

In particular, subaltern teens who go to of dissertation writing, school exclusively with other subaltern teens are not likely to have heard of it. Subaltern teens who go to woodstock 69 essay, more mixed-class schools see Facebook as what the on the, good kids do or what the preps do. They have various labels for these hegemonic teens but they know the division, even if they don't have words for 69 essay it. Likewise, in these types of passe du verbe essayer, schools, the hegemonic teens see MySpace as where the bad kids go. Good and bad seem to be the dominant language used to divide hegemonic and subaltern teens in mixed-class environments. At the woodstock 69 essay, same time, most schools aren't actually that mixed. To a certain degree, the lack of familiarity amongst certain subaltern kids is essay not surprising. Teens from poorer backgrounds who are on MySpace are less likely to know people who go to universities. 69 Essay? They are more likely to know people who are older than them, but most of their older friends, cousins, and co-workers are on enhance resume, MySpace. It's the cool working class thing and it's the dominant SNS at community colleges.

These teens are more likely to be interested in activities like shows and 69 essay clubs and they find out about them through MySpace. The subaltern teens who are better identified as outsiders in a hegemonic community tend to be very aware of Facebook. Their choice to use MySpace instead of Facebook is a rejection of the hegemonic values (and a lack of desire to hang out with the of dissertation writing, preps and woodstock 69 essay jocks even online). Class divisions in on the french and indian, military use. A month ago, the military banned MySpace but not Facebook. This was a very interesting move because the division in woodstock, the military reflects the division in high schools. Soldiers are on MySpace; officers are on Facebook. Facebook is extremely popular in the military, but it's not the SNS of choice for 18-year old soldiers, a group that is primarily from on failure in pakistan poorer, less educated communities. They are using MySpace. The officers, many of whom have already received college training, are using Facebook.

The military ban appears to replicate the class divisions that exist throughout the military. I can't help but wonder if the reason for this goes beyond the purported concerns that those in the military are leaking information or spending too much time online or soaking up too much bandwidth with their MySpace usage. MySpace is the 69 essay, primary way that young soldiers communicate with their peers. When I first started tracking soldiers' MySpace profiles, I had to essay on the, take a long deep breath. 69 Essay? Many of them were extremely pro-war, pro-guns, anti-Arab, anti-Muslim, pro-killing, and xenophobic as hell. Over the last year, I've watched more and short essay on failure more profiles emerge from soldiers who aren't quite sure what they are doing in Iraq. Woodstock 69 Essay? I don't have the data to confirm whether or not a significant shift has occurred but it was one of those observations that just made me think. And then the ban happened.

I can't help but wonder if part of the goal is to cut off communication between current soldiers and the group that the military hopes to recruit. Many young soldiers' profiles aren't public so it's not about making a bad public impression. That said, young soldiers tend to have reasonably large networks because they tend to accept friend requests of anyone that they knew back home which means that they're connecting to almost everyone from their high school. Many of these familiar strangers write comments supporting them. But what happens if the soldiers start to question why they're in Iraq? And if this is enhance resume witnessed by high school students from working class communities who the Army intends to recruit? Thoughts and meta thoughts. I have been reticent about writing about this dynamic even though I've been tracking it for woodstock a good six months now. I don't have the language for what I'm seeing and compose du verbe I'm concerned about how it's going to be interpreted. I can just see the logic: if society's good kids are going to Facebook and the bad kids are going to MySpace, clearly MySpace is the devil, right? ::shudder:: It's so not that easy.

Given a lack of language for woodstock talking about enhance resume, this, my choice of hegemonic and subaltern was intended to at least insinuate a different way of looking at this split. The division around MySpace and woodstock Facebook is just another way in which technology is mirroring societal values. Embedded in that is help a cv a challenge to 69 essay, a lot of our assumptions about who does what. The good kids are doing more bad things than we are willing to acknowledge (because they're the pride and joy of upwardly mobile parents). And, guess what? They're doing those same bad things online and offline. At the same time, the language and style of the bad kids offends most upwardly mobile adults. We see this offline as well. French And Indian War? I've always been fascinated watching adults walk to 69 essay, the other side of the street when a group of black kids sporting hip-hop style approach. The aesthetics alone offend and most privileged folks project the worst ideas onto any who don that style.

When I see a divide like this, I worry because it reproduced the idea that the good kids are good and that Facebook participation is essay good. Over ten years ago, PBS Frontline put out a video called The Lost Children of Rockdale County. The film certainly has its issues but it does a brilliant job of capturing how, given complete boredom and a desire for validation, many of the good kids will engage in some of the most shocking behaviors. and 69 essay their parents are typically unaware. By and large, I've found that parents try to curtail such activities by restricting youth even more. This doesn't stop the desire for attention and essay on the war thus the behaviors continue, but they get pushed further underground and parents become less in-touch with their good kids. While I think it's important to acknowledge that some of the woodstock 69 essay, good kids aren't that good, I don't want to imply that the inverse is essay of democracy true. Many of woodstock 69 essay, them are. But many of the subaltern teens that I talk with have their heads on much tighter than the hegemonic teens. The hegemonic teens do know how to put on enhance resume, a show for most adults (making it more fun for woodstock me to interview them and try to work through the walls that they initially offer me). As a society, we have strong class divisions and we project these values onto enhance resume, our kids.

MySpace and Facebook seem to be showcasing this division quite well. My hope in writing this out is to point out 69 essay that many of our assumptions are problematic and the internet often reinforces our views instead of scope of dissertation writing, challenging them. Woodstock 69 Essay? People often ask me if I'm worried about teens today. The answer is yes, but it's not because of social network sites. With the hegemonic teens, I'm very worried about the stress that they're under, the compose du verbe essayer, lack of mobility and healthy opportunities for play and woodstock socialization, and the hyper-scheduling and writing surveillance. I'm worried about their unrealistic expectations for becoming rich and famous, their lack of work ethic after being pampered for 69 essay so long, and the lack of opportunities that many of help, them have to even be economically stable let alone better off than their parents. I'm worried about how locking teens indoors coupled with a fast food/junk food advertising machine has resulted in a decrease in health levels across the board which will just get messy as they are increasingly unable to afford health insurance. When it comes to 69 essay, ostracized teens, I'm worried about the reasons why society has ostracized them and essay on the french and indian how they will react to ongoing criticism from hegemonic peers. I cringe every time I hear of another Columbine, another Virgina Tech, another site of horror when an outcast teen lashes back at woodstock the hegemonic values of society.

I worry about the lack of of democracy in pakistan, opportunities available to poor teens from uneducated backgrounds. I'm worried about how Wal-Mart Nation has destroyed many of the opportunities for meaningful working class labor as these youth enter the workforce. I'm worried about what a prolonged war will mean for them. I'm worried about how they've been told that to succeed, they must be a famous musician or sports player. I'm worried about how gangs provide the only meaningful sense of community that many of these teens will ever know. Given the state of what I see in all sorts of woodstock, neighborhoods, I'm amazed at how well teens are coping and I think that technology has a lot to do with that. Teens are using social network sites to build community and connect with their peers. They are creating publics for socialization.

And through it, they are showcasing all of the good, bad, and ugly of passe compose du verbe, today's teen life. Woodstock? Much of it isn't pretty, but it ain't pretty offline either. Still, it makes my heart warm when I see something creative or engaged or reflective. There is scope writing good out there too. It breaks my heart to watch a class divide play out in woodstock, the technology. I shouldn't be surprised - when orkut grew popular in India, the caste system was formalized within the system by the users. But there's something so strange about watching a generation slice themselves in on the french, two based on class divisions or lifestyles or whatever you want to call these socio-structural divisions. In the 70s, Paul Willis analyzed British working class youth and he wrote a book called Learning to 69 essay, Labor: How Working Class Kids Get Working Class Jobs. He argued that working class teens will reject hegemonic values because it's the only way to continue to be a part of the community that they live in. In other words, if you don't know that you will succeed if you make a run at jumping class, don't bother - you'll lose all of your friends and passe compose du verbe community in woodstock 69 essay, the process. His analysis has such strong resonance in American society today.

I just wish I knew how to fix it. I clearly don't have the language to comfortably talk about what's going on, but I think that this issue is important and needs to be considered. Essay Myself? I feel as though the implications are huge. Marketers have already figured this out - they know who to 69 essay, market to where. Policy creators have figured this out - they know how to control different populations based on where they are networking. Have social workers figured it out? Or educators? What does it mean that our culture of fear has further divided a generation?

What does it mean that, in a society where we can't talk about class, we can see it play out online? And what does it mean in a digital world where no one's supposed to know you're a dog, we can guess your class background based on the tools you use? Anyhow, I don't know where to go with this, but I wanted to essay and indian, get it out 69 essay there. So here it is. MySpace and Facebook are new representations of the scope, class divide in American youth. 69 Essay? Le sigh. (I have also written a response to the critiques of this essay.

This should answer some of the confusions introduced by this essay.) For those unfamiliar with my work, let me provide a bit of methodological background. I have been engaged in ethnographic research on scope of dissertation writing, social network sites since February 2003 when I began studying the practices that emerged on Friendster. I followed the launch and early adoption of numerous social network sites, including, LinkedIn, Flickr, MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, Dodgeball, and woodstock Orkut. In late 2004, I decided to enhance resume, move away from studying social network sites to 69 essay, studying youth culture just in time for youth to flock to MySpace. Help Writing A Cv? The practice of 'ethnography' is hard to woodstock 69 essay, describe in a bounded form, but ethnography is basically about living and myself breathing a particular culture, its practices, and its individuals. There are some countables. For example, I have analyzed over 10,000 MySpace profiles, clocked over 2000 hours surfing and woodstock observing what happens on MySpace, and formally interviewed 90 teens in 7 states with a variety of different backgrounds and demographics.

But that's only the tip of the iceberg. I ride buses to observe teens; I hang out at french and indian fast food joints and malls. I talk to parents, teachers, marketers, politicians, pastors, and technology creators. I read, I observe, I document. One of the biggest problems with studying youth culture is woodstock 69 essay that it's a moving target, constantly shifting based on a variety of social and cultural forces. While I had been keeping an eye on Facebook simply because of french and indian war, my long-term interest in social network sites, I had to woodstock 69 essay, really start taking it seriously in the fall of 2006 when teens started telling me about how they were leaving MySpace to short essay, join Facebook or joining Facebook as their first social network site. While social network sites are in vogue, not everyone uses them. When PEW collected data in woodstock, December 2005, it found that 55% of American teens 12-17 admitted to having a SNS profile in front of their parents. 70% of girls 15-17. These numbers are low, but we don't know how low.

In the field, I have found that everyone knows about short essay of democracy in pakistan, them and has an opinion of them. Woodstock 69 Essay? My experience has been that 70-80% of teens have a profile, but they may not do anything with their account other than private messages (i.e. glorified email). The percentage who are truly active is more like 50. Often, teens did not create their own profile, but they're perfectly OK with having a profile created by short, a friend. My research is intentionally American-centric, but it is woodstock not coastal centric. I have done formal interviews in California, Washington, Texas, Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts. When I do this, I do not capture parents' income but I do get parents' education level and job. In each of these communities, I have spent time roaming the streets and talking informally with people of all ages. I have analyzed profiles from all 50 states (and DC and Puerto Rico).

I use the high school data from these profiles and scope juxtapose them with federal information on woodstock 69 essay, high school voucher numbers to get a sense of the SES of the school. Scope Writing? I have spent time in cities, suburbs, small towns, and some rural regions. There are weaknesses to my data collection. I have spent too little time in rural environments and too little time in the deep south. How I find teens to woodstock, formally interview varies based on essay of democracy in pakistan, region, but it is 69 essay not completely random.

In each region, I am only getting a slice of what takes place, but collectively, it shows amazing variety. The MySpace profiles that I analyze are random. I do not have access to essay on the french war, Facebook profiles, although I have spent an excessive amount of time browsing high schools to see what kind of numbers show up, even if I can't see the actual profiles. Woodstock 69 Essay? Again, none of this is perfect, but it helps me paint a qualitative portrait of what's going on. (I have also written a response to french and indian, the critiques of this essay. This should answer some of the 69 essay, confusions introduced by this essay.)

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Essay: A Changing Political Situation Affecting the Tourism Industry – The Case of Cuba. Chapter 1: Changing Political Situation US – Cuba. 1.1 The Situation. On the 17th of December 2014 Barack Obama, president of the United States of America, announced that he is willing and aiming to strengthen the woodstock relations between the United States of America and the island Cuba. The current president of Cuba is Ra??l Castro, who is scope writing, besides that the brother of the famous Fidel Castro.

Fidel Castro created a communism state in 1961 and 69 essay, provided leadership until 2008 until he physical state worsened and ceded his functions to english essay his brother, Ra??l Castro. Both parties are willing to participate in woodstock 69 essay, strengthening the relations in the near future and to lift the existing embargo. Problems between the two nations go way back in time. The actual first issue was created in the 18th century. However, the real problems started when Fidel Castro took some decisions that the USA did not degree on and decided to implement an embargo. This embargo meant that there would be no relationship at all anymore and for example traveling from one to the other country was forbidden, communication became impossible and trade between two countries was not allowed anymore.

The embargo had many effect on the country in general and essay french and indian, the inhabitants suffered because of many things. To begin with there is (almost) no travel possible from the US to Cuba, the sugar before the embargo was traded from the Americas which was much cheaper than it is woodstock 69 essay, right now for Cubans and there is no communication with the USA. Since Obama and Castro decided to communicate and of dissertation writing, negotiate about lifting the embargo, in the near future many things will change for 69 essay Cuba. Since rules will be adapted or lifted many things that have never been possible in on the war, Cuba will become possible. To give some examples: communication with the USA will get easier, aid will be provided to the poorest, import and export will be possible again, Cuba will participate in the ‘Summit of the Americas’ of 2015 organized in panama and one of the major changes will be the tourism restrictions that will get eased. In the near future many people from the USA will be able to travel to Cuba if these travellers can be subdivided in one of the 12 ’cause of travel’ categories. Many different countries from all over the world provide tourism in Cuba with Canada as the woodstock main market at this moment in time. The nearness, interest of the inhabitants in the country, the resorts, the culture and the exoticness are a few of the main interest Canadians created for short in pakistan Cuba and are able to travel freely to woodstock the island. If the travel restrictions between the US and scope of dissertation, Cuba will get eased, the woodstock 69 essay expected situation is that there will be a major tourism flow of American inhabitants to Cuba.

The US will become the number one market of Cuba and the Cuban inhabitants and the environment might need to adjust to supply proper tourism that fits the needs of the Americans. 1.2 Problem Analysis. The expected increase in tourism numbers might cause major impacts for the country Cuba. The impact of the amount of tourists might be difficult for Cuba to handle in essay in pakistan, their current status. Being able to 69 essay handle the amount of tourists from the United States, together with the other tourists already visiting Cuba, it is a possibility that changes in the country need to be made to supply the facilities the tourists are demanding for. The occurring problem is that Cuba might not be prepared enough for the future changes. The recent announcement of Barack Obama in December 2014 came as a surprise and on the and indian war, the question is woodstock, if Cuba is able to handle the essay and indian war change in such short notice. 69 Essay! Since both governments agreed on implementing new rules as rapidly as possible after negotiations, the embargo might be eased quite quick. Is Cuba prepared for these major changes in the tourism industry and is society?

Will the tourism sector be able to handle the increase in tourism numbers that quickly? Although Cuba is responsible for the process during the re-establishment in manners of the tourism industry, Cuba is a communistic country and knowledge and information is not as much as developed as in other countries. The process of the increase of tourism numbers might cause some issues which will be visible during the actual process. Researching the implied changes , the future expectations and modifications would review what the changes for help writing the tourism industry and the society would be and what this would mean. Furthermore the expected issues that might occur should be reviewed and woodstock 69 essay, a proper analysis of changes needs to be made to overcome difficulties and to be able to handle the flow of tourists in the near future. Analysing and evaluating the expected impacts on the tourism industry and society will lead to scope of dissertation a suitable reaction that Cuba could implement to woodstock provide tourism for all the current markets including the US which is also developing the country and creates advantages for society. 1.3 Goal of the Thesis. ‘Analysing and a cv, evaluating the expected changes in woodstock, the Cuba ‘ US diplomatic relations to disclose the impact on Cuba’s tourism industry and society and advise on possible reactions towards the expected tourism increase’.

1.4 Research questions. To be able to achieve the goal of the thesis, research questions will be formulated to create direction during the short on failure of democracy thesis process. The research goal will be divided into four questions that will cover all subjects that need to be answered during the process. ‘ 1. What are the expected political changes between Cuba and the US? 2. What are the expected impacts on the tourism industry of Cuba? 3. What are the expected impacts on the Society of Cuba?

4. What would be an appropriate reaction of woodstock 69 essay, Cuba on the tourism increase’? 1.5 Research Methodology. Information about the changing political situation between Cuba and the United States which will have an effect on Cuba will be studied and gained during a trip of 5 weeks to Cuba. Keeping the essay on the french and indian war problem analysis and the research goal in woodstock, mind, it is important to use a certain methodologies to make sure all information which is short essay of democracy, needed to create a clear view of changes and woodstock 69 essay, effect of the changing situation and eventually being able to scope writing create an advise for Cuba to be able to woodstock 69 essay handle the increase of tourism numbers. 1.5.1 Desk research.

Secondary data will be obtained by desk research. Doing a lot of reading and researching of information already available and combining this information with information gained at the destination in question will lead to more answers to the research questions. Most desk research and thus the obtaining of passe du verbe essayer, secondary data will be done in the first phase of the thesis writing process. The information needed during this stage will describe the woodstock 69 essay current occurrences. After this phase the field research will be conducted and most of the analysis, results and recommendation will be obtained with primary information obtained during the field research. Scope Of Dissertation! However, desk research will be important during the whole thesis process since the 69 essay subject is still changing. All information obtained must be academic sources.

The following information is obtained by using the following sources: ‘ The political statements of President Barack Obama. This information can be found online easily on official website of the White House which collects all the information the essay President released. ‘ Market #038; product information. This information can be found online as well as in books. The information needs to woodstock be updated since recent information will create eventual best results for scope of dissertation writing the advisory. This information can be found on websites that inform about previous years and current market statistics. Woodstock 69 Essay! Online databases demonstrate statistics of the writing a cv markets in Cuba. Furthermore the product information about Cuba can be found online and in woodstock 69 essay, books as well such as travel books and the tourism board website of essay - introduce myself, Cuba.

‘ Perceptions on the changing political situation of Ra??l Castro. The perceptions of Castro can be found online, in news-papers, recent released academic reports and books that outline ideologies of Castro. ‘ Opinions Americans #038; Cubans. Databases and polls conducted by Universities and institutes will be used as secondary data to illustrate an image of the perceptions of the Americans and Cubans on the changing political situation. Furthermore articles and newspapers also update about the opinions of woodstock 69 essay, stakeholders involved.

‘ The impact on english essay - introduce myself, tourism. What the impact of the woodstock 69 essay changing political situation will be on the tourism industry of Cuba will be can also be research upon online. Newspapers, reports, databases and academic articles illustrate the current situation. However, it is very important that the changes will happen in the future. The information shared online about the impact on tourism are only english essay - introduce predictions and need to woodstock be treated in the report as predictions and passe compose essayer, supported with other sources of information. ‘ The impact on society. The impact on the society remains the same desk research rule as the impact on the tourism industry.

Lots of predictions can be found online in academic articles, newspapers, databases etc. However this information needs to be supported with other information to develop reliable information. During the whole thesis writing phase, secondary information will be obtained and used to develop knowledge about the subject and situations. Besides that, the subject is still continuing and keeping up to woodstock 69 essay date is very important. Myself! Desk research will be used for other causes such as information related to other subjects which will be demonstrated in the appendices, images of certain occurrences, supporting statistical information etc. 1.5.2 In-depth interviews. Qualitative research in the form of in-depth interviews is one of the methodologies that will be used to gain large amount of information from a relatively small amount of 69 essay, people.

Interviews with stakeholders in essay on the french war, the hotel sector of the woodstock tourism industry in Cuba will create insight of the opinions and views on the tourism sector itself. Having in-depth interviews with people that work in the tourism industry every day will notice what will change and what needs to be changed in the future to on failure of democracy in pakistan satisfy the flow of American tourists. Having 10 interviews with several stakeholders involved in the tourism industry of Cuba will create an overview of perceptions on the changing political situation and what needs to be done to supply proper tourism. The names in the interviews will be changed since all of the interviewees stated that interviews could be held under reservation of respecting their privacy. The following subjects will be dealt with during the interviews: Interviewees are asked about their status in life, about their jobs/business, their function and their daily tasks at their jobs to develop an overview of who they are and what they are doing for a living. ‘ Opinions on changes for the society. The interviewees are asked about their opinion on the changing political situation and what this change will mean for them during their daily conditions.

Subjects such as self-employment, flow of woodstock, information and ability of freely communication, import and export, their view on the ‘State Sponsor of Terrorism’ list and the aid of the United States for Cuba. Having open and honest answers on these questions will help to describe the enhance resume impact of what the change of 69 essay, diplomatic relations will have on the Cubans. Enhance Resume! The positive and negative influences according to them are very important to develop a considered result. ‘ Opinions on changes for the tourism industry. Having interviews with Cubans working in the tourism industry creates two opportunities at once. Woodstock! These people are Cuban and know everything about the daily conditions in their country, however they also know a lot about the tourism industry (or at least about the passe job/type of tourism) they are working in. Questions are asked about what will change according to them in their job or industry to review the possible changes in the market, the rules and regulations, products offered etc. Negative influences and positive influences will be discussed. Random sampling has been used during in-depth interviews (Bryman, 2012). Making appointments via E-mail before departure and face-to-face asking during the field research created appointments for interviews with Cubans working the tourism field. Creating a list of tourism branches in Havana created an overview of possibilities to 69 essay hold interviews with.

I have been randomly sending E-mails to tourism facilities. A number of 10 interviews were supposed to a cv be held during the field research however, many more interviews have been held because of non-response error to certain questions that were asked, and due to a reliability error since there is a lack of freedom of speech and interviewees did not want to contribute to these questions (Bryman, 2012). Interview set-up. The interview method used for the in-depth interviews are semi-structured (Bryman, 2012). A topic lists was used. During the interview these topics will be discussed but the 69 essay subjects will also be led by the interviewer and the interviewee. If the interview leads to another interesting subject, question or answer the conversation will continue with that particular subject which might lead to other new opinions, views and perceptions. Of Dissertation Writing! However in the end the subject from the topic list needs to be dealt with during the interview. Observing is a method used to perceive the behaviour of woodstock 69 essay, individuals or the passe compose essayer environment. (Bryman, 2012) One of the main advantages is that observing allows to be observed directly.

Observing the situation in Cuba and woodstock 69 essay, thinking with common sense about the situation might lead to essay in pakistan more questions and woodstock, answers at enhance resume, the same time about the future changes. Observing the daily tourism situation and reviewing the woodstock positive and negative points that Cuba already includes seen from the tourism perspective will lead to scope of dissertation writing the key, which is the woodstock 69 essay changes that need to be made to handle and satisfy the increase of of dissertation, tourism numbers in the following years. Combining observing with other research methods will create a clear view of the situation. Observing Behaviour. Observing behaviour will be used since not all information might be shared during the interviews by asking question. A lot can be read from woodstock behavioural characteristics. Looking the facial expressions, hand gestures, the writing way people talk and how people respond to you as a person and your behaviour, and how they respond to your questions, for woodstock 69 essay example with nervousness. Scope Of Dissertation! (Bryman, 2012) Observing the Environment. Observing the environment will be used to understand the country and its inhabitants. Woodstock 69 Essay! Furthermore it will be used to understand the current political situation by viewing what is going on in the country, what people are doing during the daily life, which characteristics of the system are working and what is not working, what needs attention in the future and what needs to be changed in the area to supply the needs of the increasing tourism numbers.

Which changes need to be made in the environment to serve the tourists and would this be possible in the current system? Understanding the country and reviewing the possibilities by observing the situation might lead to passe ideas and solutions. Having small talks with people working in the tourism sector of Cuba as well with the locals will give an overview of opinions and norms and values the Cubans and their industry share. The locals are very important in this changing situations since their behaviour towards the tourists might make or break the tourism industry. 69 Essay! These small talks cannot be categorized as in-depth interviews however very important for the research since it creates an overview of the most important opinions during the compose small talk, keeping in mind that people will share most important perceptions during a short conversation. Small talk quotes and sentences can be found in Appendix X. 1.6 Structure of the Report. To create a clear structure in the report, the thesis is divided into several chapters.

The chapters will be explained as followed: Chapter 2: Historical Relations Between Cuba #038; the USA. Issues between Cuba and the United states go way back in history. The first interactions between both countries occurred during the woodstock late 18th century . Cuba was a colony of Spain but wanted to be independent. Essay - Introduce Myself! After several revolts by the Cubans, the Spanish government continued to oppress the inhabitants of Cuba.

In 1895, February 23rd, the dissatisfaction of the Cubans turned into another resumption leading to the revolution under leadership of writer and patriot Jos?? Mart. The USA government decided to woodstock 69 essay come between both parties in the Spanish-American War and on the french, made both countries sign the 69 essay terms of the treaty on December 10th 1898. Until May 20th 1902, the USA ruled Cuba until the advent of the short essay Cuban Constitution adopted in woodstock, 1901 which included rules and regulations established by the USA including conditions for the American intervention in Cuba. (Wezel, 2001) During the USA occupation several improvements had been accomplished in of dissertation writing, Cuba such as the eradication of yellow fever. Besides that, the USA invested heavily in the Cuban economy and controlling and providing many resources such as sugar. However, dissatisfaction arises among the Cubans because of the aggressive and returning fraud and woodstock 69 essay, corruption cases in short essay on failure of democracy, the Cuban politics. One of the woodstock 69 essay first major revolt against the aggressive control of the USA in Cuba occurred in August 1906. The USA responded to this revolt by sending troops to the island to handle the situation until 1909.

Another revolt took place in 1912 which led to the USA intervention. In the same year elections took place and Mario Garc??a Menocal of the Conservative Party won and took over power and later entering World War I cooperating with the Allies in 1917. (Wezel, 2001) Complete USA dominance caused economic difficulties and agricultural and industrial issues during the participation in World War I. During an atmosphere of crisis, Gerardo Machado y Morales, leading the Liberal Party, was elected president in November 1924. Economic conditions worsened rapidly during his presidency because of huge loans abroad. Furthermore, he succeeded in obtaining dictatorial control of the government. Passe Compose! Everyone opposing him was suppressed with lots of violence during his presidency which came till an end in 1933, supported by the Cuban army, since he was banished by woodstock 69 essay the Cubans.

Since there was so much unrest and violence the USA decided to intervene once again and a certain stability was accomplished in 1936. Stability and peace increased by the advent of Batista, the head of the essay - introduce myself Cuban army and described as the woodstock unofficial dictator of Cuba. Help A Cv! He became the new presidents and formed a new constitution which declined political tension (Wezel, 2001) The Cuban government declared war in 1941 on Italy, Japan and Germany and automatically became a member of the United Nations in 1945. During another election in 1944, Grau San Martin was chosen as the following president. He made an 69 essay, agreement with the essay on the french and indian USA for the increase in price of resources such as sugar and joined the Organization of woodstock 69 essay, American States in 1948. However, changes in world sugar prices made Cuba an unstable nation with an short essay on failure of democracy, unstable political situation. The following president, Carlos Prio Socarr??s caused for a 10% reduction in retail prices and living costs continued to rise leading political violence and woodstock 69 essay, unrest. (Wezel, 2001) In 1952, president Batista suspended the constitution and the congress. He promised elections for the following year. After another revolt led by Fidel Castro in 1953, July 26th, the regime seemed secure and the political situation as well the inhabitants calmed down.

Elections would be held in 1954. Batista’s opponent, Grau San Martin, decided not to help writing participate anymore in the elections because of corruption and violence against him and his party. Batista was re-elected without opposition. This time he recovered the constitution and granted amnesty for certain prisoners which was including Fidel Castro. During the 69 essay mid-1950, Batista tried to improve the Cuban situation in manners of economics, political outlook and the world sugar prize. Writing! However, on December the second, Fidel Castro invaded together with 80 other supporters. After the invasion, Castro was able to escape into the mountains and organized the ’26th of July Movement’ which was another invasion. Woodstock 69 Essay! Over the years Castro and his followers opposed against Batista and enhance resume, won support from the Cuban inhabitants. In 1958, March 17th, Fidel Castro called for a general revolt.

He became so popular that Batista had no choice and on January 1st, 1959 left the country. A new government was established under the name Fidel Castro. Woodstock! During the enhance resume first few weeks of woodstock, his regime, everything associating with Batista got destroyed and passe du verbe essayer, 550 supporters of Batista were executed. During the first period of the new regime, the USA started worrying about Cuba quickly. Castro removed the agriculture laws affecting the sugar USA sugar interests. Furthermore companies controlled by non-Cuban organizations became prohibited. 69 Essay! (Wezel, 2001) In 1960, Castro dispossessed almost $1 billion is USA properties and essay - introduce myself, kept it for themselves. This led for Washington to the imposing of a trade embargo.

In January 1961, a complete break between relations followed and in April 1961, the USA caused an 69 essay, invasion force in the Bay of Pigs in the South of Cuba. 90 were killed and 1200 were captured. (Wezel, 2001) The relations between both countries got even worse in the fall of 1962. The USA discovered missile installations in Cuba supplied by the Soviet. The USA president John F. Kennedy announced a complete blockade of the island to make sure no other material could be delivered at the island. During the nuclear war, after several days negotiating with Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev agreed on french and indian, removing the missile installations. Relations remained in hate. Although several efforts by Cuba, the woodstock USA would not leave the Guant??namo Bay which was leased in 1903 and continues to be ownership of the USA. French War! (Wezel, 2001) Castro’s policies prohibited to exchange of any resource with the rest of Latin American countries and got expelled from the Organization of American States in woodstock 69 essay, 1962. Essay On Failure Of Democracy! Furthermore Cuba got accused of attempting revolts in Bolivia, Venezuela #038; Guatemala.

One of Castro’s followers, Ch?? Guevara, was executed while leading a guerrilla group in Bolivia in 69 essay, 1967. In the meanwhile, Cuba was still very depending on the economic help from the Soviet Union and other Soviet-bloc countries. (Wezel, 2001) During the 1970’s, Cuba escaped from diplomatic isolation. During a meeting in Costa Rica in short on failure of democracy, July 1975, Cuba signed a ‘freedom of action’ pact which was lifting the trade embargo and other rules and regulations against Cuba in 1964. Woodstock 69 Essay! Besides that, relations with the USA began to strengthen: USA travel restrictions were eased and in 1977 both countries opened offices in each other’s capitals.

However, the USA warned Cuba that relations could not be improved any further until the essay of democracy in pakistan USA claims for nationalized property had been settled and Cuba finished its activities in Africa. (Wezel, 2001) The presence of Cuba in woodstock 69 essay, Africa begun in the mid-1960s. Help A Cv! Castro provided personal guards to people such as President Alphonse Massamba D??bat of the woodstock 69 essay Congo. However the Cuban combat forces were very actively involved in essay on failure of democracy in pakistan, fighting for the Marxist faction in Angola. By 1980 the activities of woodstock 69 essay, Cuba in Africa had expanded into the Middle East. This was seen by the West of a growing Soviet thrust. Enhance Resume! In return for this the Cuban economy was supplemented by $3 million in Soviet aid. (Wezel, 2001) In 1980, during Castro’s temporarily ease of exit restrictions, 125,000 refugees went to the USA before Castro would halt it again. The USA accused Cuba of helping leftist rebels in El Salvador. Furthermore the relations between Cuba and the USA was weakened because of the aid was given by Cuba to the Sandinista government in Nicaragua. Woodstock! In October 1983, hundreds of Cuban construction workers and militaries were forced to scope writing leave Grenada as a result of the USA invasion of the Grenada Island.

Besides that, Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev visited Havana in April 1989 because the USSR and Cuba signed a treaty about their 25-year friendship. However, Castro explicitly rejected the woodstock way of Soviet-style economic and political reforms to his country. Later that year, four army officers were executed and a few other were send to prison for drug trafficking and smuggling, seen as one of the worst scandals since Castro came to power. (Wezel, 2001) Aid and subsidies to Cuba were ended in the early 1990s because of the collapse of the USSR and Soviet military forces were withdrawn. In November 1992 the english myself UN approved a resolution calling for an end the USA embargo. In 1993 all Soviet troops sent to Cuba during the missile crisis had been withdrawn. The sugarcane production of Cuba dropped to a very low point and even worsened in woodstock 69 essay, 1994 which caused very difficult economic situations. Since the country became so poor, many inhabitants tried to french escape to other countries however, Castro would combat this with lots of violence. Many Cubans were picked up at sea by the USA coast guards and taken to the Guant??namo Bay Naval Base or to refugee camps in Panama.

The crisis ended because the USA agreed on issuing 20,000 entry visas per year to Cubans which were wishing to woodstock enter the country. (Wezel, 2001) In February 1996, some opposition groups of Castro tried to make a difference although they had no chance at all against a cv the Castro army. Later that month, Cuban jet fighters shot down two passenger planes and Cuba claimed that those planes were violating the Cuban airspace. These planes belonged to special forces groups of the USA that were enabled to help Cuban refugees. Woodstock! The USA and compose essayer, the UN both condemned the shooting of the planes although Castro said he had nothing to do with the shooting down of the planes. However, weeks before the incident he had given the Cuban Air Force the woodstock authorizations to shoot down planes violating the airspace of on the french, Cuba. (Wezel, 2001) Because of this incident, President Bill Clinton created another embargo in March 1996 namely ‘The Helms-Burton Act’. This embargo makes it more difficult for 69 essay foreign investors and businesses to help operate in Cuba. Besides that, this would be a permanent embargo while previous embargos had been renewed every year. Woodstock! The European Union, Canada and Mexico complained about the new embargo of the USA since they believe the USA was trying to export rules and regulations to other countries as well. (Wezel, 2001)

From 2000 on short essay of democracy in pakistan, things got on woodstock, the right foot with the United States. In 2001 the Hurricane Michelle slammed the coast of Cuba and the USA was willing to donate food and aid for enhance resume the victims. Relations got sharpened again a bit when President Bush accused Cuba of biological weapons. Bush spoke his concerns about the country and the willingness to intervene in case anything would make the United States doubt about the woodstock 69 essay honesty of the Cuban government. (CNN Edition, 2009) In 2008, R??ul Castro becomes president of Cuba which makes it easier for the United States to negotiate about certain progressing cases such as the easing of travel restrictions, conceived by President Obama. Although travel restrictions would be eased, this would not mean that Cuba would be open for the average inhabitant of the United States. Cuba and the USA came to an agreement that only for - introduce myself several purposes such as education would be allowed to travel to Cuba for a short period of time. In 2011, Obama wanted to show best interest in woodstock, the progressing relations between both parties by releasing the convicted Rene Gonzalez. Gonzalez, famous of the group ‘The Big Five’ was convinced because of spying.

In 2013, at the Nelson Mandela memorial service, both leaders meet and shake hands. Enhance Resume! The handshake became a milestone for strengthening the relations since this would be the second handshake between leaders from both countries in the last 5 decades. (Bowerman, 2014) Chapter 3: The Current Situation. 3.1 Barack Obama #038; Ra??l Castro. After more than 50 years of total ignorance towards each other from both nation, we could say that the first breakthrough between both parties was in December 2013 when Obama shook hands with Castro during the Nelson Mandela’s memorial service (Somodevilla, 2014) (Appendix X). The hand shake came as a surprise for everyone and opinions were divided. There was much speculation going on because of this handshake because what does this handshake actually mean? President Barack Obama decided on the 17th of 69 essay, December 2014 that a change should be made and the embargo should be discussed and eased or lifted.

President of Cuba, Ra??l Castro, surprised everyone by agreeing on negotiating the embargo by his response statement, (Appendix X, Response Statement by Ra??l Castro) saying that Ra??l Castro understand the importance of normalizing the diplomatic relations and is willing to enhance resume participate in 69 essay, negotiations to realize this important matter for both countries. To show his appreciation, Ra??l Castro released American spy Alan Gross to show his willingness of re-establishing diplomatic relations. (Castro, 2014) 3.2 Changes tourism industry according to Obama. The 17th of December was a historical day for both nations since Obama gave a speech this particular day about strengthen the relations between both countries and the out dated embargo that should be lifted. Obama opened his speech with the english - introduce following quote: ‘In the most significant changes in our policy in more than fifty years, we will end an 69 essay, outdated approach that, for - introduce decades, has failed to advance our interests, and instead we will begin to normalize relations between our two countries. Through these changes, we intend to create more opportunities for the American and Cuban people, and 69 essay, begin a new chapter among the nations of the Americas.’ (Obama,, 2014) The changing political situation between the USA and Cuba has major effects on the tourism industry, focussing on Cuba. One of the key points of the statement of Barack Obama (Appendix II), will surely change the current tourism situation in Cuba a lot.

Besides that, the changing tourism situation will also affect the living conditions of the Cubans. The following criteria of Barack Obama will explain the aspects related to tourism that will be changed by re-establishing the relations. ‘ Expansion of travel under certain licenses for the 12 existing categories; o Family visits. o Official business of the USA government, foreign government and certain intergovernmental organizations. o Journalistic activities. o Professional research #038; meetings. o Educational activities. o Religious activities.

o Public performances, workshops, clinics, athletic and other competitions/exhibitions. o Support for the Cubans. o Humanitarian projects. o Activities of private foundations or research or educational institutes. o Importation, exportation or transmission of information or materials. o Certain export transactions that could be considered for authorization under existing guidelines and regulations.

‘ Changes will make it easier for American citizen to provide business training for Cuban businesses and on the and indian war, small farmers. Furthermore provide support for the growth of woodstock, Cuba’s nascent private sector will get easier. Other options for promotion the growth of entrepreneurship and the private sector in Cuba can be explored. ‘ Travel and remittance policies are helping Cubans by providing sources of information and creates opportunities for self-employment and private ownership of properties by strengthening independent civil society. ‘ Travellers in one of the 12 categories will be able to help make arrangements through any service provider that complies with the woodstock USA. (Obama,, 2014) Furthermore, some of the general political changes will have an effect on the tourism sector as well such as re-establishing an embassy from the USA in help, Cuba, the remittance will be increased from woodstock 69 essay $500 to $2000 any longer without requirements, products from passe compose Cuba to the USA can be imported until the woodstock amount of $400, with no more than $100 in tobacco and alcohol, American credit cards will be permitted and transactions between the nations will be authorized. 3.3 Changes for Cuba according to Obama. the following main points that will be taken into account to scope of dissertation improve relations for Cuba and its inhabitants: ‘ Establishing diplomatic relations. o Re-establishing an 69 essay, embassy in du verbe, Havana. o Strong support from the 69 essay USA for improved human rights conditions for the Cuban people.

o The USA and Cuba will work together on matters of mutual concern such as environmental protection, migration, counter narcotics, trafficking in scope, persons and other issues. ‘ Adjusting regulations affecting the well-being of the Cubans. o Current rules and regulations will be adapted rapidly in order to create progression for 69 essay the Cubans as soon as possible. o There will be a free flow of information to, from and among the Cuban people. ‘ Facilitating remittances to Cuba by writing U.S. persons. o The level of remittance will be increased from $500 to $2000 per 69 essay, quarter for donative payments to Cuban nations, humanitarian projects, support of Cuban people and support for development of businesses in Cuba will no longer require special licenses. o There will no longer be required a specific license for remittance forwarders. ‘ Output of commercial sales/export from the help a cv USA of certain services and goods. o The output of certain product and goods will be eased.

This will make it easier for Cubans to have access to lower priced goods, leading to improvement of living standards and create economic independence from the state. ‘ American citizens will be authorized to woodstock 69 essay import additional goods from Cuba. o USA travellers to Cuba with license will be authorized to import $400 worth of goods from Cuba. No more of $100 can exist out of tobacco and alcohol products. ‘ Authorized transactions between both nations. o Facilitating the processing of authorized transactions between USA and Cuban accounts.

o American credit cards will be permitted in Cuba. o Measures will improve efficiency, speed and oversight of payments and cash flow between two countries. ‘ Efforts to increase the access for Cubans to communicate freely. o Internet rates should go up. Connection should get more available against lower costs. o Commercial export of items that contribute to ability of the Cubans to communicate with people from the USA will be improved. o Telecommunications providers will be allowed to improve mechanisms including infrastructure to improve telecommunications between the USA and Cuba. ‘ Discussions with Cuban and Mexican government about the unresolved maritime boundary in the Gulf of Mexico. o Previous agreements about the short on failure in pakistan boundaries will be scheduled to create a new treaty. ‘ Review of Cuba’s indications as a State Sponsor of Terrorism. o Contribution of terrorism attacks by Cuba will be reviewed over the last few years.

Cuba is placed on the list since 1982. ‘ Participation of 69 essay, Cuba in the Summit of the Americas in Panama, 2015. o Participation in the summit of the Americas in Panama to discuss manners as human rights and democracy. 3.4 The Response of english - introduce myself, Ra??l Castro. Ra??l Castro responded on the statement of Barack Obama by creating his own statement on national television. Woodstock 69 Essay! He claimed that since the beginning of his leadership of Cuba, he claimed that he always showed willingness to reform relations on compose du verbe, the basis of 69 essay, equality to discuss various topics. The willingness of Cuba to short essay in pakistan discuss and woodstock 69 essay, solve difficulties between both has been spread towards the US government by scope writing Fidel during several occasion. According to Castro, the sacrifices the woodstock Cubans have been through and the serious dangers they have been in shows that the Cubans are faithful and are willing to continue with the ideals of independence and social justice. Now a days the Cubans are updating and improving the passe compose economy in order to build a prosperous Socialism. Castro explains that the phone call Obama and he had, let to woodstock the conclusion that re-establishing relations would lead to solutions of some topics that are in interest for both nations. Ra??l Castro also shared with his nation that Gerardo, Ramon and Antionio, the Cubans that were imprisoned in the United States, were relived and arrived the a cv day of the 69 essay response towards the United States of Ra??l Castro.

This has been created enormous joy among their families and people throughout the whole country since this has been a goal from the day on these people were imprisoned and thanks Obama for his respect by releasing them. In return Castro released a Cuban spy which was working for the United Stated. Furthermore the American citizen Alan gross has been send back to his country. Castro mentioned that Cuba agreed by releasing the prisoners and scope, also agreed on 69 essay, re-establishing diplomatic relations, however this means in no way that the essay in pakistan heart of the matter has been solved. He also mentioned to the Cubans that although the embargo has been included in law, the President of the United States is able to modify and change rules and regulations. Castro proposed to the government of the United States to 69 essay normalize the relations and Cuba is willing to cooperate and help a cv, negotiate on issues such as human rights, democracy and national sovereignty since these issues are important to both countries.

Besides that he asked the government of the United States to particularly remove restrictions such as travelling, direct post service and telecommunications. Furthermore he thanked the Vatican for the support, most particularly the support of Pope Fransico who was supporting the re-establishment of relations between both nations. Furthermore Castro thanked the Canadian government for mediating between both countries. (Appendix X) 3.5 Advantages and Disadvantages for the US and Cuba. 3.5.1 Pros for 69 essay the United States Maintaining the Embargo. 1. The United States has always been promoting democracy, internationally recognized human rights, accepting of labour unions and scope, freedom towards the woodstock 69 essay press. Scope Of Dissertation! President Kennedy stated in 1962 that these conditions should be achieved in order for Cuba to qualify for easing or lifting the embargo.

The government of Cuba remains in communism, living conditions are still below international standards and remains restrictions on freedom of speech and labour unions. Since Cuba has not met these conditions, the United States should remain the embargo. (Klashcol, 2014) 2. Since Cuba has not able to meet the conditions specified by the US law, ending the embargo would make the woodstock 69 essay United States and essay on the french, its government look weak. It would look towards other countries that the United States does not have a spine and this is not the woodstock 69 essay message that should be send out to english - introduce myself the rest of the world. (Guggenheim, 2015) 3. Every time the United States is 69 essay, trying to ease some of the essay french war restrictions, the Cuban government is taking advantage of this. This is woodstock 69 essay, raising concerns about what would happen if the restrictions were completely lifted. An example of this would be that President Obama tried to improve relations by allow unlimited travel to Cuba to visit family members in 2009. The Cuban government responded to short essay on failure in pakistan this by arresting an American aid worker and send him to prison for 69 essay 15 years. (Guggenheim, 2015) 4. Another pro for the United States of maintaining the embargo would be that they are able to put pressure on the Cuban government to improve human rights if they do keep the embargo. If Cuba wants to be part of world trade and other elements the government of the United States is able to use the embargo as an negotiation tool. (Klashcol, 2014)

5. Since there is no private sector in Cuba, lifting the embargo would only help the government to get more rich instead of writing, helping the Cuban citizens. Since there is woodstock, an over 90% state-owned economy in Cuba, open trade would improve the government however the citizens would remain the same. (Guggenheim, 2015) 6. Since the embargo still allows for Cuban-Americans to visit family members and enhance resume, send money to family in Cuba, the government of the United States is able to target the government instead of the Cuban citizens. Also humanitarian and educational travel permits are issued to help improve the life of Cuban citizens. (Klashcol, 2014) 7. The United States should hold on woodstock, to the embargo for a little longer. Fidel Castro gave power to his brother Ra??l Castro because of health issues. However, Ra??l Castro is over 80 years old as well and it might be a smart thing to do to wait for a new leader to arrive to prevent issues and negotiations to happen two times. (Klashcol, 2014) 8. The majority of the Cuban-American inhabitants support the remaining of the embargo.

Since these people understand the situation the best there must be listened to the opinions of enhance resume, these people. Woodstock! The majority of the Cuban-Americans support the help writing embargo since it has served as a constant form of solidarity within the woodstock 69 essay Cubans for more than 50 years. (Klashcol, 2014) 9. Cuba has been on the list of terrorism of the US since 1982. Cuba should remain on this list since it has been repeatedly supporting acts of of dissertation, terrorism. An example of woodstock 69 essay, this would be the shot down of two American aircrafts which killed four people in passe compose essayer, 1996. Furthermore Cuba is suspected of supporting armed insurgencies in Africa and Latin America. (Guggenheim, 2015) 10.

The United States has been showing several times the willingness to negotiate steps to improve the diplomatic relations however Fidel Castro has been calling this ‘stupid’ several times and he stated once that ‘many things will change in Cuba but not thanks to the United States. Perhaps that empire will fall first.’ (Guggenheim, 2015) 11. Open travel is insufficient to promote change in Cuba. There are many other countries already that allow open travel to Cuba but without any result. Canada is currently the main market of Cuba and this democratic country has not been able to promote any form of democracy. Most Cuban citizens are still not allowed to visit touristic areas, resorts and beaches (Klashcol, 2014) 3.5.2 Cons for the United States Maintaining the Embargo. 1. 69 Essay! The embargo should be ended since it has failed to writing achieve its goal. The embargo is more than 50 years old and woodstock 69 essay, it has not helped to create democracy in Cuba.

The over 50 years sanctions have not been able to change the scope writing regime or the communism and proceeding with this is not going to change anything in the future either. 2. The embargo is a relic of the Cold War. The relationship between Cuba and the Soviet Union raised concern by the United States of their national security, however this should be seen as history now. Cuba is not a military threat to the United States and the embargo cannot be used anymore as fear of communism spreading towards other countries. 3. The embargo limits export and 69 essay, the United States misses out on $1.2 billion every year because of enhance resume, missed exports.

Especially American famers miss out on money because they are not allowed to send any sugar anymore to Cuba. 69 Essay! If the embargo would be lifted, the average farmer in America would notice the passe essayer economic difference in 2 to 3 years. Furthermore lifting the woodstock embargo could create 6000 jobs in America in the agricultural sector. 4. The embargo should be lifted since it is harming the Cuban citizens and essay - introduce myself, not effective harming the government as intended. Cubans are denied from many elements such as medicine, affordable food and woodstock 69 essay, other necessities and technology which could be provided by the United States. Essay On The French And Indian War! An example of this would be a report by woodstock 69 essay the Amnesty International in 2011 that stated that the help a cv embargo has caused a significant rise in deaths and suffering Cubans. The Cubans miss out on expert medical opinions and treatments.

Many medicines are not available because of the embargo since these medicines were issued by US companies and organizations. 5. As it comes to travel restrictions, Cuba should not be the only nation that that is off limit. Other communism such as China and North Korea if issued a visa for these countries. Furthermore other countries that are listed on the list of woodstock 69 essay, State Sponsors of Terrorism are allowed to be visited as well. Passe Essayer! It is unfair to create sanctions for a country like Cuba. 6. Woodstock 69 Essay! It is quite unfair for American citizen to passe essayer not be able to travel to another country as means of forcing another country to implement democracy and to woodstock 69 essay embrace freedom. 7. The majority of the Americans believes that the embargo should be lifted. There should be listened to the citizen of the United States and Cuba since these are the writing a cv people involved in this issues and also notice the changes the 69 essay most. 8. Cuban-American believe that the embargo is not working. The majority believes that the essay on the war embargo has not been realised as what it was promised to do. Although these people are also the ones that believe the embargo should be remained since it provides to them a form of solidarity.

However, the embargo has not achieved what it promised to achieved and thus is the embargo irrelevant. 9. Isolation of one country is woodstock, not working to promote democracy. English Essay - Introduce Myself! Free trade example would be the trade with China. This led to economic reforms that brought 100 million people above the 69 essay poverty line. - Introduce! Furthermore this improved access to education and health care. 10. Since the government of Cuba is blaming all the issues in Cuba on the United States, their view on their own weaknesses is completely gone. Lifting the embargo would make the government create an woodstock 69 essay, insight on the problems that are still occurring after lifting the embargo such as the lack of medicine, the passe du verbe essayer plumbing systems and water solutions. 11. Woodstock! Most countries in the world opposes the short on failure in pakistan embargo. In 2013 188 countries in the UN General Assembly voted for woodstock lifting the embargo.

Most countries of the worlds, especially the main tourism suppliers of Cuba such as Canada, Italy, Spain and Germany, think that the US sanctions make the United States look childish and stubborn. 12. The Cuban people are not able to benefit of the current progressing technology and information because of the embargo and are being hold back because of scope, this matter. All United States websites are blocked in woodstock, Cuba and connection is still very bad. 3.5.3 Advantages for Cuba Lifting the Embargo. 1. Compose Essayer! The United States is a potential number one tourism market since many US citizens are attracted to the country, they have relatives in Cuba and is a nearby holiday destination. Besides that the borders of Cuba has been closed for a long time for people from the United States which created more curiosity. If travel from the United States to Cuba will finally be allowed (for the 12 catagories), the main tourism market will become the United States and lots of woodstock 69 essay, money can be generated from this.

Having an American embassy in Cuba again will help this process as well. 2. After the lifting of the embargo Cuba will be able to essay of democracy trade again with the United States. Import and export of woodstock 69 essay, good will lead to a growth for the Cuban economy. An example of this would be the producing of sugar in the United States. Many years ago this sugar was imported by Cuba since this was the cheapest and nearest country to import sugar from. After the embargo Cuba had to import sugar from countries all over the world and has been costing lots of money. (Appendix X Interviews) 3. Lifting the embargo will make it possible for American citizens to send more money to relatives in Cuba which is a pro for Cuban citizens since this might make families more wealthy. 4. One of the promises of the passe essayer United States is to 69 essay help Cuba improve the technology within the scope of dissertation country. Cuba is missing out on lots of information and knowledge because o f a lack of technology for example the internet.

5. Cuba will benefit from the American companies and partners location in woodstock 69 essay, the country. Cuba can learn a lot from these businesses and creates benefits on the long term since Cubans might be able in the future to start a company or connect with the American ones. 6. The United States is willing to provide humanitarian aid in Cuba since there is still lots of poverty all over the country. Cubans are able to improve living conditions thanks to the help of the United States. 7. The new policy will also make it easier for enhance resume Americans to provide business training and Cubans will have the opportunity to develop themselves and their businesses. The private sector in Cuba will be explored. 8. Woodstock 69 Essay! Remittance levels will be raised and no specific license is needed anymore. This way it will be much easier to support the Cubans, private businesses or human projects and this would be a huge benefit for Cubans. 9. Many tourists in Cuba buy the a cv relatively cheap alcohol and tobacco, for example the woodstock 69 essay famous Havana Club Rum and essay on the war, the cigars.

Licensed travellers from the United States will be allowed to import $400 worth of good to the US instead of the usual $100. Woodstock 69 Essay! Americans will be able to import more worth of scope of dissertation, goods to woodstock the United States and Cuba will earn more money because of these sold goods. 10. Passe Du Verbe Essayer! Because of the increase tourism and indirect consequences many jobs will be generated since a lot more work needs to be executed to provide products for everybody. 11. Cuba will be removed from the woodstock 69 essay list of terrorism and enhance resume, other countries will approach Cuba in a different way. Cuba will be able to woodstock promote themselves without being referred to as a ‘supporter of of dissertation, terrorism’. 12.

Cuba will be allowed to participate in the 2015 Summit of the Americas which will be held in Panama. This will be an opportunity for the government of Cuba to show other countries that they are willing to make a change and try the best they can. 13. The United States has always been an 69 essay, important factor in essay, world domination and many countries support and respect the US a lot. Normalizing relations between Cuba and the US will lead to different views from other countries as well towards Cuba and 69 essay, might gain more respect in the future. 3.5.4 Disadvantages for Cuba Lifting the Embargo.

1. Of Dissertation Writing! Since Ra??l Castro is not planning on channing the woodstock communism approach into a democratic approach most of the economic advantages of lifting the embargo will go straight to the government instead of the citizens and writing, people might economically not even notice the change. (BUDL Novice Evidence Packet, 2014) 2. For many years already, according to people with knowledge in this field, the United States is planning on drilling oil in Cuba. Since the woodstock 69 essay embargo is the only thing that is holding them back, lifting the embargo might become an essay on the war, issue. The Cuban technology is not improved enough and there is a lack of woodstock, information and knowledge to start these procedures themselves. The United States might take the step if the embargo is lifted. (BUDL Novice Evidence Packet, 2014) 3. Du Verbe! Lifting the embargo might bring lots of positive effect because of the increase of tourism however this will create negative influences for the environment as well. More tourists will cause more pollution, biodiversity might reduce and for example the ocean might get polluted because of other waste from cruise ships. (BUDL Novice Evidence Packet, 2014) 3.6 Changes for the Tourism Industry’ 3.7 After the release of the statement.

Barack Obama suggested in his speech of December 2014 that Cuba would participate in the Summit of 2015 organized in Panama. The summit of the Americas is woodstock 69 essay, organized in 2015 for the 7th times and this year it was held in enhance resume, Panama-City, Panama. The summit is organized to woodstock bring the scope of dissertation leaders of the woodstock 69 essay Americas which include North America (which includes the Caribbean and essay on the french war, Central-America) and South America to discuss issues that are important or have influence on all countries participating. This year Panama’s government also invited Cuba since the United States hinted that they would appreciate an invitation for Cuba. The two leaders of Cuba and the United States have been in the spotlight ever since the woodstock start of the Summit of the passe du verbe Americas in Panama which was held on the 11th and 12 of April 2015.

The organization, all participating leaders and people from all over the world following the Summit of the Americas were focussed on the meeting between Obama and Castro and what this would mean for both nations and the rest of the world. Although everybody was surprised in that Obama shook the hand of woodstock 69 essay, Castro in December 2013 on the memorial day of Nelson Mandela, at this point everybody was waiting for help writing Obama and Castro to meet again and shake their hands which again would be a historical moment for 69 essay both countries. On the 11th of scope writing, April they did shake hands during a general meeting with all participating leaders (Appendix X) and this image became worldwide news. The handshake became worldwide news because it shows to the world that both leaders are really willing to work on 69 essay, re-establishing the relations. English - Introduce! The handshake shows respect for each other, honesty during their speeches and it shows trust in promises both have been made. On the 12th of April the organization of the 69 essay Summit of the Americas organized a special meeting for Barack Obama and du verbe, Ra??l Castro so that both parties could talk about differences and issues face to face and later that day a conference has been held.

Ra??l Castro gave a speech for 45 minutes in which he explained a part of the Cuban history evolving towards the moment that Obama released the statement of woodstock 69 essay, re-establishing the diplomatic relations. He explained that although the differences between both leaders, there are also many things in common and Castro explained he is enhance resume, very sure difficulties will be overcome if both of them communicate very well. Also he believes that Barack Obama is an honest man. (Appendix X) At the 69 essay end of this day both leaders shook hands again which again showed to the world that this is a statement of promise and respect toward each other. Chapter 4: Perceptions of Americans #038; Cubans. 4.1 American Inhabitants. 4.1.1 The research. A survey was conducted among American inhabitants upon their perception on the US ‘ Cuba embargo and the changing policy.

The research was conducted by a nationwide telephone survey of 1024 randomly selected United States inhabitants of 18 and older by the Atlantic Council. (Maslin #038; Bolger, 2014). The sample margin of error is 3.1% at a 95% confidence level. Surveys were conducted in January from the 7th until the 22nd 2014. (Maslin #038; Bolger, 2014) The complete results of the survey can be found in Appendix X. 4.1.2 The General Results. The American inhabitants were asked about of dissertation their perception on the changing policy and woodstock, if they are in favour of changing the situation.56% of the participants stated that they are in favour of changing the policy, a minority of 35% oppose the change and 9% doesn’t know. The majority of the US inhabitants agree with the essay - introduce government and woodstock 69 essay, are in favour of changing the policy. Furthermore a majority of 85% believes that the US government has no diplomatic relation, trade or travel with Cuba and has a worse relationship with the government than for example with Mexico, Vietnam and passe compose du verbe essayer, Iran. Only a small percentage of 10% believes the Cuban government and the US government do have a relationship and 69 essay, the other 5% does not know. This means that the majority of the Americans believe indeed that there are no relations at all between both nations and most of them are in short essay on failure of democracy in pakistan, favour of changing this. Moreover the survey included a question if the US government should ‘normalize’ or ‘engage’ with the Cuban government. Normalizing the situation could be described as changing the policy so that both governments can work together in necessary occasions and decent rules and regulations would be applied although there would still be a certain distance between both countries and engaging would mean completely change the current ‘no relation policy’ to an engaging policy in which all restrictions are released and history will be forgotten.

60% of the participants filled in that they favour normalizing the relations with Cuba and 33% opposed. To the question what Americans think about engaging with Cuba 52% is in favour of engaging with Cuba and 27% opposed. Woodstock 69 Essay! The left over percentages are the people that have no opinion or they simply don’t know. Although the difference between the percentages of normalizing and engaging is small, we can conclude that the majority favours normalizing in short essay on failure, this moment in time. In the beginning of the woodstock 69 essay survey the participants were asked if they favour or oppose changing the Cuban policy. This question has been reformed into a new question to see if the participants still feel the same in help, this matter. The question ‘Do you support changing US policy so that the US can coordinate with Cuba on issues important to woodstock both nations’? was asked and 77% said they would support this compared to a 20% that still opposed. Since the question is based more directly on enhance resume, a certain subject, the ‘don’t know’ percentage is woodstock, much more low than before. The question is directed again to another important subject due to changing the diplomatic relations which is includes allowing US companies to passe du verbe do more business in Cuba.

62% supports this matter and woodstock, 36% opposed. Furthermore the majority of 52% of the participants also believes that the compose US should allow Cuba to have access to high speed internet and other telecommunication systems based in the US. The researchers stated to the survey participants that the Cuba trade embargo is estimated to cost the US economy $4.8 billion in exports and related economic output per year and to woodstock 69 essay that question 60% answered that it is essay and indian, important to strengthen the relations whether this means normalizing or engaging, against a 40% that is in favour of keeping the embargo. Furthermore 53% does not believe that Cuba should be on the list of terrorism next to Iran, Syria and Sudan. However 40% believes Cuba should be on the list of terrorism.

7% doesn’t know. Although there gap between the woodstock opinions are not major, most of the passe essayer participants are in woodstock, favour of changing the relationship with Cuba and moving forward compared to keeping the relations as the help writing way they are. The majority of the survey participants from America believes it is time to make a change whether this means normalizing or engaging. Appendix X. 4.1.3 The Tourism Related Results. Among the Americans several questions were asked as well about their opinions about the current travel restrictions with the woodstock 69 essay Cuba and enhance resume, what this should be in the future. The question if all restrictions on travelling as an American to Cuba was asked and 60% supported that suggestion against a percentage of woodstock 69 essay, 36% that believes this should be possible in the near future.

4% did not have an on the french and indian war, opinion or doesn’t know what to woodstock 69 essay answer. The majority believes that travel restrictions should be changed and in the future traveling to Cuba as an American inhabitant should be possible. Moreover, 61% support the scope of dissertation suggestion of removing restriction on US inhabitants to spend dollars in Cuba. Woodstock 69 Essay! 35% believes this should not be possible which is only 1% different compared to the previous question which have quite a strong connection. In this case also 4% does not know what to answer. 4.2 Cuban-American inhabitants.

4.2.1 The research. A survey among the short of democracy in pakistan Cuban-American community has been conducted by woodstock 69 essay the School of International and Public Affairs to review the opinions upon the current US embargo for Cuba. On The War! This research has been done for more than 20 years, however the 69 essay survey in 2014 has been an important one because of the changes in the policy. The School of International and Public Affairs researched upon the interests and perceptions associated with the policy such as travel restrictions, investment opportunities, trade, immigration policy and diplomatic engagement among Cuban-Americans. The FIU Cuba Poll was conducted from February until May 2014. A random sample of 1000 Cuban-American inhabitants of Miami-Dade country aged 18+.

Interviews were conducted via telephone and enhance resume, were held in both Spanish and English depending on the preference of the interviewee. Woodstock 69 Essay! The margin of error is 3.1% at the 95% confidence level. (Grenier, 2014) 4.2.2 The General results. The survey started off with the question if the Cubans living in the US believe that the embargo has worked in any way and the majority of essay and indian, 71% replied with a no, is hasn’t worked at all or not very well. The other 29% believes the embargo has worked well or very well in woodstock 69 essay, the past. Most of the participants stated a that according to them, the embargo did not worked as how it should have worked or what the participants believe the embargo should have done, caused or prevented. However, after this question the essay on the french and indian following question was asked: ‘Do you favour or oppose the continuing US embargo of woodstock, Cuba’?. To this question a surprisingly small majority opposes the continuing of the embargo and 48 percent believes the scope US embargo of Cuba should continue. During this research, the researchers also asked beforehand the educational level of the participants. 69 Essay! Most of the people that answered this question with ‘favour’ have had, on an average base, less education or no education at all compared to the other 52% that voted ‘oppose’. Essayer! However this surprising outcome, statistics from over the last 25 years show that in 1991 still 87% of the participants were in woodstock 69 essay, favour of the continuing of the Embargo which is now only 45% in 2014.

After this quite general and broad question the of dissertation writing researchers implemented some questions that focus on specific elements of the embargo. Woodstock 69 Essay! The participants were asked if they believe that it should be allowed that US companies sell medicine to Cuba. 73% is in favour of lifting the embargo so that US companies will be able to sell medicine to Cuba. A minority of 18% believes this should not be possible. To the question if US companies should be allowed to passe du verbe sell food to Cuba, 77 percent said they are in favour if this actually would happen against a minority of 23% that would oppose. 69 Essay! Furthermore these question combined created a new question. Some of the US companies managed to short essay on failure establish some limited business relations with Cuba as it comes to selling medicine, grain and other agricultural products. Should this kind of trade be expanded, kept the same or stopped? The majority of 48% believes that this kind of trade should be expanded in the future. Woodstock! 28 percent believes this should be kept the du verbe same against 24 percent that says this should be stopped in the near future.

The participants were asked if they favour or oppose the US re-establishing of diplomatic relations with Cuba and a majority of 68 percent said yes. The other 32% opposed the idea of re-establishment with Cuba. This is a quite surprising answer compared to the answer in woodstock, the beginning of the questionnaire which was about the continuing of the embargo and a small majority of 52% claimed that they oppose continuing with the embargo. Help Writing A Cv! Lifting the embargo or re-establishment of diplomatic relations comes quite close to each other however the 69 essay respondents answer different and are more unanimous about re-establishing the diplomatic relations than they are unanimous about continuing the embargo. In 1966, the Cuban Adjustment Act stated that Cuban citizens may get a green card and become residents of the myself US one year after arriving in 69 essay, the country.

However, this automatic application process is not applicable for other immigration groups. This can be seen as unfair and the participants were asked if they favour or oppose the current policy of accepting Cubans into the US. 86% answered that they favour the current rules and regulations of Cubans getting a green card after one year of myself, arrival in the United States. Only 14 opposes this situation. Furthermore, Cubans that leave Cuba by woodstock 69 essay raft or boat can be sent back to Cuba, however if they reach US soil they are allowed to stay. Participants were asked about their thoughts on this matter as well and 63% agreed with this rule. The other 37% believes that this should not be possible.

Besides that the Cuban-Americans were asked about the list of terrorism and if they believe that Cuba should be on the list that supports terrorism and 63% replied with a ‘yes, keep Cuba on the list’ against 37% that replied with ‘no, remove Cuba from the list’. This was quite a surprise according to the researchers however they found an applicable explanation for these answers. The researchers believe that the Cuban-Americans know very well what is going on in their country of birth and probably also had to escape from Cuba to the US to create a better live. Enhance Resume! They know how it is to live in communism and might believe that whenever there is still communism in Cuba, America should not take Cuba of the list of terrorism. However, the woodstock 69 essay researchers stated this as an possible option for these responses but is not proven. The participants were asked if they would vote for a candidate who supports the re-establishment of diplomatic relations with Cuba and only 27% of the participants said it would be likely to vote for passe du verbe essayer someone that is willing to establish the relations with Cuba against a majority of 72%. Furthermore the question was asked if it would be likely to vote for a candidate who supports replacing the embargo with increased support for independent small business owners in Cuba and to this question 58% said it would be likely to vote for a candidate that supports this. Moreover the participants were asked if they would vote for a candidate that supports replacing the embargo with support for increasing pressure on the Cuban government over human rights and 81% responded that it would be very likely they would vote for a candidate supporting that. It is obvious that the Cuban-Americans are not very interested in re-establishing the relations for Americas sake but are interested in creating more opportunities for Cuba and improve the human rights and the system instead of lifting all rules and regulations that influence America since that does not mean to them so much.

4.2.3 The Tourism Related Results. Questions about the tourism restrictions were asked to the Cuban-Americans as well and with 69 percent they voted that unrestricted travel by woodstock 69 essay all Americans to Cuba should not be allowed against a 31% that said it should be allowed. Over the last 23 years this opinion is quite different than before. In 1999 44% stated that unrestricted travel by all Americans to Cuba should be allowed. In 2014 this percentage increased to 69. Furthermore the help writing a cv researchers stated that currently all Americans can travel to Cuba in woodstock, people to help a cv people trips organized by special travel agencies and woodstock 69 essay, designed to encourage communication among citizens of the USA and passe du verbe essayer, citizens of Cuba.

These trips are usually organized for educational, religious or research purposes. 71% favours these types of travel against 29% that opposes the continuing of this type of travel to Cuba. 4.3 Cuban inhabitants. 4.3.1 The Research. The research among Cuban inhabitants is conducted during the field research in Cuba. 22 Cuban inhabitants working in the tourism sector have been interviewed and 10 of those interviews have been selected for woodstock this research. A error of 12 interviewees is due to the issues with freedom of speech and the honesty of the participants which made many of the english - introduce myself interviews unreliable. Woodstock! The research is executed until an amount of short of democracy in pakistan, 10 decent interviews was reached. Interviews were held in English. 4.3.2 The Results. Although the many different opinions and points of woodstock, view, and whether the lifting of the embargo is an advantage or a disadvantage for people involved, it is sure that change will come for the Cubans.

In all interviews held it is passe compose, stated direct and indirect that Cuba needs change whether this is woodstock, lifting the embargo or change in another form. Cuba needs change because the country is not developing at all but standing still for many years. (Appendix X Interviews). Based upon the research conducted in Cuba, lifting the embargo will create change for different elements which will improve the situation in Cuba. Enhance Resume! However, according to the interviewees some of these elements will stay the woodstock 69 essay same and do not require any change. All of the interviewees describe in enhance resume, their own words that according to them the woodstock Cuban culture will not change because of the arrival of the help writing a cv Americans (Appendix X Interviews). All of them mention that the Cuban culture is woodstock 69 essay, too strong to change and that the Cubans have been fighting for so many years together that this made them a strong culture and essay - introduce myself, this would not be easy to change. According to Rodolfo Fuegas the Cuban culture might be influenced because of for example MacDonald’s and Burger King however the traditional food will never fade away. Besides that, the claims that Cuba already has everything America has as well for example the movies, the music, the food and the dances but everybody loves it but this will not change that Cuban love their own traditions and their own way of dancing. That is why people want to come to Cuba in the first place.

To eat the Cuban food, to learn the dances and to listen to the Cuban music. Woodstock 69 Essay! (Appendix X Interview Hostel Casa Caribe). According to the interviewees the Cuban culture is one of the reasons the tourists are interested in visiting Cuba however the majority also believes that the compose USA will have an 69 essay, influence as well on certain things such as having specific types of food and beverage the on the and indian Americans are used to (Appendix X Interviews). Most of the interviewees immediately name fast food chains such as KFC or Burger King or famous American drinks such as Coca Cola and Fanta, however they all agree that the Cuban Cola will not disappear, and woodstock, their own types of fast food such as the Cuban Pizza which is slightly different from the regular pizza will be part of the Cuban lifestyle even if the American tourists require their products, habits and other cultural aspects. (Appendix X Interviews) One of the essay french and indian advantages for the Cubans will be the jobs that will be generated with the increase of tourism numbers. Not only in the tourism industry but in other fields jobs will be generated as well. For example the construction needs more people to prepare the country for the changes.

Buildings need to woodstock 69 essay be build, jobs will be generated to construct proper roads, facilities need to be improved and lots of short of democracy, jobs will be generated at import and export companies. One of the things that will change and woodstock 69 essay, the Cubans will profit from as well is the passe compose essayer infrastructure. All interviewees mention the woodstock 69 essay importance of the improvement of technology since the Cubans feel very subordinated compared to other country as it comes to this element and english - introduce, they all mention internet as the woodstock first thing that needs to change. Cubans believe the - introduce advent of having internet is very important for woodstock 69 essay the future development of Cuba. (Appendix X Interviews) Now a days internet in help writing, Cuba is very rare and very expensive. For Cubans the internet is available for a few minutes per day, it is always very slow and woodstock, most of the time it will disconnect. The tourists have the possibility to pay for internet in help, the higher-positioned hotels which is around 5 CUC (‘5) for 30 minutes. 69 Essay! This option is writing, possible for Cubans as well but for most of them way too expensive.

There is a lot of complaining about the lagging technology in Cuba and woodstock, the internet is the biggest issue according to the inhabitants (Appendix X interviews). The interviewees explain that the lifting of the help embargo might enhance many difficult circumstances in Cuba however the country will remain in communism and the government might decide to not improve technological elements such as the internet. Because of the lack of technology and woodstock, other resources such as the lack of internet, the Cubans miss out on information and knowledge. Essay On The French And Indian! Cuba is one of the few countries that are underdeveloped as it comes to the flow of information and knowledge. The government of Cuba which is having a communist ideology believes that the inhabitants do not need more information than what is happening in the country or in the city they live in. The newspapers in Cuba do almost not include any foreign information and 69 essay, the government blocked many informative websites on the internet. Enhance Resume! The overall opinion of the interviewees is that lifting the woodstock 69 essay embargo will ease the flow of information and knowledge. (Appendix X Interviews) President Barack Obama stated that commercial export of certain items that will contribute to essay on failure the ability of the Cubans to communicate with the USA and 69 essay, the rest of the world will be authorized.

This would include applications, hardware, communication devices and related software. Besides that telecommunication providers will be allowed to settle and provide commercial telecommunication and writing, internet services which will improve communication between the USA and Cuba (Appendix X Statement of Change). 69 Essay! According to the opinions of the interviewees the need of information and essay on the french and indian, knowledge is definitely a need to improve the woodstock living conditions but are sceptical. Cubans are wondering if this will ever happen since the government of Cuba is still able to decline the offers and to leave the technology for what it is. According to Ronaldo Carlos Baster the government wants to keep the isolation for the Cuban people.

If they are able to get too much information and knowledge from the outside, people will start an insurgency. One day the government tells us that they will take the opportunities of the USA with both hands and the next day they will tell us that we will remain living in on the and indian war, communism. Cubans cannot build on that and the inhabitants don’t know what to believe anymore. (Appendix X Ronaldo’s Backpackers) Chapter 5: The Supply of Cuba. Cuba Demographics Profile. 2,116 million inhabitants.

Currency CUP #038; CUC. Population growth rate -0,41% Net migration rate -3.64 migrants/1000 population. Urbanization Urban population: 75,1% of total population (2011) Rate of urbanization: -0,08% annual rate of change (2011) Gross Domestic Product $68,233,900,000. Gross Domestic Product Growth rate 2,7% (2014)

Gross National Income $57,071,377,115. Export 5587.70 million. Import 14778.00 million. Birth rate 9.9 births/1000 population. Death rate 7.64 deaths/1000 population.

Life expectancy at birth Total Population: 78,22 years. Male: 75.92 years. Female: 80.65 years. Unemployment rate 3.3 % Ethnic groups White: 64,1% Religions Roman Catholic: 60% Note: Prior to Castro’s assuming power. Diseases: Risk: intermediate. Food or waterborne diseases: bacterial diarrhoea #038; hepatitis A.

Vector borne diseases: Dengue fever. Figure 1( (Cuba Demographics Profile 2014, 2014) 5.1.1 Current Markets. Although Cuba is experiencing economic and social problems for years already, there is a major level of interest in travel to the country from people from all over the world. Cuba is able to woodstock provide diverse culture, existing and potential attractions, architectural history and much more makes Cuba an interesting destination which has been noticed by tourists for many years already. From 1988 till 1993 the enhance resume total amount of tourism arrivals increased from woodstock 69 essay 309,200 in 1988 to 546,000 in 1993 which is an annual growth of 12%. This number increased to 619,200 in 1993 which is an annual growth of scope writing, 13% in just one year.

In 1995 this number even increased with a higher percentage of 20 which represents an amount of 741,700 international arrivals compared to the year before. The main reason for the major tourism increase in 1995 was the results of a hurricane damage to several other Caribbean islands at the end of 1994. In 1996 tourism numbers reached a new record which was 990.000 visitors and Cuba got placed on the 5th most visited island of the Caribbean. (Suddaby, 1997) From 1996 on woodstock 69 essay, the international tourism arrivals reached above the million visitors per essay, year and started to increase with an average around 4,6% per woodstock, year until 2000. In 2001 the terrorist attacks in the United States caused fear among tourists and also in Cuba this was noticeable since the tourism numbers dropped until the end of 2002. Tourism arrivals decreased by 5% compared from compose 2001 and is only 69 essay 5% higher than the tourism arrivals in 1999. From 2003 till 2005 the tourism industry of compose du verbe, Cuba seems to be recovering and the number of arrival increased again and at the end of 2005 Cuba reached an increase of 45% compared to 1999. Woodstock 69 Essay! From the end of 2005 until 2007 numbers started to drop again which is a combination of du verbe essayer, changing governmental rules and regulations and 69 essay, increase of price of currency converting of the Pesos with 10%. (Data Bank Cuba, 2014) From 2008 until 2013 the compose essayer international number of tourists arrivals is increasing every year.

In 2013 this number almost reached the 2.9 million arrivals. In 2014 the number of international tourism arrivals reached a record more or less 3.003 million visitors. This number is an estimation and unofficial since this is not published yet by woodstock the offical national bureau of myself, statiscics and information of Cuba. Woodstock! (Ubanell, 2015). This number was already expected to increase but increased more rapidly because of the statement of President Barack Obama in December 2014. From this moment on, tourists for all over scope of dissertation, the world decided to woodstock visit Cuba since now they believe this will still be the Cuba with its culture and Cuba always has been before all Americans will arrive in 2015 or the year after.

2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013. International Tourism Number of Arrivals 2.348.340. Difference Previous Year +3,5 +4,2 +7,3 +4,5 +0,5. (Oficina Nacional De Estadistica E Informac??on, 2014) From 1998 Europe has been the major market for Cuba, however over the years Canadians have become very interested in Cuba and became the biggest market. Fom 1998 on writing a cv, the United States always had a small market share in the cuban tourism sector with an averyage of woodstock 69 essay, 3% each year. South-American countries have formed a market for Cuba as well however not as big as the European market and has been decreasing as well over the years.

In the 90’s the a cv Mexican market was quite an woodstock 69 essay, important market as well however over the years this became less and less and since 2002 Mexico can be segmented in the target group ‘others’. Countries with a low amount of international arrivals in Cuba have been catagorized in ‘others’ including countries from all over passe du verbe, the world, especially countries from 69 essay Asia and Africa since they form a small market. Since 2005 Canada is the major market of Cuba. Now a day with 38% of the total market share, Canadians travel the most to Cuba. Canadian policies are very different and essay, more accessible between the two nations compared to woodstock 69 essay the USA. Besides that, the nearness of Cuba is for Canada a major plus since Cuba is the perfect closest destination that looks like paradise. The second largest market is the UK, however almost 4 times smaller than the Canadian market with around 175.000 visitors average per year.

However this market is decreasing from 2008 on. The third largest market is Garmany which has a bit more amount of visitors than the following markets which are France and Italy. Four out of five countries that provide main tourism in Cuba are European countries. The United States is enhance resume, ranked sixth which makes North-America and Europe the 69 essay main markets for Cuba. North-America is providing 1.964 million tourists in 2013 and enhance resume, Europe 0.81 million. Although these are the main market areas for Cuba there is a big gap between both.

This is due to Canada which is 7,4 times as big as the second largest market which is the United Kingdom. Other countries providing smaller markets for 69 essay Cuba are Latin American countries and other carribean islands. The complete list can be found in the Appendix X. (Oficina Nacional De Estadistica E Informac??on, 2014) The direct contribution of travel #038; tourism to GDP in millions has been increasing agan form 2009. English Essay - Introduce! In 2008 there was a dip due to the economic crisis however a year later the direct contribution of travel and 69 essay, tourism started to english essay increase again and has been equally been increasing every year since. In 2013 the direct contribution was 1,95 million of the total GDP of Cuba which was 78107 million. Since 2008 the percentage of the tourism and woodstock 69 essay, travel of the writing gross domestic product is decreasing. This means that Cuba is becoming less dependent on the tourism and travel industry, and is able to create their own economy and business around other elements such as import, export andagriculture. The total contribution of tourism and travel to woodstock GDP can be devided into direct, indirect and induced. Although the direct contribution of travel and tourism to GDP might not seem a lot, the indirect and induced influences of travel and english, tourism make a big difference in woodstock 69 essay, contribution of the GDP. Direct contribution can be described as the expenditures of tourists that are directly expended on tourism products such as accomodation, transportation and attractions.

Indirect travel and tourism contribution are investments spending, government collective tourism #038; travel spending and the impact of purchases from suppliers. Induces contribution measures the GDP and jobs supported of those that are directly or indirect involved in the tourism and travel industry. Direct, indrect and induced contribution of travel and tourism to GDP creates a much bigger impact than only help a cv viewing the direct contribuition. If we calculate them all together, much more money is generated thanks to woodstock tourism and travel and many people are directly or indirect involved in this industry. 5.1.2 Current Products. Cuba features many different products that can be described as the main products of the island that makes it so interesting for tourists to travel to Cuba. The diversity of products can be categorized to create a clear overview. La Habana, de capital of essay on the and indian, Cuba is very famous and the most well-known city of Cuba. Although it is not the biggest city, Havana is one of the main attractions for tourists because of the 69 essay cultural mix, the food #038; beverage, dancing #038; music and the old coloured typical houses that decorate the streets.

The city breeds street musicians, little shops, street venders and essay on failure in pakistan, music. Almost nobody will visit Cuba without visiting Havana and is the woodstock 69 essay major pull factor to visit Cuba. Especially Havana Vieja is very attractive for most visitors and a world heritage-listed area. Appendix X. One major product for tourists are the cigars and compose, the cars. Those two products are symbols for woodstock many people when thinking of Cuba. Essay On The French And Indian! Besides that, cigars and the typical cars are a cultural habit for the Cubans as well. Cigars are made by the Cubans and a popular product of use in daily life. The Cubans know very well that the woodstock cigars can be sold to tourists and will generate money.

The typical Cuban cars, seen in the advertisement next to the cigars, are very colourful and create a happy, sunny image of the country. Another product attracting tourists a lot is the art that is visible everywhere. Streets are coloured with paintings, images of enhance resume, Ch?? Guevara, images of woodstock 69 essay, occurrences in the Cuban history or daily importance’s. Having coloured houses and paintings on walls of public streets create a symbol and especially to tourists it is compose du verbe, attractive to woodstock 69 essay visit these areas since this shows lots of culture and norms and values of Cuba. ‘ Music and Dancing. Cuba is known for its music. One of the products that Cuba has to scope of dissertation writing offer is the tango, salsa and bachata music that can be heard everywhere.

In the middle of the woodstock 69 essay streets musicians will play their music as well in of dissertation, bars and restaurants which creates a lively atmosphere and attractiveness. Besides that, dancing is done a lot in woodstock 69 essay, Cuba which goes together with their style of on the, music. Cuba offers lots of dancing classes, music classes and festivals since Cubans are all very interested in music and dancing, as well tourists are very welcome. Sun, sand and sea is the major tourism product Cuba has to offer. With its paradise-a-like beaches and resorts, including the palm trees, the overload of sun and crystal clear water, every year many tourists visit Cuba especially for its beach life. It is expected that in the following 4 years, 70% of the hotels that will be build will be located in Varadero and now a days already 63% of all hotels are located at coastal sides spread all over the country. Woodstock 69 Essay! (Knight, 2010) Tourists stay mostly in the resorts in areas such as Varadero since this area is the greatest in providing the beautiful beaches with clear water and writing, perfect resorts.

However, nice beaches can be found all over woodstock 69 essay, Cuba and likely the resorts around these beaches are booked a lot by tourists, mainly from Canada and western Europe. Cuba has some amazing wildlife and beautiful nature. - Introduce! Most of the unspoilt nature can be found at the south and east side of the country. The west (including Havana) and 69 essay, the north side dispose of cities and touristic areas. However the south and west are known for its jungle-like areas, the diverse wildlife and enhance resume, pristine areas. 69 Essay! These areas are mainly visited by backpackers and other tourists interested in staying in the uninhabited areas just to enjoy the beautiful surroundings and wildlife. Water Sports #038; Boating Tourism. Boating tourism and on the french war, water sports is one of the products Cuba is offering which is not really a surprise since Cuba is an island in the Caribbean Sea, completely surrounded by water and beaches.

Cruise ships arrive in the harbours all the time and tourists hop on and off on the ships. 69 Essay! Sailors from english essay all over 69 essay, the world are welcome to discover the beauty of Cuba and lots of tourists are interested in this as well. Besides that, many tourists on holiday book some boat tours or do water sports during their vacation. Cuba is a progressing country in the Antilles as it comes to health and medical facilities. However the enhance resume Cubans would always disagree because to them it is way too expensive, the medical facilities are quite advanced and plastic surgery is done as well. Although this is to Cubans very expensive, the tourists love the prices and are willing to plan a trip to 69 essay Cuba related to their medical situation. One of the major tourism products of help writing a cv, Cuba is the sex industry.

Although this is woodstock 69 essay, not legalised, this is a daily fact in Cuba. Since the wages are very low in Cuba and enhance resume, people need to work very hard for some money, women find it very appealing to offer themselves to (eldery) tourists that are looking for some pleasure during their holidays. The girls get payed for staying with those men and besides that, most of woodstock, them will be taken out for essay drinks, dinners or other entertainment facilities. 5.2 Future Expectations. 2015 ‘ Explosion of other tourists from all over the world. Chapter 5: Expected Reaction Cuba.

Chapter 6: Recommendations. Boyer, D. (2013, December 15). Obama shakes hands with Cuba’s Raul Castro at Nelson Mandela’s funeral. Retrieved from Washington Times: Bryman, A. (2012).

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Retrieved from The Guardian: Spencer, R. (2009). Development Tourism: Lessons from Cuba. England: Ashgate Publishing Limited. Ubanell, L. S. (2015, March 10). Woodstock! Tourism in Cuba soars to record numbers during winter season. Retrieved from english essay myself VOXXI: Walcott, F. 69 Essay! (1993). Caribbean Tourism Statistical Report.

Barbados: Culloden Farm. Wilkinson, P. F. (1997). Tourism Policy #038; Planning: Case Studies from the Commonwealth Caribbean. Ontario, Canada: York University. Statement Barack Obama December 17th 2014. Statement by the President on scope of dissertation, Cuba Policy Changes. THE PRESIDENT: Good afternoon. Today, the United States of America is changing its relationship with the people of Cuba.

In the most significant changes in our policy in more than fifty years, we will end an outdated approach that, for decades, has failed to advance our interests, and instead we will begin to normalize relations between our two countries. Woodstock! Through these changes, we intend to create more opportunities for short essay in pakistan the American and Cuban people, and begin a new chapter among the nations of the Americas. There’s a complicated history between the United States and Cuba. I was born in 1961 ‘- just over two years after Fidel Castro took power in Cuba, and just a few months after the Bay of Pigs invasion, which tried to overthrow his regime. Over the next several decades, the relationship between our countries played out against the backdrop of the Cold War, and America’s steadfast opposition to woodstock 69 essay communism. We are separated by just over 90 miles.

But year after year, an of dissertation, ideological and economic barrier hardened between our two countries. Meanwhile, the Cuban exile community in the United States made enormous contributions to our country ‘- in politics and woodstock 69 essay, business, culture and sports. Like immigrants before, Cubans helped remake America, even as they felt a painful yearning for war the land and families they left behind. All of this bound America and Cuba in a unique relationship, at once family and foe. Proudly, the United States has supported democracy and human rights in 69 essay, Cuba through these five decades. We have done so primarily through policies that aimed to isolate the island, preventing the most basic travel and commerce that Americans can enjoy anyplace else.

And though this policy has been rooted in the best of intentions, no other nation joins us in imposing these sanctions, and of dissertation writing, it has had little effect beyond providing the Cuban government with a rationale for restrictions on woodstock 69 essay, its people. Today, Cuba is still governed by the Castro’s and the Communist Party that came to power half a century ago. Neither the American, nor Cuban people are well served by a rigid policy that is rooted in events that took place before most of us were born. Consider that for more than 35 years, we’ve had relations with China ‘- a far larger country also governed by a Communist Party. Scope! Nearly two decades ago, we re-established relations with Vietnam, where we fought a war that claimed more Americans than any Cold War confrontation. That’s why -‘ when I came into office -‘ I promised to woodstock 69 essay re-examine our Cuba policy. As a start, we lifted restrictions for Cuban Americans to travel and send remittances to their families in Cuba. These changes, once controversial, now seem obvious. Cuban Americans have been reunited with their families, and short essay, are the best possible ambassadors for our values. And through these exchanges, a younger generation of Cuban Americans has increasingly questioned an approach that does more to keep Cuba closed off from an interconnected world. While I have been prepared to take additional steps for some time, a major obstacle stood in 69 essay, our way ‘- the wrongful imprisonment, in Cuba, of a U.S. citizen and USAID sub-contractor Alan Gross for five years.

Over many months, my administration has held discussions with the Cuban government about Alan’s case, and other aspects of our relationship. Essay French! His Holiness Pope Francis issued a personal appeal to me, and to Cuba’s President Raul Castro, urging us to resolve Alan’s case, and to address Cuba’s interest in the release of three Cuban agents who have been jailed in the United States for over 15 years. Today, Alan returned home ‘- reunited with his family at long last. Alan was released by the Cuban government on humanitarian grounds. Separately, in woodstock, exchange for the three Cuban agents, Cuba today released one of the most important intelligence agents that the United States has ever had in compose du verbe essayer, Cuba, and who has been imprisoned for 69 essay nearly two decades. This man, whose sacrifice has been known to only a few, provided America with the information that allowed us to arrest the network of Cuban agents that included the men transferred to Cuba today, as well as other spies in the United States. Writing! This man is now safely on our shores. Having recovered these two men who sacrificed for our country, I’m now taking steps to place the interests of the people of woodstock 69 essay, both countries at the heart of our policy.

First, I’ve instructed Secretary Kerry to immediately begin discussions with Cuba to re-establish diplomatic relations that have been severed since January of 1961. Going forward, the United States will re-establish an embassy in Havana, and high-ranking officials will visit Cuba. Where we can advance shared interests, we will -‘ on issues like health, migration, counterterrorism, drug trafficking and disaster response. Indeed, we’ve seen the benefits of cooperation between our countries before. It was a Cuban, Carlos Finlay, who discovered that mosquitoes carry yellow fever; his work helped Walter Reed fight it. Cuba has sent hundreds of health care workers to of dissertation writing Africa to fight Ebola, and I believe American and woodstock, Cuban health care workers should work side by scope side to woodstock stop the spread of this deadly disease. Now, where we disagree, we will raise those differences directly -‘ as we will continue to do on issues related to enhance resume democracy and human rights in Cuba. Woodstock 69 Essay! But I believe that we can do more to support the Cuban people and promote our values through engagement. English Essay - Introduce Myself! After all, these 50 years have shown that isolation has not worked. It’s time for a new approach. Second, I’ve instructed Secretary Kerry to woodstock review Cuba’s designation as a State Sponsor of Terrorism.

This review will be guided by the facts and the law. Terrorism has changed in the last several decades. At a time when we are focused on threats from enhance resume al Qaeda to woodstock ISIL, a nation that meets our conditions and renounces the use of scope of dissertation, terrorism should not face this sanction. Third, we are taking steps to increase travel, commerce, and the flow of woodstock, information to and from Cuba. This is of dissertation, fundamentally about freedom and openness, and also expresses my belief in the power of people-to-people engagement.

With the changes I’m announcing today, it will be easier for Americans to travel to Cuba, and Americans will be able to use American credit and debit cards on the island. 69 Essay! Nobody represents America’s values better than the American people, and I believe this contact will ultimately do more to empower the Cuban people. I also believe that more resources should be able to reach the Cuban people. So we’re significantly increasing the amount of money that can be sent to Cuba, and removing limits on remittances that support humanitarian projects, the Cuban people, and the emerging Cuban private sector. I believe that American businesses should not be put at a disadvantage, and that increased commerce is good for Americans and for Cubans.

So we will facilitate authorized transactions between the United States and on the and indian, Cuba. U.S. financial institutions will be allowed to open accounts at Cuban financial institutions. And it will be easier for U.S. exporters to sell goods in Cuba. I believe in the free flow of 69 essay, information. Unfortunately, our sanctions on Cuba have denied Cubans access to technology that has empowered individuals around the globe.

So I’ve authorized increased telecommunications connections between the short United States and 69 essay, Cuba. Businesses will be able to sell goods that enable Cubans to communicate with the passe du verbe essayer United States and other countries. These are the steps that I can take as President to change this policy. The embargo that’s been imposed for decades is now codified in legislation. As these changes unfold, I look forward to engaging Congress in woodstock, an honest and serious debate about lifting the embargo. Yesterday, I spoke with Raul Castro to finalize Alan Gross’s release and the exchange of prisoners, and to describe how we will move forward. I made clear my strong belief that Cuban society is constrained by restrictions on its citizens. In addition to - introduce myself the return of Alan Gross and the release of our intelligence agent, we welcome Cuba’s decision to release a substantial number of prisoners whose cases were directly raised with the Cuban government by my team. Woodstock! We welcome Cuba’s decision to provide more access to the Internet for its citizens, and to continue increasing engagement with international institutions like the United Nations and the International Committee of the enhance resume Red Cross that promote universal values. But I’m under no illusion about the continued barriers to woodstock 69 essay freedom that remain for scope of dissertation writing ordinary Cubans. 69 Essay! The United States believes that no Cubans should face harassment or arrest or beatings simply because they’re exercising a universal right to have their voices heard, and enhance resume, we will continue to support civil society there.

While Cuba has made reforms to gradually open up its economy, we continue to believe that Cuban workers should be free to 69 essay form unions, just as their citizens should be free to participate in enhance resume, the political process. Moreover, given Cuba’s history, I expect it will continue to pursue foreign policies that will at times be sharply at odds with American interests. Woodstock 69 Essay! I do not expect the changes I am announcing today to bring about essay on failure of democracy in pakistan a transformation of Cuban society overnight. But I am convinced that through a policy of engagement, we can more effectively stand up for our values and help the Cuban people help themselves as they move into the 21st century. To those who oppose the steps I’m announcing today, let me say that I respect your passion and share your commitment to liberty and democracy. The question is how we uphold that commitment.

I do not believe we can keep doing the same thing for over five decades and woodstock 69 essay, expect a different result. Moreover, it does not serve America’s interests, or the Cuban people, to try to push Cuba toward collapse. Even if that worked -‘ and english, it hasn’t for woodstock 50 years ‘- we know from hard-earned experience that countries are more likely to enjoy lasting transformation if their people are not subjected to chaos. We are calling on Cuba to unleash the potential of 11 million Cubans by ending unnecessary restrictions on their political, social, and compose du verbe essayer, economic activities. In that spirit, we should not allow U.S. sanctions to add to the burden of Cuban citizens that we seek to woodstock help. To the Cuban people, America extends a hand of friendship.

Some of you have looked to us as a source of hope, and we will continue to shine a light of freedom. Others have seen us as a former colonizer intent on controlling your future. French And Indian War! Jos?? Mart?? once said, ‘Liberty is the right of woodstock 69 essay, every man to be honest.’ Today, I am being honest with you. We can never erase the history between us, but we believe that you should be empowered to live with dignity and self-determination.

Cubans have a saying about daily life: ‘No es facil’ ‘- it’s not easy. Today, the United States wants to be a partner in making the short essay on failure lives of ordinary Cubans a little bit easier, more free, more prosperous. To those who have supported these measures, I thank you for being partners in our efforts. In particular, I want to thank His Holiness Pope Francis, whose moral example shows us the woodstock 69 essay importance of pursuing the world as it should be, rather than simply settling for enhance resume the world as it is; the government of Canada, which hosted our discussions with the Cuban government; and woodstock, a bipartisan group of congressmen who have worked tirelessly for Alan Gross’s release, and for a new approach to advancing our interests and values in a cv, Cuba. Finally, our shift in policy towards Cuba comes at a moment of renewed leadership in the Americas. This April, we are prepared to have Cuba join the woodstock 69 essay other nations of the hemisphere at the Summit of the Americas. But we will insist that civil society join us so that citizens, not just leaders, are shaping our future. And I call on all of my fellow leaders to give meaning to the commitment to democracy and enhance resume, human rights at the heart of the Inter-American Charter.

Let us leave behind the legacy of 69 essay, both colonization and communism, the writing a cv tyranny of drug cartels, dictators and sham elections. A future of greater peace, security and 69 essay, democratic development is possible if we work together — not to maintain power, not to secure vested interest, but instead to advance the dreams of our citizens. My fellow Americans, the city of Miami is essay, only 200 miles or so from Havana. Countless thousands of Cubans have come to Miami — on planes and woodstock 69 essay, makeshift rafts; some with little but the shirt on their back and hope in their hearts. Today, Miami is often referred to of dissertation as the 69 essay capital of Latin America. But it is also a profoundly American city -‘ a place that reminds us that ideals matter more than the on the french and indian color of our skin, or the circumstances of our birth; a demonstration of what the Cuban people can achieve, and the openness of the United States to our family to the South. Todos somos Americanos. Change is hard ‘- in our own lives, and in woodstock 69 essay, the lives of nations. And change is even harder when we carry the heavy weight of history on essayer, our shoulders. But today we are making these changes because it is the right thing to do. Today, America chooses to cut loose the shackles of the woodstock 69 essay past so as to reach for a better future ‘- for the Cuban people, for compose du verbe the American people, for our entire hemisphere, and for the world.

Thank you. God bless you and God bless the United States of America. President Barack Obama. (Source: Obama, 2014) Statement of Change ‘ Barack Obama. Key components establishing diplomatic relations with Cuba: ‘ The President has instructed the Secretary of State to immediately initiate discussions with Cuba on the re-establishment of diplomatic relations with Cuba, which were severed in January 1961. ‘ In the 69 essay coming months, we will re-establish an embassy in Havana and carry out high-level exchanges and visits between our two governments as part of the normalization process. As an initial step, the Assistant Secretary of State for Western Hemisphere Affairs will lead the U.S. Delegation to the next round of U.S.-Cuba Migration Talks in January 2015, in Havana. ‘ U.S. engagement will be critical when appropriate and will include continued strong support for english essay - introduce improved human rights conditions and democratic reforms in Cuba and other measures aimed at fostering improved conditions for the Cuban people.

‘ The United States will work with Cuba on matters of mutual concern and 69 essay, that advance U.S. Enhance Resume! national interests, such as migration, counternarcotic, environmental protection, and trafficking in persons, among other issues. Adjusting regulations to more effectively empower the Cuban people- ‘ The changes announced today will soon be implemented via amendments to regulations of the Departments of the Treasury and 69 essay, Commerce. Essay! Our new policy changes will further enhance our goal of empowering the 69 essay Cuban population. ‘ Our travel and remittance policies are helping Cubans by providing alternative sources of information and opportunities for self-employment and private property ownership, and by strengthening independent civil society. ‘ These measures will further increase people-to-people contact; further support civil society in Cuba; and further enhance the free flow of information to, from, and writing, among the Cuban people. Persons must comply with all provisions of the revised regulations; violations of the terms and woodstock 69 essay, conditions are enforceable under U.S. law. Facilitating an expansion of travel under general licenses for the 12 existing categories of travel to Cuba authorized by law- ‘ General licenses will be made available for all authorized travellers in the following existing categories: (1) family visits; (2) official business of the U.S. government, foreign governments, and certain intergovernmental organizations; (3) journalistic activity; (4) professional research and professional meetings; (5) educational activities; (6) religious activities; (7) public performances, clinics, workshops, athletic and other competitions, and exhibitions; (8) support for the Cuban people; (9) humanitarian projects; (10) activities of private foundations or research or educational institutes; (11) exportation, importation, or transmission of information or information materials; and (12) certain export transactions that may be considered for authorization under existing regulations and guidelines. ‘ Travellers in the 12 categories of travel to short essay on failure in pakistan Cuba authorized by 69 essay law will be able to make arrangements through any service provider that complies with the U.S. Treasury’s Office of scope, Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) regulations governing travel services to Cuba, and general licenses will authorize provision of such services.

‘ The policy changes make it easier for Americans to provide business training for private Cuban businesses and woodstock 69 essay, small farmers and provide other support for the growth of Cuba’s nascent private sector. Additional options for promoting the essay on failure growth of entrepreneurship and the private sector in Cuba will be explored. Facilitating remittances to Cuba by U.S. persons- ‘ Remittance levels will be raised from $500 to $2,000 per quarter for general donative remittances to Cuban nationals (except to woodstock 69 essay certain officials of the government or the Communist party); and donative remittances for essay - introduce myself humanitarian projects, support for the Cuban people, and support for the development of private businesses in Cuba will no longer require a specific license. ‘ Remittance forwarders will no longer require a specific license. Authorizing expanded commercial sales/exports from the United States of certain goods and services- ‘ The expansion will seek to empower the nascent Cuban private sector. Items that will be authorized for export include certain building materials for private residential construction, goods for use by private sector Cuban entrepreneurs, and agricultural equipment for small farmers. This change will make it easier for Cuban citizens to 69 essay have access to certain lower-priced goods to improve their living standards and writing, gain greater economic independence from the state. Authorizing American citizens to import additional goods from Cuba- ‘ Licensed U.S. travellers to Cuba will be authorized to import $400 worth of goods from Cuba, of which no more than $100 can consist of tobacco products and alcohol combined. Facilitating authorized transactions between the United States and Cuba- ‘ U.S. Woodstock 69 Essay! institutions will be permitted to open correspondent accounts at Cuban financial institutions to facilitate the processing of authorized transactions.

‘ The regulatory definition of the statutory term ‘cash in advance’ will be revised to specify that it means ‘cash before transfer of scope of dissertation, title’; this will provide more efficient financing of authorized trade with Cuba. ‘ U.S. credit and debit cards will be permitted for use by travellers to Cuba. ‘ These measures will improve the speed, efficiency, and oversight of authorized payments between the United States and Cuba. Initiating new efforts to increase Cubans’ access to communications and their ability to communicate freely- ‘ Cuba has an internet penetration of about five percent’one of the lowest rates in the world. The cost of 69 essay, telecommunications in Cuba is exorbitantly high, while the enhance resume services offered are extremely limited. ‘ The commercial export of certain items that will contribute to the ability of the Cuban people to communicate with people in the United States and the rest of the world will be authorized.

This will include the commercial sale of certain consumer communications devices, related software, applications, hardware, and services, and items for the establishment and update of communications-related systems. ‘ Telecommunications providers will be allowed to woodstock 69 essay establish the necessary mechanisms, including infrastructure, in enhance resume, Cuba to woodstock provide commercial telecommunications and internet services, which will improve telecommunications between the United States and Cuba. Updating the application of Cuba sanctions in third countries- ‘ U.S.-owned or -controlled entities in third countries will be generally licensed to provide services to, and in pakistan, engage in financial transactions with, Cuban individuals in third countries. In addition, general licenses will unblock the woodstock accounts at U.S. banks of Cuban nationals who have relocated outside of on the, Cuba; permit U.S. persons to participate in third-country professional meetings and conferences related to woodstock Cuba; and, allow foreign vessels to enter the United States after engaging in certain humanitarian trade with Cuba, among other measures. Pursuing discussions with the Cuban and on failure of democracy in pakistan, Mexican governments to discuss our unresolved maritime boundary in the Gulf of Mexico- ‘ Previous agreements between the United States and 69 essay, Cuba delimit the maritime space between the two countries within 200 nautical miles from shore. On Failure In Pakistan! The United States, Cuba, and Mexico have extended continental shelf in an area within the Gulf of Mexico where the three countries have not yet delimited any boundaries. ‘ The United States is prepared to invite the woodstock 69 essay governments of Cuba and Mexico to discuss shared maritime boundaries in the Gulf of Mexico.

Initiating a review of Cuba’s designation as a State Sponsor of Terrorism- ‘ The President has instructed the essayer Secretary of State to immediately launch such a review, and provide a report to the President within six months regarding Cuba’s support for international terrorism. Cuba was placed on the list in 1982. Addressing Cuba’s participation in the 2015 Summit of the Americas in Panama- ‘ President Obama will participate in the Summit of the Americas in Panama. Human rights and democracy will be key Summit themes. Cuban civil society must be allowed to participate along with civil society from other countries participating in the Summit, consistent with the region’s commitments under the Inter-American Democratic Charter. The United States welcomes a constructive dialogue among Summit governments on the Summit’s principles. Response Statement by Ra??l Castro. Since my election as President of the State Council and woodstock, Council of Ministers I have reiterated on many occasions our willingness to help a cv hold a respectful dialogue with the United States on the basis of sovereign equality, in order to deal reciprocally with a wide variety of topics without detriment to woodstock the national Independence and self-determination of our people. This stance was conveyed to the U.S.

Government both publicly and short on failure of democracy in pakistan, privately by Comrade Fidel on several occasions during our long-standing struggle, stating the willingness to discuss and solve our differences without renouncing any of our principles. The heroic Cuban people, in the wake of serious dangers, aggressions, adversities and sacrifices, has proven to be faithful and will continue to be faithful to our ideals of woodstock, independence and social justice. Du Verbe Essayer! Strongly united throughout these 56 years of Revolution, we have kept our unswerving loyalty to woodstock those who died in scope of dissertation writing, defense of our principles since the beginning of woodstock, our independence wars in enhance resume, 1868. Today, despite the difficulties, we have embarked on the task of updating our economic model in order to build a prosperous and sustainable Socialism. As a result of a dialogue at the highest level, which included a phone conversation I had yesterday with President Obama, we have been able to 69 essay make headway in the solution of some topics of mutual interest for both nations. As Fidel promised on June 2001, when he said: ‘They shall return!’ Gerardo, Ramon, and Antonio have arrived today to our homeland. The enormous joy of english essay - introduce, their families and of all our people, who have relentlessly fought for this goal, is shared by hundreds of woodstock, solidarity committees and groups, governments, parliaments, organizations, institutions, and personalities, who for the last sixteen years have made tireless efforts demanding their release. We convey our deepest gratitude and commitment to all of essay war, them. President Obama’s decision deserves the respect and 69 essay, acknowledgment of our people.

I wish to thank and acknowledge the support of the Vatican, most particularly the in pakistan support of Pope Francisco in the efforts for improving relations between Cuba and the United States. I also want to woodstock thank the Government of Canada for facilitating the scope writing high-level dialogue between the two countries. In turn, we have decided to release and send back to woodstock the United States a spy of of dissertation, Cuban origin who was working for that nation. On the woodstock 69 essay other hand, and for humanitarian reasons, today we have also sent the in pakistan American citizen Alan Gross back to his country. Unilaterally, as has always been our practice, and in strict compliance with the woodstock 69 essay provisions of writing a cv, our legal system, the concerned prisoners have received legal benefits, including the release of those persons that the Government of the 69 essay United States had conveyed their interest in. We have also agreed to renew diplomatic relations. This in no way means that the passe du verbe heart of the matter has been solved. The economic, commercial, and financial blockade, which causes enormous human and economic damages to our country, must cease.

Though the blockade has been codified into woodstock law, the President of the essay on the french and indian United States has the executive authority to modify its implementation. We propose to the Government of the United States the 69 essay adoption of mutual steps to improve the bilateral atmosphere and help writing, advance towards normalization of woodstock 69 essay, relations between our two countries, based on the principles of International Law and the United Nations Charter. Cuba reiterates its willingness to cooperate in multilateral bodies, such as the United Nations. While acknowledging our profound differences, particularly on issues related to national sovereignty, democracy, human rights and foreign policy, I reaffirm our willingness to dialogue on all these issues. I call upon the Government of the United States to remove the a cv obstacles hindering or restricting ties between peoples, families, and citizens of both countries, particularly restrictions on travelling, direct post services, and telecommunications. The progress made in our exchanges proves that it is possible to find solutions to many problems.

As we have reiterated, we must learn the art of coexisting with our differences in a civilized manner. We will continue talking about woodstock these important issues at a later date. Statement Ra??l Castro Summit Panama 2015. I was told at first that I could make an eight-minute speech; although I made a great effort, along with my Foreign Minister, to reduce it to short in pakistan eight minutes, and as I’m owed six summits from which we were excluded, 6 times 8, 48 (laughter and applause), I asked President Varela a few moments before entering this magnificent hall, to allow me a few minutes more, especially after we have been hearing so many interesting speeches, and I am not only referring to that of President Obama, but also that of woodstock, Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa, President Dilma Rousseff and passe compose, others. Without further ado, I will begin. His Excellency Juan Carlos Varela, President of the Republic of Panama, Firstly, I express our solidarity with President Bachelet and the people of Chile, for the natural disasters that they have been enduring. I thank all the countries of Latin America and woodstock, the Caribbean for french and indian their solidarity, which enabled Cuba to woodstock participate on an equal footing in this hemispheric forum, as well as the President of the Republic of Panama for the invitation to scope of dissertation writing attend he so kindly extended us.

I bring a fraternal embrace for the Panamanian people and those from all the nations represented here. When on December 2 and 3, 2011, the Community of woodstock 69 essay, Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC) was created in Caracas, a new stage in the history of Our America began, which clearly asserted the essay - introduce hard earned right to live in peace and develop as its peoples freely decide, and plotted a path for future development and integration based on cooperation, solidarity and the common will to woodstock 69 essay preserve independence, sovereignty and identity. The ideal of Sim??n Bol??var to create a ‘great American Homeland’ inspired truly epic independence struggles. In 1800, the U.S. had considered adding Cuba to the Union of the North, as the southern boundary of its vast empire. English Essay - Introduce Myself! In the nineteenth century, the Doctrine of Manifest Destiny emerged with the goal of dominating the woodstock Americas and the world, together with the ‘ripe fruit’ theory regarding the inevitable gravitation of Cuba toward the scope United States, which rejected the birth and development of a particular, emancipatory thinking of our own. Later, through wars, conquests and interventions, this expansionist and hegemonic force stripped Our America of its territories and extended itself to the Rio Bravo.

Following long and frustrated struggles, Jos?? Mart?? organized the ‘necessary war’ of 1895’the Great War, as it was also called, began in 1868’and created the Cuban Revolutionary Party to lead it and to found a Republic ‘with all and for the good of all,’ which set out to woodstock 69 essay achieve ‘the full dignity of man.’ Accurately defining and anticipating the characteristics of his time, Mart?? devoted himself to the duty ‘of preventing the United States from spreading throughout the Antilles as Cuba gains its independence, and overpowering, with that additional strength our lands of on the french war, America”those were his exact words. Our America for him was that of the Creoles, the indigenous, the woodstock 69 essay blacks and the mulattos, the mestizo and essay on the, hardworking America that had to make common cause with the woodstock 69 essay oppressed and enhance resume, plundered. Today, beyond geography, this is an ideal that is woodstock 69 essay, beginning to become a reality. One hundred seventeen years ago, on April 11, 1898, the then President of the United States requested authorization from Congress to militarily intervene in the independence war, which Cuba at the time had been fighting for nearly 30 years, already virtually won at the cost of rivers of Cuban blood, and scope of dissertation writing, this’the U.S. Congress’passed a deceptive joint resolution, which recognized the woodstock 69 essay independence of the island ‘in fact and in law.’ They came as allies and seized the country as occupiers.

An appendix to its Constitution was imposed on Cuba, the Platt Amendment’known by the name of the Senator who proposed it’which stripped the island of its sovereignty, authorized the powerful neighbor to intervene in its internal affairs and led to the establishment of the Guantanamo Naval Base, which still usurps part of our territory. During this period, the invasion of northern capital increased, thereafter there were two military interventions and support for english cruel dictatorships. When Cubans, at the beginning of the 69 essay twentieth century, drafted their Constitution and presented it to the governor, a U.S. general arbitrarily appointed by his country, he responded that there was something missing, and when the Cuban constitutionalists asked what that might be, he said: This amendment presented by Senator Platt, giving the short on failure of democracy in pakistan United States the right to intervene in Cuba whenever it deems necessary. They made use of that right. Of course, Cubans rejected it and the response was ‘ very well, we’ll stop here.

That lasted until 1934. There were two further military interventions and woodstock, the support for cruel dictatorships in the mentioned period. Regarding Latin America, ‘gunboat diplomacy’ and then the ‘Good Neighbor’ policy took precedence. Successive interventions overthrew democratic governments and help, installed terrible dictatorships in 20 countries, 12 of them simultaneously. Who among us does not remember that quite recent period of dictatorships everywhere, mainly in South America, which killed hundreds of thousands of people? President Salvador Allende left us an enduring example. Exactly 13 years ago, there was a coup d’??tat against the dear President Hugo Ch??vez Fr??as which the people defeated. Then came, almost immediately, the costly oil shutdown. On January 1st, 1959, 60 years after American soldiers entered Havana, the Cuban Revolution triumphed and the Rebel Army, commanded by Comandante Fidel Castro Ruz, arrived in 69 essay, the capital, the same day, exactly 60 years later.

Such are the unfathomable ironies of history. The Cuban people, at a very high price, began the full exercise of their sovereignty. They were six decades of absolute domination. On April 6, 1960’just a year after the triumph’Deputy Assistant Secretary of State, Lester Mallory, wrote in a perverse memorandum’I can not find another adjective to describe it. This memorandum was declassified decades later’I quote certain paragraphs: ‘(‘) the majority of Cubans support Castro’There is essay on the french and indian, no effective political opposition. The only foreseeable means of alienating internal support is through disenchantment and woodstock 69 essay, disaffection based on economic dissatisfaction and hardship (‘), to weaken the of dissertation economic life of Cuba (‘) denying money and supplies to Cuba, to decrease monetary and 69 essay, real wages, to bring about hunger, desperation and overthrow of essay myself, government.’ End of quote. 77% of the Cuban population was born under the rigors imposed by the blockade, more terrible than even many Cubans can imagine, but our patriotic convictions prevailed, the aggression increased resistance and accelerated the woodstock 69 essay revolutionary process. That happens when you impede the of dissertation natural revolutionary process of the peoples. The harassment brings more revolution, history demonstrates this and not only in 69 essay, the case of our continent or Cuba.

The blockade did not start when President Kennedy signed it in 1962, later I will make a brief reference to him given his positive initiative to contact the leader of our Revolution to begin what President Obama and essay - introduce myself, I are now starting. Almost simultaneously with the news of his assassination, [Fidel] received a message from him. That is to say the aggression increased. The attack on Playa Gir??n came in 1961, a mercenary invasion, sponsored and organized by the United States. Six years of war against woodstock 69 essay armed groups who on two occasions encompassed the whole country. We had no radar, and clandestine aviation’it is not known where it came from’was throwing down weapons in parachutes. That process cost us thousands of lives; we have not been able to calculate the economic costs with accuracy.

It was January 1965 when it concluded, and they had began supporting it towards the end of 1959, about english essay - introduce 10 or 11 months after the triumph of the woodstock 69 essay Revolution, when we had not yet declared socialism, which was declared in 1961, at the funeral of the victims of the airport bombings the day before the invasion. The next day our army, small at that time, and all our people went to fight against that aggression and fulfilled the order of the Leader of the essay - introduce myself Revolution to woodstock destroy it within 72 hours. Because if they had managed to establish themselves there at the landing site, which was protected by the largest swamp of the Caribbean islands, they would have brought in an already formed government’with a Prime Minister and the appointment of other ministers’which was at enhance resume, a U.S. military base in Florida. If they had been able to consolidate the position they initially occupied, it would have been easy to bring that government over to Playa Gir??n. Woodstock 69 Essay! And immediately the OAS, which had already banned us for proclaiming ideas alien to the continent, would had recognized it. This government formed in Cuba, establishing itself on a small piece of land, would have asked the english OAS for help and that help was located on U.S. warships situated three miles off the woodstock 69 essay coast, which was the then existing limit of our territorial waters, which as you know is now is 12 [miles]. The Revolution continued to help writing gain strength, to radicalize. The other option was to give up. What would have happened? What would have happened in woodstock, Cuba?

How many hundreds of thousands of Cubans would have died? because we already had hundreds of thousands of light weapons; we had received the first tanks which we did not even know how to handle well. The artillery, we knew how to shoot cannon fire, but we did not know where they were going to hit; what some militia learned in the morning, they had to teach to others in enhance resume, the afternoon. But there was a lot of courage, you had to 69 essay go along a single route, because it was a swamp where the writing troops could not spread out, nor could tanks or heavy vehicles be deployed. Woodstock! We suffered more casualties than the attackers. That’s why Fidel’s order was fulfilled: to of democracy in pakistan eliminate them within 72 hours. And that same U.S. fleet was the one which accompanied the expedition from Central America, and it was there, from the 69 essay coast where some of their ships could be seen just three miles away. What was the english cost to woodstock 69 essay Guatemala of the essay french war famous invasion in 1954?, which I remember well because I was imprisoned on the Isle of 69 essay, Youth’or Pines, as it was called then’for the attack on the Moncada Barracks a year earlier. How many hundreds of thousands of Mayans, indigenous peoples and other Guatemalan citizens perished throughout a long process that would take years to recover from? That was the beginning. Once we had already proclaimed socialism and the people had fought to defend Playa Gir??n, President John F. Kennedy’to whom I already made reference just a moment ago’was assassinated precisely at the very moment, the same day on passe compose essayer, which the leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro, had received a message from him’from John Kennedy’looking to initiate a dialogue.After the Alliance for Progress and having paid the woodstock foreign debt several times over without preventing it from further multiplying, a savage and globalizing neoliberalism was imposed on us, as an expression of imperialism in this era, which caused a lost decade in the region.

The proposal then of a mature hemispheric association resulted in the attempt to impose the Free Trade Area of the myself Americas (FTAA) on us, associated with the emergence of these Summits, which would have destroyed the economy, sovereignty and common destiny of our nations, if it had not been run aground in 2005, in Mar del Plata, under the leadership of Presidents Ch??vez, Kirchner and Lula. A year earlier, Ch??vez and woodstock 69 essay, Fidel had given birth to the Bolivarian Alternative, today the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of essay on the and indian, Our America. We have expressed’and I reiterate now’to President Barack Obama, our willingness to engage in respectful dialogue and a civilized coexistence between the two states within our profound differences. I consider as a positive step his recent statement indicating that he will decide shortly regarding Cuba’s presence on the list of state sponsors of woodstock, terrorism’imposed by the Reagan administration’on which it should never have appeared. Us, a terrorist country! Yes, we have undertaken certain acts of solidarity with other peoples, who may be considered terrorists, when we were cornered, forgotten and and indian war, harassed to the limit, there was only one choice: surrender or fight.

You know what we chose with the support of our people. Who could think that we would force a whole people to make the sacrifice made by the Cuban people to survive, to woodstock help other nations?! (Applause). But ‘the dictatorship of the Castros forced them,’ just like it forced 97.5% of the population to vote for socialism. I reiterate that I consider as a positive step the recent statement by President Obama to speedily decide on the presence of Cuba on a list of state sponsors of enhance resume, terrorism that it should never have been on, I was telling you, because when this was imposed it turned out that the terrorists were those of us who provided the corpses’I don’t have the exact figure to mind’for terrorism in woodstock 69 essay, Cuba alone, and in some cases against Cuban diplomats in other parts of the enhance resume world who were killed. 69 Essay! The figure was just provided me by my compa??eros: in that period we saw 3,478 dead and english essay myself, 2,099 disabled for life; plus many others who were wounded. The terrorists were those who provided the corpses. Where did the terror come from then? Who provoked it? Some of those who have even been here in Panama these past few days, such as the CIA agent Rodr??guez, who murdered Che and took his cut-off hands to prove with his fingerprints, I don’t know where, that it was the corpse of Che, which later we recovered with the help of a friendly government in Bolivia. But still, since then we continue to be the terrorists.

Truly, I ask you to excuse me, including President Obama and 69 essay, others present at enhance resume, this event, for expressing myself in this way. I told him myself that passion seeps from my very pores when it comes to the Revolution. I ask you to excuse me because President Obama has no responsibility for any of this. How many presidents have we had? Ten before him, every one of them have an outstanding debt with us, except President Obama. After saying so many harsh things about a system, it is woodstock, fair that I ask him to excuse me, because I am among those who believe’and I have expressed this to quite a few heads of state and government that I see here, in private meetings I have had with them, when receiving them in my country’that, in my opinion, President Obama is an honest man. I’ve read some of his biography in the two books which have appeared, not in full, I’ll do that given more time. I admire his humble origins, and I think his nature is due to this humble background (Long applause).

I thought long and hard about saying these words, I even had them written and removed. I added them again, and again I erased them, and, in the end, I said them, and I am satisfied. To date, the economic, commercial and financial blockade continues to be applied in full force against the island, causing harm and short essay of democracy in pakistan, scarcities to the people and 69 essay, is the fundamental obstacle to the development of our economy. It constitutes a violation of International Law and its extraterritorial reach affects the interests of all States. The almost unanimous vote, apart from Israel and help writing, the United States itself, against the blockade in the UN over so many years, is no coincidence. And while the blockade exists, a situation for which the President is not responsible, and that due to past agreements and bills was codified into a law in Congress which the President cannot modify, we must continue to struggle and support President Obama in his intentions to woodstock eliminate the blockade. (Applause) One issue is the establishment of diplomatic relations and another is the blockade.

Therefore, I ask you all, and life also obliges us, to of democracy in pakistan continue supporting this struggle against the blockade. We have publicly expressed to President Obama, who was also born under the blockade policy toward Cuba, our recognition of his brave decision to participate in a debate with his country’s Congress in order to put an end to woodstock 69 essay it. These and english essay, other elements must be resolved in the process toward the future normalization of woodstock 69 essay, bilateral relations. For our part, we will continue to be engaged in the process of updating the of dissertation writing Cuban economic model with the aim of perfecting our socialism, advancing toward development and consolidating the achievements of a Revolution which has proposed to woodstock ‘conquer all justice’ for our people. French And Indian! What we will do has been outlined in a program since 2011, approved in the Party Congress. In the next Congress, which will take place next year, we will expand it; we will review what we have done and what remains to be done in order to achieve our goal. Esteemed colleagues:I should warn you that I am only half way through, if you like I will stop, and if you’re interested I will continue. I will speed up a bit (laughter). Venezuela is not, nor can it be, a threat to the national security of a superpower like the United States. Woodstock 69 Essay! (Applause).

It is positive that the U.S. President has recognized this as such. I must reiterate our total support, resolute and loyal, to the sister Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, to the legitimate government and the civic-military union led by President Nicol??s Maduro, to the Bolivarian and chavista people who are struggling to follow their own path and scope writing, facing destabilization attempts and unilateral sanctions which we demand be lifted, that the Executive Order be revoked ‘ although this is difficult given the law ‘ which would be appreciated by our community as a contribution to hemispheric dialogue and understanding. We know each other. I believe that of woodstock 69 essay, those of us gathered here, I may be one of the essay on the french and indian war few that best knows the Venezuelan process, it is not because we are there, nor that we are exerting influence there and they tell us everything, we know the process because they are proceeding along the same path which we passed and are suffering the same aggressions we suffered, or some of them. We will continue to support the efforts of the Republic of Argentina to recuperate the woodstock 69 essay Malvinas, Georgias del Sur and Sandwich del Sur Islands, and will continue to support its legitimate struggle to defend its financial sovereignty. We will continue to support the actions of the a cv Republic of Ecuador in the face of 69 essay, transnational companies which cause ecological harm to its territory and attempt to impose abusive conditions. I would like to acknowledge the contribution of Brazil, and of President Dilma Rousseff, to the strengthening of regional integration and to the development of enhance resume, social policies which have brought advances and benefits to broad sectors of the population, which, within the offensive against 69 essay diverse leftist governments of the region, they are attempting to writing oust. Our support for the Latin American and Caribbean people of Puerto Rico in their efforts to achieve self-determination and independence’as the United Nations Decolonization Committee has ruled on dozens of woodstock, occasions’will be unwavering.

We will also continue contributing to the peace process in Colombia until its happy conclusion. We should all increase help to Haiti, not only through humanitarian aid, but with resources enabling it to develop, and support Caribbean countries so that they receive just and differentiated treatment in their economic relations, and essay, reparations for the damages caused by slavery and colonialism. We live under the threat of enormous arsenals posed by nuclear weapons which should be eliminated and 69 essay, that of climate change which leaves us no time. Threats to peace are increasing and conflicts are spreading. As President Fidel Castro expressed, ‘The fundamental causes lie in poverty and underdevelopment, and in the unequal distribution of wealth and knowledge which prevail in the world. It can not be forgotten that current underdevelopment and poverty are the consequences of essayer, conquest, colonization, slavery and the plundering of much of the earth by colonial powers, the rise of imperialism and 69 essay, the bloody wars for passe a new dividing up out of the woodstock planet. Humanity must consider what we have been and what we can not continue to be. Today,’ continued Fidel, ‘our species has acquired sufficient knowledge, ethical values, and essay in pakistan, scientific resources to advance toward a historic era of true justice and humanism. Nothing of what exists today in the economic and political order serves the interests of humanity. It can not be sustained. Woodstock! It must be changed,’ concluded Fidel.

Cuba will continue to defend the ideas for which our people have assumed the greatest sacrifices and risks and fought for, alongside the poor, the sick lacking medical attention, the unemployed, boys and girls abandoned to their fate or forced to work or prostitute themselves, the hungry; the discriminated, the oppressed and enhance resume, the exploited who make up the vast majority of the world’s population. Financial speculation, the privileges of Bretton Woods and the unilateral suspension of the convertibility of the dollar into gold are increasingly asphyxiating. We require a transparent and equitable financial system. It is unacceptable that less that a dozen corporations, mainly from the woodstock U.S.’4 or 5 among 6 or 8’decide what is read, seen or heard on the planet. The Internet must have an scope of dissertation writing, international, democratic and participative system of governance, especially in woodstock, regards to and indian the creation of content. The militarization of cyberspace and use of covert and illegal information systems to attack other States is unacceptable. 69 Essay! We will not allow ourselves to be blinded and colonized again. Passe! In regards to the Internet, which is a marvelous invention, one of the greatest in recent years, we might say, recalling the example of the tongue in Aesop’s fable, that the Internet can be used in woodstock 69 essay, the best way and is very useful, but in turn, can also be used for passe compose du verbe the worst.

Hemispheric relations, in my opinion, must change profoundly, in particular in the political, economic and 69 essay, cultural spheres, to focus on developing mutually beneficial ties and cooperation to enhance resume serve the 69 essay interests of all our nations and their stated objectives, in accordance with international law and respect for the exercise of self-determination and sovereign equality. The approval of the Proclamation of Latin America and the Caribbean as a Zone of Peace, in January 2014 during the Second CELAC Summit in Havana, constituted an significant contribution to this goal, marked by english myself Latin American and Caribbean unity within its diversity. This is demonstrated by the fact that we are advancing toward a genuine process of woodstock 69 essay, Latin American and scope, Caribbean integration through CELAC, UNASUR, CARICOM, MERCOSUR, ALBA-TCP, SICA and the Association of Caribbean States, which highlights the growing awareness of the need to unite to ensure our development. Through the aforementioned Proclamation we are obliged to ensure that ‘differences between nations are peacefully settled through dialogue and woodstock 69 essay, negotiations or other means, fully consistent with international law.’ Today, to live in peace, cooperating with each other in order to confront the challenges and essay french war, resolve the problems which, at woodstock 69 essay, the end of the day, affect and will continue to affect us all, is imperative. As stated in the Proclamation of Latin America and the Caribbean as a Zone of Peace ‘The inalienable right of every State to choose its political, economic, social and cultural system, as an english - introduce, essential condition to guarantee peaceful coexistence among nations,’ must be respected. With this we commit ourselves to fulfilling our ‘obligation not to intervene, directly or indirectly, in the internal affairs of any other state and observe the principles of national sovereignty, equal rights and self-determination of woodstock, peoples,’ and to respect ‘the principles and norms of international law (‘) and the principles and purposes of the United Nations Charter.’

This historic document urges ‘all member states of the International Community to of democracy fully respect this declaration in woodstock 69 essay, their relations with CELAC member states.’ Now, we have the opportunity for all those present to scope learn, as the woodstock 69 essay Proclamation also expresses, to ‘practice tolerance and live together in peace as good neighbors.’ Yes, there exists substantial disagreement, but also points in common, on which we can cooperate in order to make it possible to live in this world full of compose du verbe, threats to peace, and [ensure] the survival of humanity. What is stopping, at a hemispheric level, cooperation to combat climate change? As other Presidents who preceded me have already inquired. Why can’t the countries of the 69 essay two Americas, the du verbe North and the South, fight together against terrorism, drug trafficking and organized crime, without politically biased positions? Why not seek together the necessary resources to provide the hemisphere with schools, hospitals’even if they aren’t luxurious, a modest little hospital, in those places where people die because there is no doctor’to stimulate employment, to advance in the eradication of woodstock 69 essay, poverty.

Could it not be possible to passe compose du verbe reduce inequality in the distribution of woodstock 69 essay, wealth, reduce infant mortality, end hunger, eradicate preventable illnesses and scope writing, end illiteracy? Last year, we established hemispheric cooperation in the fight against and prevention of woodstock 69 essay, Ebola and of dissertation, the countries of the two Americas worked together, which should serve to stimulate greater efforts. Cuba, a small country, lacking in natural resources, which has developed within an 69 essay, extremely hostile context, has been able to essay of democracy in pakistan achieve full citizen participation in the political and social life of the nation; free universal healthcare and education; a system of social security which guarantees that no Cuban is left homeless; significant progress toward ensuring equality of woodstock, opportunity and combating discrimination in all its forms; the full exercise of children’s and women’s rights; access to sports and culture; the right to life and citizen security. Despite scarcities and difficulties, we remain true to sharing what we have. There are currently 65,000 Cuban collaborators working in short of democracy, 89 countries, above all in the spheres of medicine and education. 68,000 professionals and technicians from 157 countries have graduated from the island, 30,000 of which in the field of woodstock, health. If, with scarce resources, Cuba has been able to achieve this, what could the hemisphere do, with the enhance resume political will to combine efforts to support the countries most in need? Thanks to Fidel and the heroic Cuban people, we have come to this Summit, to fulfill the mandate of Mart?? with the freedom won by our own hands, ‘proud of Our America, to serve and honor her ‘ with the determination and capacity to help ensure that she is valued for her merits, and respected for her sacrifices,’ as Mart?? stated. And to you all, forgive me for the time I have taken.

Many thanks to you all. (Applause) Appendix Handshakes Barack Obama #038; Ra??l Castro. Appendix: Perceptions Americans #038; Cubans. Perceptions General Changes. A majority of Americans say the US has no diplomatic relations, trade or travel with Cuban, and woodstock 69 essay, has a worse relationship with the Cuban Government than with Iran. (Maslin #038; Bolger, 2014)

Would you favor changing the Cuban policy? Strongly favor, somewhat favor, somewhat oppose, strongly oppose. (Maslin #038; Bolger, 2014) Would you like Cuba and the US to ‘normalize’ relations or would you like both nations to ‘engage’? (Maslin #038; Bolger, 2014) Do you support changing US policy so that the US can coordinate with Cuba on issues important to both nations? (Maslin #038; Bolger, 2014) Do you support allowing US companies to english essay - introduce myself do more business in Cuba? (Maslin #038; Bolger, 2014) Do you approve of allowing Cuba access to high speed internet and other telecommunications systems based in the US? (Maslin #038; Bolger, 2014)

Should the policy be changed because of the US economy? The Cuba trade embargo is 69 essay, estimated to cost the US economy as much as $4.8 billion in exports and related economic output per year. (Maslin #038; Bolger, 2014) Does Cuba belong on the US list of terrorism between countries like Iran, Syria and passe compose essayer, Sudan? (Maslin #038; Bolger, 2014) A survey only among the State of Florida and among Hispanics/Latinos shows the favour for changing the policy. (Maslin #038; Bolger, 2014) Perceptions Tourism Restrictions. Remove all restrictions on traveling as an American to Cuba? (Maslin #038; Bolger, 2014) Remove restrictions on US citizens to spend dollars in Cuba?

(Maslin #038; Bolger, 2014) Perceptions General Changes. Overall, do you think the U.S. embargo of woodstock, Cuba has worked very well, well, not very well, or not at all? Do you favour or oppose the enhance resume continuing U.S embargo of Cuba? Allow companies to sell medicine to Cuba, do you strongly favour, mostly favour, mostly oppose or strongly oppose this? Allowing the US companies to sell food to Cuba, do you strongly favour, mostly favour, mostly oppose or strongly oppose this? Some US companies have managed to establish limited business relations with Cuba to sell grain, other agricultural products, and medicine. 69 Essay! Should this kind of trade be expanded, kept the same or stopped? Do you favour or oppose the US re-establishing diplomatic relations with Cuba? Since 1966, the entrance of Cubans into the US has been regulated by the Cuban Adjustment Act. This law stipulates that Cuban citizens and their accompanying spouses and children may get a green card and become residents of the US one year after arriving In the country.

This automatic application process is not usual for other immigrant groups. Do you strongly favour, mostly favour, mostly oppose or strongly oppose the current policy of accepting Cubans into the US? As it stands, Cubans who leave by raft or boat are sent back to Cuba if they are intercepted before they reach the US soil. If they do reach US soil they are allowed to stay in the US. Do you agree or disagree with this policy? The US government includes Cuba on the list of terrorism. The other countries on the list are Iran, Sudan and on the and indian war, Syria. Do you believe that Cuba should be kept on woodstock, that list of penalized countries that support terrorism or to be taken of the list? How likely would you be to vote for a candidate who supports the re-establishing of diplomatic relations with Cuba?

How likely would you be to vote for a candidate who supports replacing the of dissertation embargo with increased support for independent small business owners in Cuba? How likely would you be to vote for a candidate who supports replacing the 69 essay embargo with support for increasing pressure on the Cuban government over human rights? Perceptions Tourism Restrictions. Should unrestricted travel by all Americans to Cuba be allowed or not? Selected trend over the last 23 years: Currently, all Americans can travel to Cuba in people-to-people trips organized by enhance resume special travel agencies and designed to encourage communication among citizens of the USA and citizend of Cuba.

These trips are usually organized for educational, religious or research purposes. Do you strongly favor, mostly favor, mostly oppose or strongly oppose this type of people-to-people travel? Appendix : Market Statistics. Tourism Highlights for 2010. Tourists arrivals 2507000.

Average length of stay (nights) 10,9. Holiday Purpose 95,6% Business Purpose 0,5% Tourism and woodstock, Other Related Economic Statistics. Total Expenditure (US$ million) $2,218,4. GDP at Factor Costs (US$ million) $46,352.0. Hotel and Restaurant Contribution to GDP 28,8% Room Occupancy Rate 50,3% Land Area (Square Kilometres) 110,860.

Population (Thousand mind year 2010) 11,241,9. (Source:, 2010) Basic Statistics Cuba 2013 X 1000. 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013. – Cruise Passengers 2.348. Arrivals by Region. Tourist Arrival by enhance resume Mode of woodstock, Travel. Airway 2.316 2.405 2.507 2.688 2.815 2.829. Tourist Arrivals by Purpose of passe essayer, Visit.

– Vacation, leisure and recreation. (Oficina Nacional De Estadistica E Informac??on, 2014) Visitors per 69 essay, country of enhance resume, Origin. Visitors per country of 69 essay, origin 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013. United Kingdom 193.932. Germany 100.964 93.437 93.136 95.124 108.712 115.984. France 90.731 83.478 80.470 94.370 101.522 96.640.

Italy 126.042 118.347 112.298 110.432 103.290 95.542. United States 41.904 52.455 63.046 73.566 98.050 92.348. Argentina 47.405 48.543 58.612 75.968 94.691 90.094. Mexico 84.052 61.487 66.650 76.326 78.289 84.704. Spain 121.166 129.224 104.948 101.631 81.354 73.056.

Russia 40.621 37.391 56.245 78.472 86.944 70.401. Venezuela 31.931 28.657 30.965 34.096 36.373 45.943. Chile 18.895 18.205 17.521 23.527 27.551 35.952. Colombia 22.178 21.287 20.624 24.873 33.343 34.828. The Netherlands 33.548 33.123 31.787 32.402 35.284 32.165. Others 171.176 16.3.821 152.728 158.559 174.902 183.201. (Oficina Nacional De Estadistica E Informac??on, 2014)

Appendix Research Cuba. 1. Melia Parque Central. Hotel: Melia Parque Central. Name: Dayan Rodriquez Vazquez. Function: Manager Sales #038; Marketing Department. Location: Havana, Cuba. In the near future many tourist from the US will visit Cuba for tourism purposes. Essay On The And Indian! What will this mean for Cuba and its inhabitants in woodstock, general? A lot will change for the Cubans, for example the on failure in pakistan economy. Currently we have two currencies in Cuba, which are the CUC and the Cuban Pesos. Soon this will change into one currency which is the Cuban pesos.

The CUC which is used now is actually just for tourist. Woodstock 69 Essay! Cubans will always pay in Pesos since this is much cheaper compared to the CUC. You will see this difference as well if you go to, for example, a museum. You will be asked to essay pay 10 CUC while Cubans will be asked to pay 10 Pesos which is woodstock 69 essay, only a tenth of what tourist will pay. The change of the essay currency will make everything more expensive for Cubans, however with the arrival of the Americans jobs will be generated as well. Besides that, technology will be improved which is very important for 69 essay Cuba. There is a lack of information since there is no availability / limited availability to internet. The tourism industry requires a decent flow of information and technology which will be improved in the near future. This will have a positive effect on the Cubans as well. Furthermore, food and beverages will change since we will adapt to the needs of the US tourists.

It is enhance resume, definitely true that in a few months or years there will be McDonalds and woodstock 69 essay, Burger King everywhere. At this point Cuba is working already on a better supply of the english essay - introduce tourism industry by woodstock 69 essay constructing plans for help writing a cv new hotels, bars and restaurants and other tourism facilities and attractions however, recently the US decided to 69 essay collaborate again with Cuba and scope of dissertation, time wise it is 69 essay, too recent to - introduce tell you what exactly will change and what exactly will be build. Woodstock! The change between the countries will affect all Cuban inhabitants though. Not only within the tourism industry but indirect this will affect all of us. Not only hotels and restaurants will be affected but more banks need to be build, construction companies will be affected and for example the security companies. Do you think that the massive tourism flow will affect the Cuban culture? This will not change the Cuban culture. Cuba has a very strong culture and a strong connection with each other.

A lot is going to change for us but the Cuban mind and the Cuban culture is not going to change. However I think that it will be a possibility that Cuban will start to be a bit more open-minded in the future because of the change in technology. The flow of information will be a major change for these people since a lot of people do not know or have internet connection, people do not know what is happening in the world. In Cuba we only enhance resume have 6 channels which are only woodstock 69 essay based on Cuba. Programmes are from Cuba, news is mainly about Cuba and the music is from Cuba. When the US tourists will arrive this needs to change. People here are quite isolated but will be more open minded and create more knowledge when Barack Obama and the Castro family will start to essay on the work together. However, this will not change our culture. Our norms and values will stay the woodstock same because we are connected. We form one nation for a long time already and we are proud of that.

What will change for you, seen from your job perspective? Any positive and / or negative influences? I will start with the positive effects. To begin with the WiFi connection is a very important subject to us. Everybody in du verbe, the hotel is very excited about that since this will definitely improve our services. 69 Essay! Right now we offer internet but the prices are very high, even for tourists prices are ridiculous and internet is very slow and sometimes still inaccessible. Besides that, I will offer a lot of products that people from the writing a cv US will like. An example of this would be the Cuban Cola we offer to our current tourists. Apparently the taste is very different from Coca Cola and not very willingly among tourist.

In the near future I will be able to offer US products such as Coca Cola. Another example of serving Cola is the diet Cola. Many tourists ask me about this product but we do not have this in Cuba. The thing I want to say is that it is just a matter of time before I will be able to woodstock offer my clients a full package including all the compose essayer food and woodstock, beverages they want instead of the help writing a cv limited products I offer at this moment. However, I need to invest quite some money to import these products. If the embargo will be ended, I will be able to import products however this is not for free. Anyway, I believe that in 69 essay, the near future it will be worth the investment since I will be able to satisfy tourists which will attract more of them as well. Besides that, I need to invest money in my hotel as well to improve facilities.

I would like to offer my hotel as an luxury product and I can improve my hotel. I would like to do this before the Americans arrive so I need to handle fast. I believe the money I am investing will pay back fast in the coming years because of the increasing demand. Will you start promoting your hotel in a different way? If the statements of both countries will get reality I will change my promote plan as soon as the help a cv restrictions are lifted. At the moment I am not able to promote in any way in the US, even the website does not exist. I would like to promote more via internet since this is a very important way of promotion all over the world.

I will definitely try to work as soon as possible with American tour operators and other tourism companies to create effective promotion. 69 Essay! Collaboration with American companies will work in every way to create awareness among the hotel for this market. 2. Ronaldo’s Backpackers. Hostel: Ronaldo’s Backpackers. Name: Ronaldo Carlos Baster. Function: Owner hostel. Location: Havana, Cuba. In the near future many tourist from the US will visit Cuba for tourism purposes. Help A Cv! What will this mean for Cuba and its inhabitants in 69 essay, general? I think that every change in french war, Cuba will be a better change because people in Cuba need and deserve a better way of living. For Cuba change would mean life.

In Cuba many people do not have work and 69 essay, if you do have a job, the government does not pay enough to du verbe have a decent amount of money to eat, to buy clothes or anything that involves primary goods. Every change will have a risk but the Cubans are willing to 69 essay take a risk since we need a better way of living. Nor the short essay on failure in pakistan US or another country could make a change in Cuba. It is the government that would be able to make a change in Cuba. The change needs to be made inside of this country and I can only hope that the US is able to 69 essay wake up the government and see what they are putting us through. English Essay Myself! Of course the US broke the 69 essay relations with Cuba a long time ago, but stopped since that time as well to do anything to create a better life for the Cubans. We have good education here, we have a great medical system but we need more. Scope Of Dissertation Writing! We need information, we need more jobs, the economy needs to 69 essay improve. Right now it is enhance resume, not enough and it needs to change as soon as possible.

Do you think this will change the Cuban culture? I think that the culture of Cuba will not change because in 1960 to 1990 Cuba was a kolonie of the Soviet Union. We had to dance the polska. We had to learn how to 69 essay dance like Russians. Du Verbe Essayer! When I started high school I was in 69 essay, the movement of culture. Enhance Resume! When we finally became independent we had nothing. We lost everything. 69 Essay! There was no food, nothing to buy, no clothes, no house markets, completely nothing. There was nothing in Cuba. A Cv! Around ten years we all live in poverty but eventually Venezuela arrives. We have adopted the lifestyle of 69 essay, Venezuela and we have to learn about Venezuela.

Later on there was China which was another country that gave some money to Cuba and war, we had to adapt to China and learn about their culture. However, Cuba was almost more close to woodstock 69 essay the culture of the US than it has been to China the Soviet Union or any other country. In our hearts, we will never be part of the Carribean area or the Latin American area since we are completely different in actually everything. We feel more connected to the US. A cultural connection that has always been there but was not allowed to be there. But when all Americans will arrive here, what will change in the country? For example de komst van WiFi, construction areas, flat screen televisions. Yes these things will definitely change but the connection between people is help a cv, too big to change the culture.

All changes will be improvements. The best example of this would be the internet. Cuba needs more information, we need the opportunity to express ourselves, express our ideas, our religions etc. we need information about woodstock everything and so far this is limited. It is compose du verbe, not just about the Social Media but we need to learn about the world. We need to 69 essay be educated as how other people are educated all over the world. In Cuba it is more important to know what happens in the next street than what is going on all over the world.

On internet you can find books, the news, actually everything you need. The government of Cuba does not want to give internet to the people because they are afraid this will affect the system. What do you expect the government to do when the US arrives? Do you expect any changes in the political system? The government does not want any change in the political system.

I think that Cuba will become like China which is a sort of communism but with a capitalism economy. So if the economy will increase in Cuba but the government will not change, do you believe Cubans will agree on living in on the, communism as long as they can earn more money? What people here really need is jobs, more money, opportunity to travel and to speak. We are trapped and for us it is woodstock, impossible to speak out essay french and indian war our thoughts which is very difficult and maybe for someone like you from a western country not able to understand. Cubans would be happy with more money to begin with, but eventually we work toward the moment we can all say we are a democratic country and able to speak and travel freely. Seen from the view of the woodstock hostel, what changes do you expect when travellers from America will come to Cuba? I think we will have lots of Americans but we will still receive a lot of essay on failure of democracy in pakistan, people from Europe, Australia, Singapore etc. Woodstock! as well. For America it will be an opportunity to get to know Cuba and we will finally learn from America as well. Do you think a lot needs to be changed in the hostel itself? I would like to change a lot. I would like to move to help writing a bigger house to provide more space for my clients.

Furthermore I would like to have WiFi off course but this is not to satisfy the US. Woodstock! This is to improve facilities in the hostel for everybody. In every country these days everybody has internet, running water and a warm shower except for Cuba. Essay! I would like to improve facilities in its overall. This needs to be done for Cuban inhabitants as well just like I am. I would like to see facilities get better since I will have a better way of living as well. 69 Essay! Off course this is also a positive point for the travellers. Will you buy food #038; bevarages from - introduce US brands to woodstock 69 essay satisfy your clients? No, this is not what I am going to change. In this hostel we provide the experience of Cuba which include its local products. If people from the US like to eat products from the help US they are not the right travellers to visit this hostel.

I don’t care what else will happen in the country as it comes to 69 essay food #038; beverage products. If there will be US products everywhere, that is fine by writing me. It is not important. How will you promote your hostel in woodstock 69 essay, the future? If we have the opportunity to communicate freely, including Social Media, I will definitely start promoting on Social Media. I have a Facebook page for the hostel but the access is very limited. If I can enter Facebook once per week I am happy but this is not enough. I receive many messages on Facebook and writing a cv, sometimes I am too late with answering because of the connection and these people find another place.

I would definitely like to create post on Facebook, use Twitter and Instagram. However, I also feel I don’t really need major promotion because the hotel is always full and woodstock 69 essay, the Americans are not even here yet. Help! Can you imagine how this will be when the 69 essay people from the US come here? I will not have enough space. That is another reason I want to move to a bigger house. Short Essay On Failure Of Democracy In Pakistan! I want to facilitate more sleeping places and I can earn more money. 3. Hostel Casa Caribe. Hostel: Hostel Casa Caribe. Name: Rodolfo Fuegas. Function: Owner hostel. Location: Havana, Cuba.

What is your opinion about the political change that is woodstock 69 essay, going on short on failure of democracy, between the US and Cuba? I don’t really see a political change. The only change I am seeing is woodstock, that maybe the scope relationship between the US and Cuba will get better. Maybe it will work in 69 essay, a different way than it has been working for over more than 50 years. Many things will improve, many things will be better but until now we don’t know exactly what that will be since we never know what will happen in passe, Cuba. The only problem I am seeing right now, from my point of view, the change from December 17th until now is that the US is woodstock 69 essay, doing more than what the Cuban government is willing to do. I can see that the US is essay - introduce, opening some doors and we don’t see these doors being opened here.

Cuba is not closing doors but it continues to 69 essay be as hard as always with the United States. Yesterday (13-3-2014) Ra??l Castro gave a speech about Venezuela and Cuba because of the working programme between the US and Venezuela, and english essay - introduce, Castro has only 69 essay been saying bad things about the US government and this will not help for - introduce a better future. What do you think is woodstock 69 essay, holding back the Cuban government? I don’t think that the essay on failure Cuban government does not want to woodstock 69 essay work for it, but they are too proud. The message of the enhance resume government is that they will remain how they are because it has always been that way. The other party needs to make the change according to the government.

You also asked me how it is going to be. Off course I think tourism will increase but there are some things you have to woodstock think about when you are talking about tourism. We need to enhance resume remember that we do not have the infrastructure to provide decent tourism to Americans. Not particularly Americans but we cannot receive the woodstock amount of scope of dissertation, tourist that will come here in a few years. So the government is not working hard enough to provide facilities for this major tourism flow? Exactly. Besides they put more barriers, even to the Cuban people that are paying rents.

The government puts so many laws to make it impossible to start a little business. All these laws make it impossible to create a proper living. For example Casa Particulares (houses for rent) the government has so many laws, for example paying a fee when you start, another fee that needs to be paid every year etc. Woodstock 69 Essay! This makes it impossible for Cubans to start something for creating a better life. The government is holding us back. I have been affected by the embargo as well. A few years ago my hostel was being sold on a website called

This website is major in demand and essay, supply of hostels. The website was sold to a company in woodstock 69 essay, the US and they throw me off this website. Since that time it has been much more difficult to fill up my hostel with travellers. Now I am only being promoted via and by worth of mouth. I use Facebook as well but the government makes it impossible to actually use it. It will close ten times before I am able to use it once. It is not working like that. There will be so many things that will get better once relations are strengthened.

For example the rice industry. Cuba used to consume before 1960 the - introduce rice from the US. All the rice that has been eaten in Cuba was exported from the US. In this moment, we are importing the rice from China, Vietnam, Brazil and many other places. This is 69 essay, much more expensive off course.

If the relationships improve the rice will come again from the US. In fact there are already many farmers from the US that are already doing business with the Cuba. Now they have the permission to do business with some particular Cuban businesses and they are at this moment exporting rice to Cuba. Actually last week there was the first direct flight from New York to Havana. The first direct flight from the US to Cuba ever. We could never even dream about that but it became reality.

There are some things that are actually improving. We just don’t know what will happen next. That is the help problem with Cuba. 69 Essay! Today we see some improvement but maybe tomorrow the government decides to stop the relationship again. Let’s hope that Cuba will keep on participating. However, the US government needs to hand in some things too. Essay On Failure Of Democracy In Pakistan! The US needs to give up the Montanayo Bay. What is the United States government doing with that bay?

It is one of most damaged and embarrassing place for the US in the world. It is a shame for the US government. Give it up because you don’t need that piece of land but let’s hope that the government will continue strengthening their relations because the 69 essay Cuban people love the Americans and Americans love the Cuban people. The problem is between the english essay governments. Do you think that R??ul Castro is afraid for the negotiations with Obama because it might danger its communism? Obama is not going to change Cuba at all. Cubans cannot change Cuba. Only the current government.

We used to say that the embargo is in Cuba. And only in Cuba. Woodstock! The US government is not a problem. The Cuban government created its own embargo. Do you believe America will change the Cuban culture? No not at all. Essay On Failure! The Cuban culture is too strong to be changed.

It can be influenced by other things such as MacDonalds but we already have fast food here. We have so much traditional food and other things. Besides that we already have music from America, we already have American food, movies and dances. It is not that they are going to bring that to woodstock 69 essay us. We have seen that and help a cv, taste that forever.

I don’t think America will have any influence on that. Most series you see on television are American series, which is the same with music and movies. We love Madonna, Tina Turner and 69 essay, Michael Jackson. We have so many people that like to imitate Michael Jackson in Cuba. How many places can you find in Havana with the name Charles Chaplin? What influence do you think the USA will bring that we don’t have yet?

We have it all but we have our own traditions as well. Traditions and connections are too strong to fade. Imagine Miami. Essay Myself! Miami is not American it is part of Cuba and all the immigrant that live there. Spanish is spoken in Miami. Not English.

Only a few people speak English because they have to. Seen from the woodstock hostel perspective, what are the advantages and help, disadvantages for you if the tourist from the USA stay in your hostel? I will not have any disadvantages of woodstock 69 essay, this, only advantages. Help Writing A Cv! The first advantage would be that I would be included again in 69 Essay! I was included in this website when I started this hostel 3 years ago, when Hostel Bookers was still an English company but they merged with and they took me out of the system because of the compose du verbe American embargo. I have been damaged directly by the American embargo. I am sure that the new negotiations and the relationships will change the rules and I will be in woodstock 69 essay, the system of hostel bookers again. English Essay - Introduce! Of course this is very good for woodstock 69 essay me and my company. Short On Failure! We will receive many guests, we will be in the world system of bookings again.

At this moment I am only woodstock 69 essay depending on the guest that are able to find the writing hostel via and by worth of mouth. I have nothing to promote myself. I don’t think there will be any disadvantages because I had some American travellers before, however not in the hostel but I have been guiding American students. They are nice people, nice travellers. Will you change your product? I am already looking for a new place for a while now. I want to move to something much bigger because this place is getting too small.

I need more space to create more comfort, I want a water system that provides warm water as well. I would like to offer more rooms so I can earn more as well of course. Furthermore I want to have a roof terrace and a bigger dining room so we can all eat together. That is 69 essay, what I am looking for right now but it has not been easy. Do you want to make this change because of the change between the USA and Cuba? No, this has been my plan already for a long time. However, the help situation with the USA has been pushing me to do it.

First this were just some ideas but I believe that soon it will become reality to move to a bigger place. I am already having more reservations than this hostel can handle. I am already moving tourists to the neighbours and woodstock, other rooms upstairs so I can provide a place to sleep for everyone. It will only get better when I can move to a bigger place. Will you change the prices? No, my prices will stay the same. In the near future the 2 currencies that you have right now in cuba, (pesos and the CUC) will change into one currency, the CUC. How are Cubans going to handle this since everything will get more expensive? This is going to change indeed but nobody knows when or what the influence will be. Everything will definitely get more expensive and we don’t know how the government is going to solve this.

That is the problem with Cuba. We never know what is going on and rules might change the next day. Nobody knows how it going to work. Changes happen overnight. Are you going to promote your hostel in a different way? If I would have connection to the internet I would definitely promote on social media. I would not mind paying for help writing some services either but we don’t have credit cards or anything I can pay with online. We don’t have access to for example PayPal because this is American. There are so many options to woodstock promote your business online. Scope Of Dissertation Writing! Everybody else from all over the world has access to internet except for us. Life would be so much easier for people that have a business if we would have internet access.

I don’t need any other company that can help me out 69 essay such as a tour operator because I am always fully booked. If I have access to enhance resume internet this would be more than enough to make sure the hostel is occupied all the time. Today we received two boys from the Bahama’s because they met two girls that stayed here in the hostel and these girls recommended the hostel to these boys. I am so thankful for that. Worth of mouth is very important. 69 Essay! And you will only have positive worth of mouth if clients are satisfied.

Apparently they are which makes me very proud. 4. Hotel Inglateria. Hotel: Hotel Inglateria. Location: Havana, Cuba. Appendix Small Talk #038; Quotes Field Research. ‘ About the arrival of the essay Americans: ‘It is very good for us, but not very good for you.’ ‘ Taxi driver. ‘ ‘Not many other countries can say they have such a strong culture and connection with their own people as we have in Cuba, because we grew up with nothing and we still have nothing but we learned that we will always have each other’ ‘ Bicitaxi driver. ‘ ‘The embargo is not assigned by the USA but the 69 essay embargo lays in Cuba’ ‘ ‘Our jobs are owned by the state, our houses are owned by the state, our cars are owned by the state, WE are owned by the state’. Search our thousands of essay french and indian, essays: If this essay isn't quite what you're looking for, why not order your own custom Politics essay, dissertation or piece of coursework that answers your exact question? There are UK writers just like me on hand, waiting to help you.

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Free Essays on 69 essay, Angela Carter Magic Toyshop. ? Angela Carter was an English novelist and journalist, known for her feminist, magical realism, and help writing a cv, picaresque works. In 2008, The Times ranked Carter tenth in their list of The 50 greatest British writers since 1945. In 2012, Nights at the Circus was selected as the best ever winner of the James. Getting Ahead by Walking in the Opposite Direction: Changes in Melanie’s Scale of Values in woodstock 69 essay Angela Carter’s Magic Toyshop. Getting Ahead by passe Walking in the Opposite Direction: Changes in Melanie’s Scale of woodstock 69 essay, Values in passe Angela Carter’s Magic Toyshop Hereby I certify that the essay conforms to woodstock 69 essay the international copyright and plagiarism rules and regulations. . In what ways is Angela Carter a political writer? Discuss in relation to 'The Magic Toyshop'. In what ways is Angela Cater a political writer? Discuss in relation to The Magic Toyshop . Enhance Resume. Angela Carter has often been identified as a feminist writer. Easton observes that, ' Carter identified herself as a feminist and most of her writings explore the subject of gender, usually in difficult and daring. Discuss the woodstock, effects, and dangers, of english essay - introduce, a powerful imagination in the turn of the screw and the magic toyshop.

The novels The Turn of the Screw, by Henry James, and The Magic Toyshop , by 69 essay Angela Carter both possess a great deal of fantasy on enhance resume, the behalf of the characters. This mainly features in woodstock 69 essay the protagonists of on the french and indian, Melanie in The Magic Toyshop and 69 essay, the governess in The Turn of the Screw. Enhance Resume. By examining the role of. Use of Patriarchal Myths toward Feminism. new readings of old texts. I am all for putting new wine in old bottles, especially if the pressure of the new wine makes the 69 essay, bottles explode A. Carter Angela Carter’s production could be located in passe essayer the bosom of English writers generation influenced by woodstock 69 essay the second feminism and short on failure in pakistan, also interested on revealing. The main characters were Carter , Sadie, Best.

The minor characters were Zia, Walt, and gods. Cater was a boy who went around the world and is smart. Sadie is the sister of Carter ; she is ignorant and woodstock 69 essay, doesn’t listen. Bes is a dwarf god. Walt is a boy who was called from magic ; he has a family curse and. Masculine Representations in The Magic Toyshop.

Representations in Angela Carter's The Magic Toyshop As a well-established champion of feminist prose, Angela Carter was published and known before the freethinkers of the 1970s began production of essays on feminist theory. The radical movers and shakers of the 1960s were inescapable. In Angela Carter's novel. Angela Carter wrote ‘The werewolf’ and ‘The Company of Wolves’ as appropriations of the traditional ‘Red Riding Hood’ story. Carter used language, atmosphere and originality twisted with a sense of of dissertation writing, tradition, which has created two amazingly deep stories.

We know these are appropriations of the 69 essay, traditional. ITA G WATTERS KENNETH WATTERS PHILLIP J WATTERS DARRIELLE WATTIE ANGELA D WATTS CLIFTON F WATTS DARYLE L WATTS LLOYD WATTS SCOTT WATTS WILLIAM W WATTS CAMERON C WAUGH HEIDI L WAUGH ANGELA K WAWRZASZEK JEREMY A WAX KIM WAXMAN RONALD WAY KEVIN C WAYE JR . Coach Carter Change is something that can’t happen over scope of dissertation writing night to a group, but will happen over time with the right pressure and actions taken. Coach Ken Carter is a man of many attributes that helped him in the conditions to change he placed on the Richmond High School basketball team. Coach Carter. towards knowledge of woodstock, good – The Buddha of of dissertation writing, Suburbia – Karim – physical journey – London New York + spiritual journey – Karim matures – . – Angela Carter – Heroes Villains – Fear Loathing, Rip Van Winkle, Flight to Canada ?? 28. Form significance of PRESENTATION OF PERSPECTIVE . Coach Carter , it is evident that this movie is able to woodstock 69 essay communicate deep messages that influence its viewers. After watching an awful game of Richmond versus Saint Francis, Ken Carter , the short in pakistan, protagonist, takes up the basketball-coaching job at Richmond High School. Woodstock. Being a steadfast man, Coach Carter deals.

MAGIC JOHSON AND MICHAEL JORDAN Today I want to focus on two great players who had very similar team outcomes; Magic Johnson and Michael Jordan. Magic and enhance resume, the Lakers went to woodstock the finals nine times, winning five titles. And as noted previously, Magic was the enhance resume, best player of those. Arnolds Magic “Smoke Signals”, is a movie written by woodstock 69 essay Sherman Alexei and essay in pakistan, directed by woodstock 69 essay Chris Eyre. The film deals with many social issues in modern Native American cultures. cgt;2 The story began at the Coeur d’Alene Reservation in compose du verbe essayer Idaho, in which the character’s struggle to preserve oral tradition. Angela Carter, the Snow Child Symbolism Essay. Child’ is a simple one dimensional Gothic narrative, whilst others might argue that it is a complex allegory. What is your response to the text? Carter expresses many aspects of the woodstock, gothic genre in her short story ‘The Snow Child’. However the play doesn’t merely consist of gothic themes such as the. How Does Angela Carter Reinterpret the Gothic Conventions in ‘the Tiger’s Bride’ and on the and indian, ‘the Courtship of woodstock, Mr Lyon’?

How does Angela Carter reinterpret the Gothic Conventions in ‘The Tiger’s Bride’ and essay on the french and indian, ‘The Courtship of Mr Lyon’? In ‘The Tiger’s Bride’ and ‘The Courtship of Mr Lyon’ Carter subverts several conventional gothic aspects. Females in traditional fairy-tales are often passive and submissive victims. Marcos Aragon English 100 05 April 2010 Angela and Brownie In George Orwell’s essay “Shooting an Elephant,” things aren’t ever just his way. There are a large number of woodstock 69 essay, people that don’t like him. He was also faced with a situation that he didn’t want to go through. Orwell was confident that, “Moreover. ?what use does Carter make of gothic elements in ‘The Bloody Chamber’ The term ‘Gothic’ was first used to describe a style of art and architecture in medieval Europe. It was said that gothic was an “attempt to incorporate the power of wild nature within the structures of civilization” writers later. The Real Angela Mike Beyer At the beginning of the story “Angela’s Ashes” we encounter the McCourt’s, a poor Irish-American family nestled away in the slums of Brooklyn New York sometime in the early 1930s.

Angela is married to Malachi McCourt, who is from north of Ireland and a served time in the. Angela Carter: Critical Appreciation of Gender-Based Issues in the Magic Toyshop. ?A critical appreciation of gender-based issues in Angela Carter’s The Magic Toyshop . In this essay I have chosen to look at Angela Carter’s book The Magic Toyshop , I intend to explore the book’s wealth of characters that the author appears to help writing a cv define to different degrees through a number of issues. . literature. In the late 20th century and now in the 21st century women and men are trying to change the way society see women as an inferior race. Angela Carter through her novel The Bloody Chamber she uses her feminist perspective to try and woodstock, change the role of women in literature and enhance resume, how they have been.

A Chronicle of a Death Foretold Character list. descendent of an Arab father. Santiago means “saint” ( Angela Vicario: Angela plays a major role in the mystery behind Santiago’s death. She accused Santiago of taking her virginity. Her brothers are Pedro and 69 essay, Pablo Vicario. Angela means “Angel”, which is ironic because she accuses an innocent.

20000-29999 blue 30000-39999 green 40000-49999 yellow 50000-59999 orange 60000 and up red Flora: Flora lives in help writing the dig site with Carter . She spends most of 69 essay, her time at the dig site. In fact I don't think I have ever seen her cross the river. In Pakistan. Flora likes diamonds and flowers. Gender Analysis of The Tigers Bride by 69 essay Angela Carter. QUESTION 1: _THE TIGERS BRIDE_ BY ANGELA CARTER CONCEPTS OF GENDER The short story_The Tigers Bride_ raises thought provoking concepts around gender through a plot both alike and unlike traditional Beauty and the Beast. The role of both genders is explored and passe du verbe, true freedom questioned within the bounds. as sexuality, drugs, self-expression, abuse and alternative ways of 69 essay, living. Angela Carter known for feminist writings examines controversial themes of incest, sex, identity and belonging within her novel titled, ‘The Magic Toy Shop’.

The selected extract, explores the impact of identity, morality, sexuality. talks about how it was a quiet place and there wasn’t much profit in the Lafayette Bar Grill to want to be robbed. English Essay - Introduce Myself. Also this talked about how Rubin Carter was making a lot of money in the ring as a boxer which would not make sense for Rubin to shoot these innocent people in this bar for only $40. Raab. as the lay was split in half and wondered, how can they do that? When did magic start? Who was the greatest magician all time? Can anyone be a magician? What will magic be like in the future?

Magic is a special art. Why? Magic is recorded back to woodstock 2600 B.C. That is 4 thousand six hundred years ago. It. The chief impression a Gothic text leaves us with is the loneliness of the protagonist’ Is this a view borne out by the three texts you have studied? thoughts it is the of dissertation writing, loneliness which pushes her to suicide, evidently reinstating loneliness of the protagonist to be the woodstock 69 essay, chief impression of the french, text. Woodstock 69 Essay. In Angela Carter’s collection of short stories ‘The Bloody Chamber’ story itself can be used to show the english - introduce, narrator as lonely and 69 essay, isolated within the ‘castle of. Chronicle of a Death Foretoldcorrupt Catholicism. we’re innocent.” (49). Short Essay Of Democracy In Pakistan. They use the excuse that the only reason they murdered Santiago was to preserve the honor of their sister, Angela : “It was a matter of Honor” (83).

Angela says that her virginity was taken by Santiago so Pablo and Pedro have to woodstock 69 essay avenge her by killing Santiago. Essay And Indian. Also, it is 69 essay obvious that. place? asked Robin. It's nice, but something I've never understood. Enhance Resume. Tim answered. What don't you understand? was the 69 essay, reply. How much magic are you using and what are the spells involved, because to scope keep the woodstock, sides of the T up must be a tremendous strain. Passe Du Verbe. --- Chris Hill A new generation. Angela and Tom travel to Texas. Angela and Tom study in Texas. Woodstock. Angela's sister, Camilla, lives in Texas.

Angela and Tom ring Angela's sister, Camilla. Angela and Tom ask Camilla to send a cab. Angela's sister sends a cab. The cab brings Angela and Tom to passe compose Camilla. 69 Essay. Camilla lives. Jane Eyre and the Magic Toyshop - Theme of Childhood.

How is the theme of myself, childhood presented in “Jane Eyre”? Support with “The Magic Toyshop ”. (40) Although Jane is only ten years old, “I was but ten.” at the start of the novel, the tone to which “Jane Eyre” is woodstock written empowers her and shows her strong spirit, especially when she fights back against. Ireland. 1940s Angela and Malachy, Frank’s parents meet in America and she gives birth to Francis, his brothers; Malachy, Eugene and Oliver and a little baby named Margaret. Their father is neglectful and an alcoholic.

The family lives in squalor. Soon, Margaret dies and Angela suffers from a deep. Gender Roles in Angela Carter's the Bloody Chamber. Gender roles in Angela Carter’s The Bloody Chamber Angela Carter’s story The Bloody Chamber is a rewrite of the world-famous fairytale Blue Beard. The story narrates the life of a young girl who marries a rich man with a dark secret. When she finds out that the secret is the fact that her husband. ma thesis gothic gender feminism angela. Universitat Mannheim Anglistisches Seminar Lehrstuhl Anglistik II 4. 11. 2012 Mistressing Fear: Gothic, Gender and enhance resume, Feminism in Angela Carter’s The Magic Toyshop and 69 essay, Margaret Mahy’s The Changeover M.A.-Arbeit FSS 2012 Betreuerin: Erstgutachterin: Zweitgutachter: Dr. Stella Butter Prof. Dr.

Sarah Heinz. Angela Carter Angela Olive Stalker was born on May. Angela Carter Angela Olive Stalker was born on english, May 7, 1940, in Eastbourne, Sussex, as the 69 essay, daughter of a journalist. During the war years, she stayed with her grandmother, and upon her return to help her parents suffered from anorexia, caused by low self esteem. In 1960 she was married to Paul Carter , and. with some of the worst child actors ever. And a rock-ribbed feminist could object to the staircase scene (even a feminist as good-humored as Angela Carter suggested that Rhett Butler needed his kneecaps broken). Still, Gone With the Wind is that unimaginable thing, a flexible masterpiece: thrilling. collections of animated films.

The story also serves as a metaphor for woodstock sexual awakening and of dissertation writing, depicts the rite of passage from puberty into womanhood. In Angela Carter's story The Company of Wolves, published in 1979 in her collection The Bloody Chamber (adapted into woodstock 69 essay a film by Neil Jordan in 1984), the wolf. ?Music Exam 1 - January 28th, 2016 - Terms The Carter Family: Country Musicians in 1930’s; Alvin (husband), Sara (wife), Maybelle (sister-in-law); Traditional American Folk music; First vocal group to become country music stars; Expressed family values; “Sunny Side of Life” Irving Berlin: . Earl Jimmy Carter , Jr. was born October 1, 1924 is an American politician who was the 39th president of the United States and help, was awarded the 2002 Nobel Peace Prize. He was one of the only presidents to receive a Nobel Peace Prize after leaving office. Before he became President, Carter , a Democrat. Coming of Age in woodstock the Magic Toyshop and the Cement Garden. youth (in Cote and Allahar 1994:24), the enhance resume, novels that have been chosen to explore the formation of gender identity in adolescence are Angela Carter’s The Magic Toyshop (1967) and Ian McEwan’s The Cement Garden (1978). While both novels explore the effect of parental death on 69 essay, the coming of of democracy in pakistan, age process. Angela Carter's Exploration of Masks and Society. wear the masks they are meant to wear and thus continue creating the same classifications over and over.

One of the greatest modern writers, Angela Carter , deals often with stereotypes in woodstock her adaptations of on the war, classical fairy tales. Andrew Milne explains the power this practice has had in 69 essay society, rewriting. given over to an animal as his wife may have been a way of protesting against cultural standards. Villeneuve, Beaumont, and many modern authors ( Angela Carter and Robin McKinley for essay starters) have used the plot to explore different possibilities for romantic roles and relationships. Woodstock 69 Essay. Versions that end. Possum Magic is about two possums; one of on the, which does magic . Grandma Poss turned her granddaughter invisible, in which Hush (the granddaughter) had many adventures. But eventually she became sick of being invisible and wanted to see herself again, but Grandma Poss didn’t know a spell to turn her visible. simple, straightforward stories about heart break, promiscuity, drinking binges, the odyssey of travel, the workplace, and the prison road gang, magic and superstition-in short, the southern landscape of African Americans in the Post-Reconstruction era. (qtd. in “Ma Rainey” 306-308) Ethel Waters. +27745112461 SPIRITUAL HEALER-BLACK MAGIC USA-MALAYSIA-SINGAPORE-AUSTRALIA. TALISMANS-AMULETS- MAGIC RINGS FOR LOVE-WEALTH-PROTECTION I have reunited many with my love spells, or spirit summoning spells and brought happiness and comfort to several with my luck laden magic talismans, magic rings and 69 essay, mystical kavachas and have brought good fortune to those in english myself need.

I have made magic spells. The magic lantern is an early predecessor of the modern day projector. It consisted of a translucent oil painting, a simple lens and a candle or oil lamp. In a darkened room, the woodstock, image would appear projected onto an adjacent flat surface. It was often used to project demonic, frightening images in order. reading skills. Before I started to plan I had to essay french war ask myself what can storytelling offer? Children have an innate love of stories. Stories create magic and a sense of wonder at the world. Stories teach about life, about woodstock 69 essay ourselves and about others. Writing. Storytelling is a unique way for 69 essay children to develop.

represents a great man with stature and personality, but is also a man with many sins. Dr. Faustus sells his soul to Lucifer and pertains to black magic in compose essayer order to become powerful and influential in the world. He gives up his scholarly beginnings in order to pursue the opposite for more power. 69 Essay. We learn. In his book, uThe Culture of Disbelief/u, author Steven Carter attempts to reconcile two modern concerns: religious significance and enhance resume, the importance placed on logical reasoning and understanding. He attempts to explain how religiously dedicated people can also be intelligent, rational persons who.

Ghostface and Raekwon dedicated an entire skit to mocking it. Jay-Z took a hot Nas line and made a hot song on Reasonable Doubt. If you listen to Sean Carter before Illmatic, the rat-a-tat is straight from Big Daddy Kane. After Nas dropped, Jay-Z suddenly got smooth. Those are just the two most famous appropriations. ?How does Angela Carter subvert the traditional form of a fairy-tale in her short story ‘The Snow Child’? Why does she do this? Carter as a feminist was interested in fairy-tales because of hoe gender roles are presented in them. For example, women. Woodstock 69 Essay. Women are normally the help writing a cv, lead characters of a fairy-tale. Rubin Hurricane Carter was a boxer who had the justice system stacked against 69 essay him.

In the 1960’s justice was questionable, as blacks were treated unfairly. The case of Rubin was a long shot; he was finally released from jail after 19 years of being wrongfully. @@@ love @@vashikaran@@ magic@@ mantr@babaji +91-9549794526. For Control Husband,Black Magic Specialist Astrologer,Solutions For Love Marriage Problems,Vashikaran Specialist,Best Astrologer In ajmar ,Kamdev Mantra For Love,Kala Jadu Specialist Astrologer,Online Vashikaran Specialist Astrologer,Love Marriage Specialist,Online Black Magic Specialist,Love Problem Solutions. that which is Blissful, and this like a unseen Cosmic Attractor, leads us towards our goal of Total Awareness and Unfoldment. Innocent Awareness Magic , allows and empowers this magical process, by allowing us to express these worlds within us in a safe and writing a cv, supportive environment. With permission, we.

ger's Bride, Angela Carter uses the theme of the objectification of women to transform the heroine from mere possession into woodstock a strong and powerful narrator. With dialogue the reader is aware that the passe essayer, heroine is compared to an item. Once the heroine notices the symbolism around her, she realizes that. Adaptation of the three stories from woodstock 69 essay, Angela Carter's book. This essay will discuss the adaptation of the three stories from Angela Carter's book „The Bloody Chamber“: The Werewolf, The Company of the Wolves and Wolf-Alice to short essay of democracy the Neil Jordan's film The Company of the Wolves.

The differences between the three stories and the film will be analyzed, and woodstock, how their. Therapy Magic Mushrooms Psilocybin, a drug mainly viewed by short in pakistan the public as absurd or abnormal. Found in over 180 species of mushrooms, psilocybin is a psychoactive drug that alters perception, and brain function during use. Yet is 69 essay there the english - introduce myself, possibility that this intense mind altering. In the short stories in ‘The Bloody Chamber’, Carter is excessively interested in violent instincts’.

How far do you agree with this view? stories in ‘The Bloody Chamber’, Carter is excessively interested in violent instincts’. How far do you agree with this view? In the short stories in ‘The Bloody Chamber’, Carter is excessively interested in violent instincts, this viewpoint is correct to an extent but Carter has a feministic approach to. out their guilt and are able to sleep for the first time without remorse.

The Vicario family leaves town, and woodstock, the father, Poncio, dies of what Angela calls “moral pain.” Pablo marries Prudencia and Pedro reenlists in the army and is killed while patrolling guerrilla territory. Bayardo San Roman is.