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Racism in disney movies research paper

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Racism in disney movies essays - Custom paper Academic Writing

Racism in disney movies research paper

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Best Sample Essays, Free Research Papers, Dissertation Samples. In Disney! Nowadays, such well-developed countries as Australia and alike have ample opportunities to develop new industries and new perspective businesses. Among the most profitable and shakespeare biography perspective industries may be named people’s leisure time. It means that people have more opportunities to have leisure time and consequently they need to spend it accordingly to their expectations and their needs. That is why, there is a trend in contemporary Australia to creative a lot of racism in disney movies paper opportunities for leisure.

However it creates big problems, mainly they concern the write your on this, problem of environmental protection. Since to satisfy the movies research paper, growing demand from the part of customers numerous companies which operate in mba essays Australian market has to racism in disney movies research paper, develop infrastructure, build five star hotels, cater customers, provide a comfortable transport opportunities, etc. Kellogg Mba Essays! It is particularly important that ecotourism, as a way of spending leisure time, becomes more and more popular. Naturally, it results in bigger problems for local communities as well as for movies the whole country at do not your essay on this page, large because tourists ‘invade’ regions where they have never been before. As result, they bring in their own standards along with their own demand to research, local communities that naturally is followed by numerous changes that need particular attention and immediate solution, i.e. changes in lifestyle, environmental situation, catering, infrastructure, and many others. Kipling Essay! It is even possible to say that the growing demand leisure needs and creation of new opportunities for their satisfaction creates a situation which actually threatens to local communities, ecologic situation in certain regions and need a very careful planning, particularly environmental one. All these trends will be discussed in the paper and on the basis of one of the most perspective industries related to leisure, ecotourism. Racism Movies Paper! We can write a custom essay on Leisure for you! Leisure: a great attraction for investors and consumers. In order to understand why such problems appears it is necessary to thoroughly study the current situation why leisure needs are growing so rapidly causing so many problems. First of all it is necessary to say that it is essay shakespeare biography, mainly the problem of well-developed countries where the rate of racism in disney movies research income is quite high.

Only ecotourism as a very perspective industry, which aims at satisfying the demand of leisure needs, attracts basically people who “are high income earners who tend to spend more time in country… The study showed that most of the ecotourists belonged to writing, the middle or upper middle income groups.” (Berno 1996:22). It means that it is movies research paper, a very perspective industry but it is not the kellogg mba essays, only one that deals with leisure. To a certain degree it explains why it is racism research paper, attractive for investors. It seems to be quite logical that as long as the executive, market grows, there will be more investments. Since industries related to leisure are quite perspective they would show a stable growth in racism the nearest future as it actually happens to ecotourism that has already been mentioned above. Book Rudyard Essay! Furthermore, it is necessary to distinguish two types of investments. One of them is internal investments, i.e. In Disney Movies! investments from those companies which already operates on the market. Another type is external investors, i.e. companies which are new and writing just entering and starting their business in the leisure related industries. Very often leisure businesses “by their nature are small ‘labor of love’ businesses.” (Dowling 1992:37). The explanation of such a situation is quite simple. As a rule operators love the in disney movies research paper, activity they offer, normally they are quite knowledgeable, professional and quality oriented.

In certain cases money may be secondary though it is rather an exception than a rule. Cover Letter Retail Position! But enthusiasm would be a weak stimulus for racism in disney movies research investors. Naturally, there is a stronger factor that is traditional for a rational business. What is scoring, mean there is the financial attractiveness of leisure industries and their profitability. In Disney Movies Research! For instance, the researches of ecotourism revealed very interesting facts, namely “findings show two good things about ecotourism: minimum investment and the jungle book kipling essay excellent cash flow.” (Dowling 1992:39).

As for racism research paper consumers, the situation is kellogg executive mba essays, even simpler. They just want to spend their leisure time well and get use of it as much as possible. Basically, they need not simply a kind of entertainment but they need something that would be useful for them, something that would broaden their sight and would be attractive, interesting, impressive at movies, the same time. Write Your! As a result they may tend to have some extreme leisure needs but such consumers are quite few. Though there are some businesses that correspond to taste and interests of different people, for in disney instance tourism, and ecotourism in particular. By the way Australia has ample opportunities to develop this industry but consumers should remember some rules. First of all, they should remember about cultural differences and local traditions. Though it is not always possible and often such tourism reminds a kind of show. Secondly, but it is not less important, it is necessary to remember about impact on writing, the local environment since tourists need a certain level of comfort that needs a corresponding infrastructure, catering, supply, etc. That creates a number of problems, which, actually, will be discussed in the next chapter. Research! Catering and other problems of leisure related industries, their causes.

As it has been just said leisure industries cause a number of problems for local communities and for the whole country at large. But, before to speak about these problems, it is necessary to understand their causes that could also contribute to the search their possible solutions. It would be a mistake to think that only companies operating in the market of leisure industries are the source of scoring essays holistically all problems. Actually, as in any other business or industry there is another significant factor that is probably even more important than companies investing money in industries. Naturally, this factor is a consumer. It is for his sake the companies creates everything they can to attract him and racism movies research his money. In the bbc essay, case of leisure industries it is probably more obvious than in any other industry. At this respect, it would be better to dwell upon one very important problem, the problem of catering which appeared as an attempt to support the racism in disney movies research, diversity of bbc essay leisure opportunities. Probably, its role would be the most obvious if ecotourism were taken as an example. It is obvious that travelling to racism research, remote places is not always ideal and there may be serious problems with catering because there is no infrastructure that is appropriate or habitual for rudyard essay middle class Australian or foreign tourists.

Furthermore, tourists often want local food only that naturally creates a problem because the question of hygiene arises. At this respect it is necessary to say that it is practically impossible to provide all tourists with local food, and moreover, local food may be unacceptable for some tourists. Consequently, there is only possible way out to provide them with conventional food. And again there is a problem how to cater tourists in remote regions. In such cases it is necessary to build roads, communications, etc. but it will obligatory result in another problem, the problem of environmental protection. For instance, more roads traditionally mean more pollution, if not take into account that nature suffers in the process of their building. By the way the same situation with other leisure industries even if companies are situated in large cities they simply aggravate the situation. Thus, there is no doubt that the racism in disney paper, growing leisure demand, and the tendency to its diversity creates a number of interlinked problems, including the problems concerning infrastructure, catering, and, what is probably the most important, environmental protection and many others. All of them demand solutions that should be found as soon as possible. Write On This Page! Actually, strategic environmental planning should find effective ways to solve these problems and it would be the point of the discussion of the racism in disney, next chapter.

Regional strategies and the jungle book environmental plans. As it has already been mentioned leisure industries and growing leisure opportunities create number of problems that are quite serious and need immediate solution. Taking into consideration all these problems Australia has to have a definite, concrete plan of action aiming at their solution. It is necessary to in disney, say that Australian government has started to work on these problems for quite a long time ago. For instance, there were regional environmental plans made under the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 which provided “the framework for detailed local planning by bbc essay writing councils.” (Ross 1991:177).

However, despite the fact that all regional environmental plans are traditionally exhibited in a draft form for public comment, and all submissions are supposed to be “considered before the final plan is racism in disney movies research paper, gazetted and becomes legal” (Ross 1991:178), it is not enough. It is obvious that local communities have to be more involved in the process of the creation of plans, especially in essays the process of their development, implementation and movies revision. Furthermore, local communities should be able to determine their own futures within regional plans which set out broad principles. Write Your Essay Page! This should also include, wider public access to information concerning planning. A very important strategy of Australian authority is the planning of in disney movies paper creation of ‘livable neighbourhoods’, it includes area improvement programs, transport interchanges, fund improvements to parks and scoring holistically public open spaces, regenerate bush land and green the urban environment. As for the problem of catering, its solution may be found in racism research paper improvement of integrated delivery of infrastructure and public services such as roads, schools, water and sewerage systems, power and mba essays gas, hospitals, police and other government activities. Finally, an extremely important factor is a comprehensive regional planning and research strategies as well as close cooperation of state and local government, local communities and business. Thus, taking into account all above mentioned it is possible to conclude that Australia, being one of the most developed countries in cover letter position the world, has a problem of growing leisure opportunities, which, in their turn, engenders the whole chain of other closely interlinked problems, among which environmental problems, problems of infrastructure and catering, local communities and racism in disney paper their culture and traditions may be named.

They are caused by many factors but probably the most important is the growing demand of biography diversity of in disney leisure opportunities. Kipling Essay! Actually, there is no solution that would work one hundred per cent effectively. However, there are some possibilities to minimize the effect of the racism paper, problems mentioned above but they need a close cooperation of all participants of the process beginning from ordinary consumers, companies working in the leisure related industries market, local authorities and federal government. They should be oriented on the environmental protection at cover retail, first turn. Naturally, they should take into considerations interests of research local communities. Probably, the fulfilment of these conditions, based on a wide public participation in regional environmental programs and planning, will result in a successful solution of if not all then some of the problems mentioned in the paper. It is obvious that Australia has a very realistic chance to do this and serve as an example for other countries. Remember , free essays, sample essays and essay examples on Leisure topics are traced by plagiarism detection systems. All samples online are plagiarized. Don#8217;t download them and kellogg mba essays submit them as your own paper for school, college or university.

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sample essay ads Sample Essays for Advertising Essay. 2. Furniture Depot employed our internet advertising company to help. Since then its businesses increased by 10% over last year's totals. Furniture Depot's success demonstrates how using our internet services can increase your profitability. Describe how well reasoned you find this argument. Research? In the cover retail, discussion be sure to analyze the line of reasoning and the use of evidence in the argument. For example, you may need to consider what questionable assumptions underlie the thinking and racism in disney what alternative explanations or counter examples might weaken the letter position, argument's conclusion. You may also address possible changes in the argument that would make it more logically sound, and what, if anything, would help you better evaluate its conclusion. This essay has three main flaws:

1) They are taking credit for something they may not be responsible for: other factors could have caused the increase in sales. This is the after this therefore because of this fallacy. 2) Although sales increased, did profits increase? Did the racism, costs of advertising exceed the increase in sales? We don't know. Since the argument concludes that they can increase profitability, this is not valid. This is similar, but not the bbc essay, same as, a fallacy of eqivocation, where the same word is given two meanings. Didn't get a 6? Try another practice essay Need to racism in disney movies paper learn more tips on the jungle book kipling essay, structure and essay writing, read the AWA Guide to get tips on essay writing Selected Sample Essays: textfield: The internet advertising company is racism in disney unsuccesful in book rudyard, promoting its services because it takes credit for Furniture Depot's 10% sales increase without explaining what role it had in in disney paper, this success. The advertising company makes unsubstantiated claims as to its effect on do not write essay page, Furniture Depot's business success. The advertiser would have been better served to racism in disney movies research paper mention specifically its strategies with the furniture store and your on this page how these may have positively influenced the company.

As well, some type of customer information would have been useful in comparing public recognition of paper, Furniture Depot before and after the shakespeare, advertisor's involvement. First of all, a potential client for racism in disney research paper, this advertisor would want some type of background as to why, specifically the essays, sales rose. Racism Movies Research? An overall rise in economy will normally lead to business increases, irrespect to what advertising firm is used. Perhaps Furniture Depot recently purchased new and better furniture or reduced its prices. The demise of cover letter retail, a nearby furniture competitor would also increase Furniture Depot's sales. Racism? Without fully understanding the cover letter, situation, a client cannot make an informed decision based on the information provided by the advertising company.

In other words, there could be other factors causing the change and they are incorrectly attributing it to racism movies themselves. Essay Page? Get to the heart of the logical flaw. In addition, public recognition of the new Furniture Depot's advertisement would have greatly benefited the research paper, advertisor's claims. A small survey asking customers why they were in Furniture Depot and where they were first informed of the store could effectively accomplish this task. Essay William Biography? For instance, the knowledge that the advertisor attracted new customers by offering a free T-shirt or poster would at least clarify the detailed strategic intentions of the advertisor. this is in disney movies paper fine, but you missed another huge flaw in executive, the reasoning. The argument said that revenues went up by racism in disney 10%, but what is interest to business is profits. So there are really two main flaws here 1) falsely taking credit and 2) revenues vs. profits. In conclusion, the advertising company's claims of william biography, improving Furniture Depot's sales is unwarrented and unsubstantiated. A business's sales may improve for a number of reasons, one of which may be effective advertising. In Disney Movies Research? But without this information, proper analysis of the effect played by the advertisor on Furniture Depot is not possible.

Style here is good, this is a fine essay. Structure: 5 very good. Content: 5 good, should have mentioned profit flaw. Style: 5, Good, well-balanced. textfield: The internet advertising company argues that because Furniture Depot used their service and Furniture Depot's business increased 10% over last year's totals, that their internet services can increase your company's profitability. Two serious flaws undermine this assumption. This is a fine intro. You could discuss the flaws in the intro in summary. First, Furniture Depot's 10% increase in business may have been due to other factors than using the services of the internet advertising company. A mere correlation does not establish causality GOOD LOGIC, Watson! . In fact, Furniture Depot's business may have increased due to kellogg executive mba essays new merchandise, a new radio campaign, or a shakeup in the sales department nice examples. The internet advertising company offers no evidence to directly establish that Furniture Depot's increase in business was due to retaining their services.

Without establishing causality, the internet. advertising company's argument is highly suspect. Second, the internet advertising company's success with Furniture Depot may not be directly transferrable to research other lines of business EXCELLENT SUMMATION OF A PARAGRAPHS POINT IN ONE SENTENCE. For example, a company that specializes in selling ice cream might cater to a group of customers whose demographics are extremely different than Furniture Depot's customers. Bbc Essay Writing? Furniture Depot's customers might be highly educated and internet savy; whereas the ice cream company's group might be poorer and less likely to use the internet. Customer groups who use the paper, internet less than Furniture Depot's customers will be less likely to essay on this page be influenced by internet advertising. In fact, different businesses may find that media other than the internet will appeal more strongly to their. target customer groups.

When people can't find the right flaws in an argument, they try splitting hairs. The problem here is research that you argue the do not your essay page, internet is only used by some demographics, not too strong in a day of Research Paper? Name major markets where the demographics are bad for kipling, the internet?? very few. A stonger example would have been that certain industries are not. compatible with the internet. The internet is more important with the airline industry than ice cream because you can buy and sell it online. Try shipping ice cream by fedex. This paragraph is an example.

Sure, that is a problem, but you are missing the racism research paper, major glaring flaw that every bschool candidate should catch. They said they increased sales, but did they increase PROFITS? What's the bottom line. Profits are whats important. In summary, the internet advertising company's argument is the jungle rudyard kipling essay not persuasive. It would be more persuasive if it could be demonstrated that Furniture Depot's 10% increase in business was directly related to internet advertising.

Furthermore, the in disney movies research, internet advertising company could more successfully persuade other companies that Furniture Depot's success could be replicated with their target customer groups by demonstrating that the demographics of Furniture Depot's customers closely match that of their prospective customers. Structure here is good, suprisingly good considering you aren't on our. records for buying out awa guide. if you are taking the AWA seriously its a must read. This is a 5 essay. This argument is not very well reasoned, thought there are some possibilities how it could be strengthened in its line of argumentation. In the intro paragraph you should discuss more about the argument and its problems (all sample arguments are loaded with flaws). This is too short. The internet advertising company presents the evidence that it was employed by Furniture Depot for 1 year and william that afterwards businesses rose by 10 %. The internet company than makes the conclusion that this example demonstrates how employing the company would increase everybody's profitability. combine this with Paragraph 1. As one can see there are several assumptions made that are not proven.

The internet company generalizes its success in the furniture branch to all other branches as well. Racism Movies Research Paper? In other branches though it might not be possible or helpful to make advertisement in rudyard kipling, the internet, like in the car washing industry. Another assumption made is racism in disney movies paper that the 10 % rise in business was only achieved by the company's advertisements, no benchmarking is presented though how the whole furniture branch developed. If the branch had a 20 % rise in business on do not your essay on this, average, than the 10 % of Furniture Depot is not that outstanding anymore, whereas it could be considered to be good if the rest of the branch was only capable of gaining 5 % more that last year. Similar to the last assumption is the next one. The arguments say nothing about other actions in the business of Furniture Depot like severe price cuts or extension of the product line. In Disney Movies Research Paper? All these action could have contributed to Furniture Depots's success in the last year. There are some possibilities how the internet company could make its argumentation more reasonable. They could present additional information proving that their work was a major contribution to the business rise, data how the rest of the furniture branch developed and how it would be possible to generate additional benefit for other branches too.

As one can see there are some leaps in the argumentation of the internet advertising company, but there are also ways of how those unproven assumptions could be turned into facts that would actually help the company. Combine the last two paragraphs into cover letter retail manager, 1. you have correctly identified the argument's errors, but the structure is lacking. To help you, our online essay guide has standard formats for these types of research paper, essay questions. Write Your Essay On This Page? In sum, you should have an intro paragraph that deliniates the problems with the racism in disney paper, analysis of argument question followed by 2-3 paragraphs with flaws, then a concluding paragraph that sums it up. This would have been a 5. textfield: The argument made by the internet advertising company in its appeal to holistically attract. business is very weak. First of all, the internet advertising company states that Furniture Depot employed their. advertising company to help.

It does not mention any of the specifics. For example, we do not. know what the internet advertising company accomplished as a result of being employed by. Furniture Depot. Next, assuming that an aggresive internet advertising project had been. successfully implemented, the in disney paper, advertising company is assuming that the increase of the business. was due entirely to them and their advertising project. Nothing is mentioned about other.

forms of advertisement that Furniture Depot might have used. What if Furniture Depot undertook. an aggressive television campaign that was the your essay on this, real cause of the increase in sales. Another. reason for the increase in sales may have been an overall increase in sales of furniture sales. this is movies a highly effective essay that addresses the main flaws in the argument. However, for organization's sake, this paragraph is manager position too long.

It could have been broken up into a few points. Nothing is mentioned about other competitors and their advertising strategy. Also, the. internet company does not say anything about why employing them is better than employing any. other internet advertising company. This is a short side point. This paragraph feels stapled on. Finally, the author is drawing a direct correlation between an movies research paper increase in shakespeare biography, sales and an. increase in profitability. Research Paper? Since profits take into account costs, it is possible that although. sales increase profitability decreased because of the relative costs of advertising.

In summary, the advertising company could have done a much better job in pursuating us to. employ them by providing more information in these areas. 1) The overall advertising strategy of Furniture Depot before. and after the advertising project. 2) Some supporting statitics on scoring, sales of other furniture. depots competitors and their advertising strategies. 3) Some evidence as to what they have to.

offer that is different from any other internet service company. The old problem of good content and poor organization. The into is too short, the racism movies research, first body paragraph is rambling and essay william shakespeare too long, second is in disney unnecessary. You should better define the flaws before you start writing and map out your essay better beforehand. The good news is that with some organizational help you could do very well on this section. This is probably a 4.5 score essay. If you haven't already, consider reading the essay guide at. textfield: The cited advertising copy is not effective because it fails to provide even the most basic information that would support the the jungle, stated conclusion. The internet advertising company suggests that its services can increase the target audience's profitability. In Disney Research? It presents the Furniture Depot as an example of its ability.

However, the advertisement provides no information that would lead the cover manager, reader to believe: (1) that the internet advertising campaign caused the Furniture Depot to research see a 10% increase in sales; (2)the advertisement refers to cover letter position the profitability of the target audience's business, rather than to the sales; and racism in disney research (3) the advertisement refers to he Furniture Depot's businesses in a way that leaves the reader uninformed concerning the corporate structure of these businesses. Alone, any of these these shortcomings would substantially weaken the the jungle rudyard essay, stregnth of the logic used in the advertisement. Research? Together, these three shortcomings render the quoted copy virtually meaningless. You are going way, way to far. William Shakespeare? The argument is NOT meaningless, but weak and tenuous with several major assumptions. Ranting wastes the grader's time and annoys them.

This intro is too long and tedious. Movies? Pat yourself. on the bbc essay, back, though, for finding the errors . The greatest weakness of the claim presented in the advertisement is that it fails even to suggest that the internet advertising campaign caused an increase in racism in disney movies research, revenue at the Furniture Depot. The targeted reader is thus presented with virtually no information that would logically convince him to consider purchasing internet advertising services. A more compelling advertisement would, at a minimum, assert that The Furniture Depot's advertising campaign caused increased revenues.

The advertisement would be even stronger if the copywriter included information indicating that other variables remain constant. Essay Shakespeare Biography? For example, the advertisement would be more compelling if it stated that Furniture Deport experienced its first profitable quarter in 5 years after retaining the internet marketing firm. Of course, too. much data in advertising copy can interfere with the racism in disney movies research paper, message. Therefore, even if the advertising firm did not want to include extensive documentation in the ad itself! These last two are unnecessary. Paragraphs are WAY too long. be more concise. Do Not Page? Avoid exclamation marks. You have to racism in disney research paper boil down these arguments to one or two sentences.

lf, the firm should still be prepared to back up its claim with data excluding other causes of kellogg, increased revenues. Thus, the advertisement should claim credit for the increased sales experienced by Furniture Depot. Second, the central claim presented in movies paper, the advertising copy is ambiguous. The reader cannot be certain whether the marketing firm claims to increase sales or profitability. Profitiability can be Aeffected by dozens of biography, variables, ranging from in disney paper, production costs to employee compensation to retail position taxes. The advertisement should clearly state that the internet advertising raises sales. Advertisers should let management worry about profits.

Last. This is the main paragraph. You caught the main assumption about sales and in disney research paper profits (many students will miss this one). Again, writing is not concise enough. Finally, the advertisement refers to the Furniture Depot's businesses. Your Essay? This leaves the reader uncertain as to precisely what it is that the marketing firm did for the Furniture Depot. Is the Furniture Depot a retail outlet? A large conglomerate? The reader cannot tell.

Introducing this uncertainty adds no benefit to the effectiveness of the in disney, ad. Thus, it should be removed. Here you are splitting hairs. The advertisement's three faults severely weaken the advertisers claimed benefit. Cover Letter Manager? An effective ad would (1) assert a causal link between the in disney movies research paper, Furniture Depot's advertsing campaign and its increased revenues; (2) make clear that the firm is indeed claiming that it can increase sales revenue, and not profit; and (3) remove the kellogg executive mba essays, ambiguity concerning the nature of the Furniture Depot's business.

By addressing these three shortcomings, the advertiser can improve the effectiveness of its advertisement. This conclusion is brilliant. Short concise and effective. Write your next essay how you wrote that conclusion. Problem here is racism in disney movies paper that you are not concise enough. The paragraphs are too bloated and write your on this you are kicking a dead horse. The good news is that you write reasonably well, can identify arguments, and racism research follow the kellogg executive, last paragraph you will do well. Note: if you haven't already, consider getting our online prep guide. textfield: The advertising company makes a claim that its services were the cause of racism in disney research paper, a client's increased profitability. There are two underlying assumptions in this claim.

First, that the 10% figure stated as business increase translates directly into increased profitability. Second, if the retail position, 10% figure indeed correctly represents increased profitability, then the statement also assumes that there were no other causes for the increase except for the ad firm's services. Therefore, the in disney movies paper, entire argument is well-reasoned only if the advertising company is using accurate assumptions to make their claim. this last sentence is on this page probably not needed. Wow, made for the e-rater: short concise and effective. To determine the validity of the racism movies paper, claim, one would first have to investigate the 10% figure. Is this figure an increase in sales volume? In revenues?

In gross or net profit? What does the 10% represent and how was it determined? Indeed, it is write your essay page vague. If it is discovered that the 10% does in fact represent annual increase in net profits, the next point of racism in disney movies paper, investigation would be to determine how these profits were achieved. Did a competitor go out of business, causing an influx of customers? Did the entire industry have a boon that year, raising revenues for all furniture retailers across the board?

Or was the increase in profits due to altered business practices at essays, Furniture Depot, such as lowering costs? Furniture Depot could have switched to another supplier with cheaper rates. They could have altered their delivery policies, making their products more appealing to the consumer. There are a multitude of ways in which internal changes could have impacted profits, and these would all have to be analyzed in order to determine cause and effect relationships. This is the key flaw, an increase of sales is not relevant, profits are what is racism important. This is another assumption. Sorry, this may do in normal life, but its not the proper AWA essay conclusion.

Sum up your arguments in shakespeare biography, 2 to in disney movies research paper 3 sentences. Repeat yourself and executive restate the racism movies research, main points. This conclusion is empty. organization 4 (bad conclusion blew the 6) First of all,the internet advertising company states that the Furniture Depot's sales increased by write 10% over racism movies paper, last year's totals since it employed their advertising service. Essay? There is no necessary relation between the sales growth and the effect of the advertising. Because the argument doesn't state when the Furniture Depot started to racism research employ the service in this year.

If the service began by the end of the year, it is very obvious that there should be other reasons to promote the business. If this argument could include the exact time when the advertising service started, it would be more sufficient. On the other hand, even the service started very early of the year, the writing, internet avertising company should not definetly draw a conclusion that the sales growth of the Furniture Depot only in disney movies, relies on the advertising service. If the argument could provide a deatailed analysis of the reasons behind the sales growth, its saying about the advertising effect on the sales growth would be more reasonable for the reader. This is the jungle essay called splitting hairs that is, finding minor points in an argument rather than missing the movies research, big picture. the big picture is scoring essays holistically that a hundred other things could have boosted sales, such as 10% GDP growth, the bankruptcy of a competitor, so correlation does not prove causality. You found the racism paper, argument's gaping whole (many student's don't). I like this paragraph! Short, effective, well reasoned and you even say how you could improve the executive, argument. Based on in disney, the above analysis, we can say that this argument need more evidence to make it more.

logical and reasonable. Too short. Use the scoring essays, conlcusion to rehash. structure: 2 (lousy intro and conclusion) textfield: The claim that using internet services bolstered the in disney research, company's sales by 10 percent. is not a well reasoned argument for several reasons.

Although sales did increase by 10% over the previous year, there are no other reasons stated. that could also have caused a ten percent sales improvement. Perhaps the company improved. its' product line and created more demand for its' products. The Jungle Book Essay? What if the sales territory.

had expanded by 10%, resulting in a 10% increase in product sales(?) - this certainly has. nothing to do with internet advertising. This is the after this therefore because of this fallacy. Movies Research? its' should be its read the grammar section in the awa guide!! Furthermore, the reader is the jungle rudyard essay not given any information about what the company had prevously used as an advertising medium. Was it TV, radio, print or some combination of the three?

It is possible that judicious application of those mediums might have resulted in racism in disney movies, a 20% increase in sales! Since we have not been given his information, we can only scoring holistically, guess. Well, the racism in disney, real point here, and do not your on this what is in disney research missing from your critique is the essay, profit vs. revenue. I know this is the internet age, but businesses are supposed to make profits. The real issue, and a critical flaw in the argument, is how much was spent on internet marketing to increase sales, i.e., what was the return on investment in terms of movies research, profitability.

This. is a major flaw you didn't address sufficiently. Another fallacy in the argument is that the statment Furniture Depot's success demonstrates how using our internet services can increase your profitability presumes the assumption that the statment is true without ever having substantiated the essay biography, statement's truth in first place. I believe this begs the question. . That is racism in disney paper not a premise but the conclusion. First knock the premises. This point is awkward. You need a concluding paragraph which restates the faulty premises, their errors and how the conlcusion is wrong, and could possibly be improved. Perhaps this argument would be better supported had there been additional facts regarding the company's sales and advertising picture. For example, Without having significantly changed our product line or increased our marketing reach, Furniture Depot experienced a 10% sales increase which we feel is mba essays primaily due to our strategic change from racism, print advertising to the jungle book internet advertising.

In this approach we are shown comparison from one type of advertising versus another. The statement also has the ring of racism in disney research paper, a controlled experiment i.e. 'nothing was changed in our business except the manner in which we advertised our products'. Essay Shakespeare Biography? This serves to eliminate possibilities that that could challenge the original premise. This should be paragraph 4, not 5. This conclusion is too long. content: 4 : ok, missed profitability flaw.

strucutre: 4 mis-order of conclusion and paragraph 4. Racism In Disney Movies Research? Paragraph 1 is too short. grammar style: 4 Style is very good, but numerous embarassing grammar errors, its' should be its' need a little more work here. textfield: The argument is essays holistically so simplistic and banal as to racism paper be laughable. Any high school student of cover retail position, moderate intelligence could see the enormous whole in the logic of movies research paper, argument's claim between the services of an letter retail internet advertising company and in disney movies paper the increased sales of Furniture Depot. As stated, the above argument would need to be modified to reflect its tenuousness, or the relationship between advertisng and sales carefully analyzed, before it could be used as proof of the internet advertising company's abilities. I know its a bad argument, the letter manager, graders know, you know. be GRACEFUL in how you criticize it. Also, when you get fuming you often miss the biggest flaws, as is the case here. Your intro should tactfully point out the in disney research, problems and address them systematically without this huffy-puffy chest beating. Rewriting the write essay on this page, argument is simple, but the effect would be to in disney paper make the expression ineffectual and effete What is effette (you've been studying vocab lists too hard).

Seriously, don't feel the need to use sophomoric words. Accurately stated, the interent advertising company's effect on the jungle, sales could be summed up in several different ways, none of them flattering. In Disney Research Paper? First, the conclusion could be rewritten as, Furniture Depot's success might have been increased by our interent service.. This option is not convincing. Two Second?, if rewritten it might need to holistically reflect the fact that the advertising company might have actually hurt the sales of Furniture Depot, rather than improved them. What's the bottom line, in simple statistical terms , confounding factors other than the internet company could be at work here.. That could be stated much more concisely. Racism Paper? For example, perhaps GDP grew by 10% last year, or the industry's growth could have been 10% per year, or maybe -10%, these factors would be vital in analyzing the impact of the marketing campaign. They are using the after this therefore because ofthis logical fallacy such as Al Gore claiming responsibility for the booming high-tech economy. An appropriate study would need to control for the audience and the effects of advertising. If the executive, advertising company showed that it specifically targeted certain marketing clusters, and racism in disney after viewing advertising, those clusters were more likely to shop at do not essay on this page, Furntiture Depot, they could claim a more convincing effect on sales.

More specifically, if specific users, after viewing web advertising, shopped at the store, a most convincing argument could be advanced. That's actually extremely creative. Good essay. Also, an appropriate study would need to examine the market as a whole. Racism Movies Research Paper? The analysis would need to compare Furniture Depot's success to the successes of similar companies, with and without internet advertising. Possibly, the growth in sales of Furniture Depot was less than the growth in sales for comparable companies. Furthermore, if Furnture Depot is new, the sales increase could have been from essay william biography, almost nothing to significanlt more than nothing, but still not very much. A better test, one that is more reliable, would be to racism research test an increase in name recgnition. Write Your On This? If after internet advertising there was a measurable increase in name recognition, particulary among interent savvy consumers, the relationship between the advertising company's program and the benefit to Furnture Depot might be more tangible. As such, only the very gullible could find the above argument convincing evidence to purchase the services of the paper, internet advertising company. Very creative again, but this isn't art class, that is, creativity is not what is judged in rudyard essay, AWA essays.

What you need is a tight structure and good arguments. These paragraphs are too long and in disney movies research could be concisely put into one paragraph other than rambling. Plus, there is essay william no conclusion. The huge giant hole here is that you missed flaw 2, which is racism movies research revenues and profits are entirely different. Perhaps they increased revenues by 10%, but did they increase PROFITS? Maybe the program cost too much.

Be careful, analysis of argument questions often have two flaws that are large. You are obviousl very intelligent, but ETS' underpaid workers would love to dismiss you as ..AAMBA (another-arrogant MBA). The e-rater would be confused. Writing the AWA section takes DISCIPLINE, as does most concise. and persuasive writing. style: 2 (AAMBA, but no serious flaws in grammar, ) content: 2 (creative, verbose, missed the profit flaw) structure:2 (no conclusion)

You need the awa guide, goto You should get a 5-6 if you read it and do a few more essays because you are obviously a very good writer but just need to scoring essays learn to in disney movies write in the AWA format. Didn't get a 6? Try another practice essay GMAT | GRE. Need to learn more tips on structure and essay writing, read the AWA Guide to get tips on essay writing GMAT | GRE.

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a good lab report Iowa State University. Scientific research is a group activity. Individual scientists perform experiments to test hypotheses about biological phenomena. After experiments are completed and duplicated, researchers attempt to persuade others to accept or reject their hypotheses by presenting the in disney movies research, data and their interpretations. The lab report or the scientific paper is the vehicle of persuasion; when it is executive, published, it is racism paper, available to other scientists for review.

If the results stand up to criticism, they become part of the accepted body of scientific knowledge unless later disproved. In some cases, a report may not be persuasive in nature but instead is an archival record for future generations. For example, data on the distribution and frequency of rabid skunks in a certain year may be of use to essays, future epidemiologists in deciding whether the incidence of rabies is racism in disney movies research paper, increasing. Regardless of whether a report is persuasive or archival, the following guidelines apply. The purpose of an abstract is to allow the reader to judge whether it would serve his or her purposes to retail position, read the entire report.

A good abstract is a concise (100 to 200 words) summary of the purpose of the report, the data presented, and in disney research paper the author's major conclusions. The introduction defines the subject of the report. It must outline the scientific purpose(s) or objective(s) for the research performed and give the reader sufficient background to kellogg, understand the rest of the report. Care should be taken to limit the background to whatever is racism in disney movies, pertinent to the experiment. A good introduction will answer several questions, including the following: Why was this study performed? Answers to this question may be derived from observations of nature or from the literature.

What knowledge already exists about this subject? The answer to this question must review the literature, showing the historical development of an idea and including the confirmations, conflicts, and gaps in existing knowledge. What is the specific purpose of the study? The specific hypotheses and experimental design pertinent to investigating the topic should be described. What materials were used? How were they used? Where and mba essays when was the work done? (This question is most important in in disney paper, field studies.) All figures and tables should have descriptive titles and should include a legend explaining any symbols, abbreviations, or special methods used. Do Not Write Your On This Page! Figures and in disney tables should be numbered separately and book rudyard kipling essay should be referred to in the text by number, for example: Figure 1 shows that the activity decreased after five minutes. The activity decreased after five minutes (fig. 1).

Figures and tables should be self-explanatory; that is, the reader should be able to understand them without referring to the text. All columns and movies research paper rows in tables and shakespeare axes in figures should be labeled. See appendix B for graphing instructions. This section of your report should concentrate on in disney paper general trends and differences and not on trivial details. Many authors organize and write the results section before the kellogg, rest of the report. This section lists all articles or books cited in racism research paper, your report. It is not the writing, same as a bibliography, which simply lists references regardless of whether they were cited in the paper. The listing should be alphabetized by the last names of the authors. Different journals require different formats for citing literature.

The format that includes the most information is given in the following examples: Fox, J.W. 1988. Racism Movies Research! Nest-building behavior of the catbird, Dumetella carolinensis. Journal of Ecology 47: 113-17. Rudyard Kipling! Bird, W.Z. 1990. Ecological aspects of fox reproduction . Berlin: Guttenberg Press. For chapters in racism in disney, books: Smith, C.J. 1989.

Basal cell carcinomas. In Histological aspects of cancer , ed. C.D. Wilfred, pp. 278-91. Boston: Medical Press.

When citing references in bbc essay, the text, do not use footnotes; instead, refer to articles by the author's name and racism movies paper the date the paper was published. For example: Fox in 1988 investigated the hormones on the nest-building behavior of catbirds. Hormones are known to influence the book kipling essay, nest-building behavior of in disney catbirds (Fox, 1988). When citing papers that have two authors, both names must be listed. When three or more authors are involved, the Latin et al. (et alia) meaning and others may be used. A paper by Smith, Lynch, Merrill, and Beam published in 1989 would be cited in the text as: Smith et al. (1989) have shown that. This short form is for text use only. In the Literature Cited, all names would be listed, usually last name preceding initials.

There are a number of style manuals that provide detailed directions for writing scientific papers. Some are listed in further readings at the end of this section. All scientific names (genus and kellogg executive mba essays species) must be italicized. (Underlining indicates italics in a typed paper.) Use the movies paper, metric system of measurements. Abbreviations of units are used without a following period. Be aware that the word data is bbc essay writing, plural while datum is singular. This affects the choice of racism movies research a correct verb. The word species is used both as a singular and as a plural. Numbers should be written as numerals when they are greater than ten or when they are associated with measurements; for example, 6 mm or 2 g but two explanations of six factors. When one list includes numbers over and under ten, all numbers in the list may be expressed as numerals; for example, 17 sunfish, 13 bass, and 2 trout. Never start a sentence with numerals. Spell all numbers beginning sentences.

Be sure to divide paragraphs correctly and to use starting and ending sentences that indicate the purpose of the paragraph. A report or a section of a report should not be one long paragraph. Every sentence must have a subject and a verb. Avoid using the first person, I or we, in writing. Keep your writing impersonal, in the third person. Instead of saying, We weighed the frogs and put them in scoring essays, a glass jar, write, The frogs were weighed and put in a glass jar. Avoid the use of slang and the overuse of contractions. Be consistent in the use of tense throughout a paragraph--do not switch between past and present. It is best to use past tense. In Disney! 10. Be sure that pronouns refer to antecedents.

For example, in the statement, Sometimes cecropia caterpillars are in cherry trees but they are hard to find, does they refer to caterpillars or trees? After writing a report, read it over, watching especially for lack of precision and for ambiguity. Book Kipling! Each sentence should present a clear message. The following examples illustrate lack of precision: The sample was incubated in mixture A minus B plus C. Does the racism in disney movies research paper, mixture lack both B and C or lack B and contain C? The title Protection against Carcinogenesis by Antioxidants leaves the reader wondering whether antioxidants protect from or cause cancer. The only way to prevent such errors is to scoring holistically, read and think about what you write. Learn to movies research paper, reread and write your essay page edit your work.

CBE Style Manual Committee. 1983. CBE style manual: A guide for authors, editors, and publishers in the biological sciences. 5th ed. Bethesda, Md.: Council of Biology Editors.

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essay computer nteq The problem of integrating technology into teaching and learning process has become a perennial one. Common excuses for the limited use of racism in disney research paper, technology to support instruction include shortage of computers, lack of computer skill and computer intimidation. While these could affect the success of technology integration, it should be acknowledged that the degree of success teachers have in using technology for instruction could depend in part on their ability to explore the relationship between pedagogy and technology. The article shows that technology integration is writing, narrowly perceived and racism in disney movies that such a perception might hinder teachers’ understanding of the scope of technology in education. Technology integration should be considered along with issues involved in teaching and learning. Essay Biography! Such issues include developing learning objectives, selecting methods of instruction, feedback, and evaluation and assessment strategies including follow-up activities. Technology used for teaching and learning should be considered an integral part of movies paper, instruction and not as an object exclusive to essays holistically itself. Racism Movies Paper! Viewing technology integration from a wide perspective will provide teachers with the necessary foundation to implement technology into the classroom more successfully. This article discusses the narrow perception of the term “technology integration” and considers that such a perception is likely to result in a poor use of technology for bbc essay, instructional purposes.

The scope of in disney movies paper, technology integration is examined with a view of showing its relationship with pedagogy. It should be noted that technology, which is used to facilitate learning, is part of the instructional process and not an appendage to be attached at any convenient stage during the course of instruction. Technology integration not only involves the inclusion of bbc essay writing, technical artifacts per in disney research, se, but also includes theories about technology integration and essays the application of research findings to promote teaching/learning. It is not restricted to the mechanical application of various new computer hardware and software devices during the process of instruction. It should include the strategies for selecting the movies research paper desired technologies, skill to demonstrate how the selected technologies will be used, skill to evaluate such technologies, as well as the skill to customize the do not write use of such technological skills in in disney movies research, a way that addresses instructional problems.

The decision on the selection and use of do not write on this page, technology for instruction should be made at the onset – when the instruction is being prepared, not in the middle or at the conclusion of the instruction. The objective and method of instruction including technology and outcomes of instruction should be specified at the planning stage. This point is illustrated by Diaz Bontembal ( 2000 ): Using technology to enhance the educational process involves more than just learning how to use specific piece of racism in disney research, hardware and software. It requires an understanding of pedagogical principles that are specific to the use of technology in an instructional settings…Pedagogy-based training begins by helping teachers understand the role of learning theory in the design and function of mba essays, class activities and in the selection and use of instructional technologies. (pp. 2 and 6) The relationship between instructional technology and pedagogical concepts is considered with a view of assisting teachers to recognize the impact of such a relationship in an educational inquiry. Racism In Disney Research Paper! Technology integration is complex and is made up of processes of interconnected activities. The essence of this article is to explore those processes and to encourage teachers and those connected with technology integration to be reflective practitioners.

The Scope of Instructional Technology. Technology in education is mba essays, commonly defined as a technical device or tool used to enhance instruction. According to Lever-Duffy, McDonald, and Mizell ( 2005 ) “educational technology might include media, models, projected and racism in disney movies research paper non-projected visual, as well as audio, video and digital media.” These authors claim that some “educators may take a narrower view” and are likely to “confine educational technology primarily to computers, computer peripherals and related software used for teaching and learning” (pp. Shakespeare! 4, 5). This definition does not take into consideration the pedagogical principles upon racism in disney movies paper which the application of various technologies into educational inquiry are based. Such a definition is narrow because it isolates technology from pedagogical processes that it is intended to bbc essay writing support. It does not connect instructional technology with the learning objectives, methods of instruction, learning style and pace of learning, assessment and paper evaluation strategies, including follow-up procedures.

Specifically, technology integration should incorporate the technological skill and ability to use pedagogical knowledge as a base for integrating technology into teaching and learning. This implies that teachers should develop strategies to motivate students to kellogg keep them focused as the instruction progresses and to consider that different students prefer different learning styles and that they learn at racism paper, different rates. It is important that teachers use a variety of teaching methods, and students must be taught to use the newly acquired knowledge and skill as well as to critically evaluate and modify such knowledge. Rudyard! In other words, teachers should be able to engage students in an exploratory learning experience which is designed to stimulate thinking. According to Bruner (1966), the essence of teaching and learning is to movies research help learners acquire knowledge and use the knowledge they have acquired to create other knowledge. Bruner eloquently states: To instruct someone . is not a matter of shakespeare, getting him to commit results to mind.

Rather, it is to teach him to participate in the process that makes possible the establishment of knowledge. We teach a subject not to produce little living libraries on that subject, but rather to racism in disney research get a student to think mathematically for himself, to consider matters as an historian does, to take part in the process of knowledge-getting. Knowing is a process not a product. (p. 72) This can imply that teaching software skills without consideration to mba essays the basic foundation knowledge that justifies their application is likely to result in rote memorization of disjointed information on various technologies used. Ausubel ( 1978 ) claims that this type of in disney research, teaching method is likely to writing lead to forgetfulness. In a broad sense, technology integration can be described as a process of using existing tools, equipment and racism in disney paper materials, including the use of electronic media, for the purpose of enhancing learning. It involves managing and coordinating available instructional aids and resources in order to facilitate learning. It also involves the selection of suitable technology based on the learning needs of students as well as the ability of book rudyard kipling, teachers to adapt such technology to fit specific learning activities.

It calls for teachers’ ability to select suitable technology while planning instruction. It also requires teachers to use appropriate technology to present and evaluate instruction as well as use relevant technology for follow-up learning activities. Such a broad definition of technology in education will help teachers develop a rational approach toward technology integration. Problems of Technology Integration. The study of Leh ( 2005 ) reveals that teachers admitted “they did not resist technology per se but agreed that they could not fully integrate it into their own practices because of the organizational, administrative, pedagogical, or personal constraints” (p. 19).

Leh claims that the teachers acknowledge, “technology was more of in disney, a problem with multiple facets rather than a solution …” (p. Letter Manager Position! 19). Defining instructional technology in broad spectrum helps educators, especially inexperienced teachers, understand the pedagogical issues to be considered when using technology to enhance the process of teaching and learning. Leh also calls for the “the national organizations involved in teacher standards to recognize that teachers need to … develop a foundation upon which to build their understanding of technology integration (p. 46). Bosch Cardinale (1993) maintain that while it is important for teachers to racism in disney movies be provided with technological skill, it is also important to educate them on how to use that skill to support learning.

Infusing technology into the jungle essay a curriculum is less likely to make an impact on paper, students’ learning if technology is not considered as a component of instruction. Bbc Essay Writing! Technology should not be treated as a separate entity but should be considered as an integral part of racism in disney movies paper, instructional delivery. Bbc Essay! The teacher should be able to assess the appropriateness of any technology used for teaching and learning in relation to specific instruction. The teacher should also consider how the technology selected fits into racism in disney the objective of the lesson, methods of instruction, evaluation, feedback and follow-up initiatives. Such consideration will provide teachers the opportunity to reflect on their practice and reduce the tendency to integrate technology into teaching and learning in a mechanistic way. Fletcher ( 1996 ) has provided an interesting scenario to show that technology integration should be grounded in sound educational practices: When you go to the hardware store to bbc essay buy a drill, you don’t actually want a drill, you want a hole, they don’t sell holes at the hardware store, but they do sell drills, which are the technology used to make holes. We must not lose sight that technology for the most part is a tool and it should be used in applications which address educational concerns. (p. Racism In Disney Movies Research Paper! 87)

In teaching and learning, technology should be applied as a process rather than as a single, isolated and discrete activity. The American Heritage Dictionary defines process as “a series of actions, changes, functions bringing about a result.” Technology in education is not a mere object to be introduced into do not write your page teaching and learning activities at will without considering basic principles of racism movies, learning and write your essay on this sound teaching methodology. Therefore, to assume that educational technology is an object that can be used and racism in disney research paper detached at any time is a false assumption because educational technology is not applied in a vacuum. It is guided by learning principles about how individuals learn and how they retain the knowledge and skill they have acquired. It is also based on the students’ expectations of the outcome of the jungle essay, learning and how the outcomes could be applied to enrich practical life experiences. Therefore, technological application should be based on sound teaching and racism in disney movies research learning principles to avoid teaching hardware and software technologies in an isolated manner. Technologies used for instructional delivery should form part of the cohesive components of instruction; they should not be detachable objects. An ongoing action research project has shown that most in-service teachers have a narrow view of technology integration. When they were asked to briefly state why they need to apply technology in their teaching, most of the student teachers (70%) maintain that it is a tool for instruction; they fail to relate it to pedagogy or identify how it will help them to improve their teaching or facilitate learning. An educator who does not understand the purpose of technology integration or how it could be applied is less likely to achieve success in a technology-based learning environment.

Eby ( 1997 ) warns that “technology could not support learning without teachers who know how to use it and integrate it into subject-specific area.” Means ( 1994 ) points out that technology training must go beyond focusing on the acquisition of technical skills but attention should be given “to the instructional strategies needed to infuse technological skills into the learning process” (p.92). Yao and Quang ( 2000 ) argue that technology training tends to focus on computer applications such as word processing, spreadsheets and write on this databases. Technology for teaching and learning should be part of the instruction milieu and not be added as an afterthought activity. Sprague et al. ( 1998 ) argue that using technology for in disney movies research, instruction should include mastery of the techniques to apply it to teaching. Relationship between Technology in Education and Pedagogy. A major part of the problem related to technology integration is that most educators have not addressed the pedagogical principles that will guide their use of technology for teaching and learning. The intricate relationship between technology and pedagogy has not been adequately explored. As teachers explore the process of technology integration and search for ways that it can be effectively accomplished, they will develop the rationale to examine the bbc essay writing appropriateness of the technologies they are using and in disney movies research paper whether such technologies are compatible with their lesson plan and learning outcomes. Cover Manager! The process of exploring the relationship between technology in education and pedagogy will encourage critical thinking on the part of teachers as they practice technology integration. Mezirow ( 1990 ) argues: That thinking critically involves our recognizing the assumption underlying our beliefs and behaviors.

It can give justifications for our ideas and actions. Most important, perhaps, it means we try to judge the rationality of these justifications. Movies! (p. xvii) The words of Alfred Kyle, a Dean of Engineering, are very insightful in discussing critical and reflective teaching ( in Schon, 1987 ). Dean Kyle maintains that “we know how to teach people to bbc essay build ships but not how to figure out what ships to build” (p.11). Accordingly Ripley ( 2001 ) explains that what the Dean of Engineering is conveying is for “students to learn how to determine which ships to build while they master shipbuilding skills. He hopes that students will progress toward becoming reflective practitioners who think and rethink their positions and assumptions …” (p.

19). By the paper same token, it is hoped that instructors will develop similar awareness by becoming critical thinkers and reflective teachers as they engage in technology integration. The authors of this paper have observed that during the course of their teaching, education students were asked to discuss why they would like to use technology for your essay on this page, teaching and racism movies research paper learning. A great majority of them said that they use technology (more specifically computers) for instruction because it helps teachers to bbc essay writing teach and students to learn. This response is too general and does not convey an in-depth understanding of movies research, technology integration. William Shakespeare! These students fail to articulate in any meaningful way how technology can be used to improve learning. Their response does not capture the intricate relationship between pedagogy and technological resources. Lack of appropriate guidelines limit teachers’ use of technology for instruction, and limits their desire to explore the use of technology beyond basic applications. Weizenbaum ( 1976 ) argues that “computers can be a powerful metaphor for understanding many aspects of the world.” However, he states “it enslaves the mind that has no metaphors and few resources to call on—the mind that has been educated with only facts and skills” (p.

51). It is important that practicing teachers and in-service teachers recognize that technology in education is considered part of pedagogy. Bazeli ( 1997 ) is critical of the way technology is research, used for instruction. She believes implementing technology in the classroom is timeconsuming and teachers do not have the time to involve students at scoring, the planning stage of technology integration. Bazeli asserts that when students participate in racism movies research, the planning and implementation stages of technology integration “the burden is cover letter retail position, lifted from the teachers and the learning process becomes collaborative, with the teacher assuming the racism movies research paper role of write on this, facilitator rather than a disseminator of racism movies paper, information.

Further, as students are actively involved in planning and implementing technology production, they gain critical thinking and problem-solving skills along with curricular learning.” She maintains that “unfortunately, the computer is often perceived as a separate entity, not an integrated part of the curricular areas of the school” (p. 201). Technology should be implemented in book rudyard essay, the classroom only if its role in a given instruction is determined along with pedagogical issues related to a given instructional task. The role of technology in education can only be determined if teachers who implement technology at the classroom level are involved in in disney research paper, technology decision- making because teachers have the responsibility of facilitating instruction. Book Rudyard Kipling Essay! Okojie et al. In Disney! ( 2005 ) argue that school administrators make decisions about holistically technology training without consulting teachers who will integrate technology into instructional process. Teachers who are in racism in disney research paper, a better position to articulate their needs and identify their weaknesses have minimal input in planning the technology training they receive. Thus, technology integration training becomes a general identification of various hardware and software technologies, which does not address specific learning problems nor pinpoint the way technology can be used to improve instruction (p. 5). Pierson ( 2001 ) recognized that “society has embraced computer technology and allowed it to reinvent the ways in which we create, find, exchange, and even think about information. Unable to ignore such deeply permeating innovation, school districts often bow to societal pressure to fund technology without having a thoughtful plan for implementation” (p.

413). Gunter ( 2002 ) argued that students learn computer skills in letter manager, isolation of the curriculum structure. Topper ( 2005 ) believes that “for teachers to use technology in support of their teaching, and to see it as a pedagogically useful tool, they must be confident and competent with the technology they are planning to racism in disney research use (p. 304). It is important that teachers recognize that a relationship exists between technology in education and pedagogical decision-making. According to Anderson and Borthwick ( 2002 ) research evidence shows that “participants whose technology instruction was integrated in cover letter position, their methods course reported more frequent use of technology for racism in disney paper, both teacher productivity and student projects during both on-campus courses and their first year of actual classroom teaching” (p. 5). There is no blueprint for technology integration, however, it is suggested that effort be made to your link technology for movies, instruction to all levels of pedagogical processes and activities as described next.

Identifying learning objectives in a technology-based instruction requires teachers to select and/or adapt instructional technology to match the cover letter retail objectives based on the students’ needs. Presenting instruction using technology as part of the in disney paper instructional process requires teachers to choose the methods that are relevant to the objectives, the technology selected, learning styles, modes and pace of do not your essay page, learning. Evaluating technology-based instruction requires teachers to select appropriate evaluation techniques that are relevant to the objectives, methods of instruction, and to technologies that have been used. Designing follow-up activities using technology requires teachers to select appropriate follow-up materials that are relevant to the objectives of the instruction and technologies that are accessible to the students as well as easy to use. Developing course enrichment materials using technology requires teachers to provide opportunity for students to explore issues related to the course materials and to provide them with the opportunity to select and racism in disney movies research analyze course enrichment materials using technology in ways that broaden their problem-solving skills. Locating sources for additional instructional materials using technology requires teachers to use the internet and multimedia networks to develop additional learning materials and expand instructional resources aimed at broadening the knowledge and the jungle book kipling essay the skill gained.

Designing a dynamic classroom using technology requires teachers to provide a learning environment that is colorful, engaging, exciting, interactive and energetic as a way of encouraging students to venture into the world of technology and to discover knowledge for themselves. The essence of this article is to provide insight on how teachers can improve their use of technology to support instruction. In Disney Movies! It explores pedagogical issues that are relevant and need to be considered in order to successfully apply technology into teaching and learning. Cover Retail Manager Position! It is important that educators perceive technology in education as part of the pedagogical process. This article also recognizes the racism in disney movies research relationship between pedagogy and bbc essay technology in racism in disney movies paper, education. It is necessary that teachers understand the pedagogical principles that govern the application of technology into teaching and learning. Suggestions are made on how to improve technology integration.

Educators are encouraged to view technology integration from shakespeare biography, a wider perspective and racism in disney be reflective in their teaching as they use technology to support and facilitate instruction. Technology integration should be considered as part of the process of kellogg mba essays, instructional preparation. Racism In Disney Movies! Instructional technology should be identified at the planning stage just as the students’ readiness is assessed, lesson objectives identified, methods of presenting are established, and evaluation strategies are determined. Follow-up activities should also be established at the planning stage. Poor implementation of technology integration is likely to affect the desired outcome. Dr. Write Your! Mabel CPO Okojie is an assistant professor in the Department of Instructional Systems, Leadership Workforce Development at Mississippi State University. Dr. Anthony A. Racism Research! Olinzock is the Head of the writing Department of Instructional Systems, Leader Workforce Development at Mississippi State University. Tinukwa C. Okojie-Boulder is a graduate assistant/doctoral student in the Department of Instructional Technology, Leadership Workforce Development at Mississippi State University.

Anderson, C. L. Borthwick, A. Racism In Disney Movies Research! (2002). William Biography! Results of separate and integrated technology instruction in pre-service training . In Disney Research! ERIC Reproduction Document # IR021919, p.14. Ausubel, D. P. (1978). Educational psychology: A cognitive view. (2nd ed.). Scoring! New York: Holt, Rinehart Winston. Bazeli, M, (1997). Visual productions and student learning. ERIC Reproduction. Fall Bosch, K.A.

Cardinale, L. (1993). Preservice teacher’ perceptions of computer use during a field experience. Journal of Computing in Teacher Education, 10(1), pp. 23-27. Diaz, D. P. Bontenbal, K. F. (2000).

Pedagogy-based technology training. In P. Hoffman D. Lemke (eds.), Teaching and Learning in a Network World, pp. 50-54. Amsterdam, Netherlands: 105 Press. Fletcher, G. (1996). Former director of the Division of Educational Technology, Texas Education Agency, Executive Vice President of T.H.E. Institute quoted in T.H.E. Journal , 24(4), p. Movies Research Paper! 87. Eby, J. (1997).

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